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Author Topic: Requests - Setsuna's outstanding list re: Requests made - Updated 10 June 2015  (Read 3617 times)


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I've been asked a lot more than I'd like, and honestly, it might be more practical to just leave a thread for those to reference.

I will use accounting terms, namely, within 14 days, within 30 days, within 45 days and Delinquent.

If you're inside 14 days, it's just me tracking for obvious reasons. I have no complaints, and if you're under 14, it's pretty good. This is just for accounting.

If you're within 30 days, you're probably a bit slow in collecting.

I would suggest to subscribe to the thread, or at least have emails sent to you when someone replies to you. It may be understandable if a request is sitting there for a while, although the rules do state you can post to request a look. I would advise you ask nicely again if you think that you're forgetting because the requests sit in the queue too long - sometimes we're blind and we make mistakes.

If you have an issue with the deal and you're communicating with me so we can solve your issue, you'll stay within 30 days until the problem is resolved.

If you're past 30 and within 45 days, I'd have to ask the obvious question - why ask for something you have no interest in watching?

You'd have to demonstrate genuine interest, to say the least, if you want any more requests. I'd take you on only as a cash only client if I was running a business, barring some exceptional circumstances. If you're falling here on technical grounds (Namely you are having uploading issues) you might want to genuinely ask questions so we can help you out.

If you're OUTSIDE that 45 days, you are delinquent, unless I'm working with you actively to solve a very, complex problem.

In business parlance, I would have deemed you a credit risk, and have withdrawn any credit given, and most likely would not be interested in doing business with you due to the significant risk. I'd also send debt collectors, if I was in business. In the context of video requests? You've had six and a half weeks. You can always decline the terms and say you don't want the files, or ask someone else to pick them up, or explain your issues so I can help you. If it's gotten so far we can't even talk about your decision, well, the only assumption that can be made is  'You're not interested, and there's no reason why I should trust you in anything you say in the future.'

Anyone entering this list would more or less had to have a life changing event (Or the world ending) for me to decide to remove said listing.

By the way, tracking is easy. I put each request into a folder with the date posted, and the username of the person requesting, and I remove all videos once they have been collected, so only uncollected videos get kept there.

If you HAVE collected the videos, you can always post the links and the requests, and I will correct the list. I would strongly advise you put the videos in the request thread, so others can watch though.

Now, explanations over for those who didn't explicitly ask me for the list.

For people listed:

Everyone ends up here occasionally (since I update every time I do any major work) so if you show up in the 14 day list, it's just the fact I have completed your request and please collect said requests.

If you have problems being listed as a deadbeat, my only advice is this - Honour your side of the bargain. If other people deny you custom, they made the same decisions I have, and honestly, why should they take risks on someone who's actually demonstrated they won't bother collecting their stuff for two months?

I'd understand two weeks, or even a month, but seriously? Are you ever going to bother ever at 6 weeks from now?

Since if you're not going to arrange upload, it's not like anyone ELSE will see the file either.

Gave it a second thought, and realised that I was applying the wrong model. We're a fast and efficient model.


As of the 10th of June 2015

Under 14 days:


Past 14 days and under 30 days:

Post 30 days and under 45 days:




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