How to make a song become Gold anyway?

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Like the topic, Kotori told us how a song will reach Fresh, Keep, Revival and Break via text message. But exactly how can we push a song to its "Gold" status??

Some people in my country said we can monitor how many fans we have gathered with a song in iM@S 2, but there's no such feature in OFA; So, what should we probably do? Using the same song continuously doesn't seem to help.

If there is stuff you don't know just look at the one for all wiki

I think there maybe was a similar question on the gameplay thread.  I could be wrong.

That wikia has some good information.  The idol communications are not complete, which is understandable since there's too many to keep track of.

I actually got 7 Gold songs after finishing Chihaya's and Miki's EX episodes.  But, before starting Ex episodes I only had one Gold Song.

So, I don't know but after starting the Ex episodes, it got pretty easy getting Gold songs.  (Maybe the updates made this easier?).

All I did was keep using the same song, and eventually it will go though break status then Gold.

I don't have any proof or anything but i feel like gold happens faster if you use the heart panda thingy >.> i have 9 of the 13 solos gold.

Well, i'm the one who wrote the text on the Wiki concerning Break and Gold. Iirc the info for Break before was clearly wrong and the info for Gold was missing altogether. I just made another change to add stuff i noticed since i made the first change and to make it more precise. I got quite a bunch of songs to Break/Gold while doing the EX episodes when i didn't even perform the song in question on stage.

What lead me to that assumption of it being random is that i got a song to Break the second time i used it (i used it once to get it to fresh, and then didn't touch it for quite a while, then i used it again and it went on Break). And sometimes it would take a lot of time to get it from Break to Gold and sometimes it would go really fast, i couldn't see a pattern. Maybe there are factors that influence the random chance, but that would be really hard to get solid evidence on since you need a really large sample.


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