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It's already been more than 7 years since was registered.
I'd like to take a moment to see where we are -- and how we can stand to make things better. So I'm opening a new suggestion box!

I'd appreciate if you could spend your $0.02 here to tell us the things you like, and the things we could fix, whether it's on the forum or wiki (actual wiki changes will go to the wiki board).

As an opening, I suppose I'll ask of you:

* Do you think the forum and wiki look nice?
* What do you think would be nice to have, in terms of features or design?
* Do you use the wiki much? Do you think the forum should be more prevalent on it?For instance, we used to have a banner with rotating pictures (there's a thread in the general chatter section with a couple of those). How would you feel about getting it back?

Feel free to share your own suggestions and react.

Now I wish I had written down all the features I've wanted since registering. ::) Oh well, here are two that I can remember off the top of my head:

You know how on some pages of the wiki, a lot of information is hidden unless you click [show] buttons? Would it be possible to add a button on those pages that functions like a [show all] button? When clicking that one button, it would be as if you clicked all of the [show] buttons. I'd like this feature because the hidden information is not searchable with a web browser's Find command unless you click the [show] buttons.

Is there some way to make the forum recognize the embed codes provided by Pixiv for embedding images?

Here's a page where using a web browser's Find command automatically shows the relevant hidden information:

Maybe similar code could be used in the project-imas wiki? Also, I have another request: I'd like a way to get notifications for when posts in a thread have been modified. I haven't seen that feature on any forum, though.

The fact that I barely pay attention to this section of the forum is troublesome. I've been wanting some change, and to be THIS late for input is saddening.

So I'll start by suggesting a bigger news ticker, and I most definitely miss the look from before. This is simply too bland. Keep the SP logo if you wish, but some extra art would be neat. I'm also trying out using the forum through the Tapatalk app, but the look of it is...well.

It could be better.

I might as well try stave off the inactivity~.

This forum needs more mainstream avenues of discussion, like a "General Gaming" and "Media Entertainment" sub-forums for the Community section... Perhaps even a dedicated "Anime & Manga" one.

It's something to lend better leeway for talk. Given iM@S' slow upkeep, I feel it'll instill life in the long-term -- even by the time people gradually lose interest in Platinum Stars and what have you.

Really, just give the go and I'll produce threads based on gaming companies and multimedia topics. Existing threads can be moved accordingly.


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