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Username change.
« on: August 03, 2009, 06:25:24 am »
It seems that this type of forum allows you to change your username (well, just your display name). I made a tutorial just in case if you still don't know or if you're afraid. XD

1) On the navigator bar, (userbar with the black setting) click on "Profile" then "Account Related Settings." Yo will be taken to a page similar to the following pic.

You will see that under your usenrame box is a "Name" box. You can fill in the desired name you want to have. For this tutorial, I'll just use "Domon Kasshu."

For your display name to change, go to the bottom part of that page and look for the "Current Password" part. (>.>)

Pretty self-explanatory. Just fill it in then hit "Change Profile."

And ta-da!! Your display name's changed.

I'm Domon Kasshu for a moment. XD

NOTE: Like I said, it only changes your display name so you have to use your original username so if you try logging on with your new display name....

You will get this message.


Q: Why did you post this again?
A: In case no one knew. There wasn't a option like this in the old forum so I might as well tell you all.