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--- Quote from: DeviantProtagonist on November 21, 2014, 03:33:05 pm ---Speaking from a casual, nostalgic, competitive-ignoramus standpoint, I mostly stopped heeding Pokemon once they deviated so much past the third Generaton -- currently quite the clusterfuck they'e got going, I feel. :P

Nevertheless, I'd be completely open to a Pokemon Stadium 3. Now that would be a dandy conversion~.
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There's multiple reasons for me, but I can honestly say I enjoy the games more now that they're more integrated with internet use. As a child who had almost no friends and only her brother for trading, it's a much different playing experience being able to interact with others online and play with them despite distance, plus I have a different view on how I play games now than I have then.

--- Quote from: AkuAkane on November 22, 2014, 02:22:58 am ---Got the game and played it for a while (didn't even make it to the first gym you can actually battle at, though). This sure is reminding me why I was never a huge fan of gen 3 in the first place. The start is agonizingly slow and it just gets boring in all honestly (not to mention the starters are pretty crap)

On the bright side, though, I can say that the remake is well done, from what I've seen so far. I especially enjoy the tiny touches like bending over to talk to pokemon/child npcs and being able to turn your head side to side while sitting. Game looks really nice, walking feels super smooth. Battles still lag with the 3D on a bit but it seems better than it was during the demo (a bit better, anyway.)

The Pokenav is really awesome, its great how it shows you what pokemon you've caught in an area and what pokemon you have yet to catch. I also like being able to sneak up on pokemon, especially since said pokemon you sneak up on can sometimes carry a good item or have a special move. Still haven't gotten to contests yet (obviously) so not sure how those are.

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III was my favorite, but it's mostly because of some of the other aspects brought in (and the fact my favorite Pokemon, Gardevoir, was introduced in it).
I agree on the game going slow, though I think a part of it is due to the 2D>3D transition. Sure, it all looks nicer, but since each character has a model and expressions now, instead of just a sprite, it takes much more time to go through the dialogue/cutscenes. Pretty good so far otherwise. I've only gotten to second town, though.

My character in OR is a guy named Ryo. Started with Mudkip. My character in AS is a girl named Yuri. Started with Torchic.

Yeah, I practice the Kyokugen style of Pokémon training this time around.

Since Generation III was my favorite, I'll get Alpha Sapphire. I think I can say that it's for nostalgic reasons. Dunno if I use an original team or "Touhou based" team though.

Finally got further into the game, made it to slateport and participated in a contest. Used my Skitty named Mia (after my irl cat). I LOVE the idol character. The contest was fun, but I somehow still feel let down. It honestly doesn't feel that improved aside from the fact that its 3D. Then again I guess thats all it was supposed to be in the first place. Got the cosplay Pikachu, but haven't tried it out yet.

I gotta say after beating the second gym the game definitely picked up for me, felt a lot more fun. My team right now is A Grovyle called Trovato (after my boyfriends online handle), Skitty named Mia which I mentioned already, Zigzagoon named Luna, Dustox named Daphne, and Wingull named Penny.

Never mentioned it before because I didn't see it as important, but since other people are saying their player character's name and gender I'm playing as May and named her Aku.

Anyway, in short, contests kinda disappointed me, but the idol character made up for it a bit and overall I'm enjoying the game more than I was at first.


--- Quote from: AkuAkane on November 23, 2014, 11:40:53 am ---The contest was fun, but I somehow still feel let down. It honestly doesn't feel that improved aside from the fact that its 3D. Then again I guess thats all it was supposed to be in the first place. Got the cosplay Pikachu, but haven't tried it out yet.
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I'm honestly glad that it's that way myself, but that's because I really loved the contest system in III as it was. I didn't like how IV/Sinnoh handled their contests.
I miss the Pokeblock blender system, though; that was fun.

My IGN is Virgofall in OR, Leorise in X - male/female respectively.

Finished the E4 last night. Team was Sceptile, Gyarados, Skitty, Pelliper, Mightyena and Machoke; I was pretty much rushing down the game as fast I could and I don't think I would've been able to beat Steven if not for Intimidates (Gyarados/Mightyena) and Charm (Skitty) nulling any decent form of attack on his Metagross.
Some other musings from my experience, though not in any particular order (unless spoiler-related):
- The Super-Secret Base system's cool so far. Being able to heal your pokes if you have a bed in there is really nice, too.
- Getting the version Lati was REALLY abrupt. Almost too abrupt, in my opinion. Better than roaming, but still...
- I can't tell if Nintendo/Game Freak failed a spot check on Wallace's new outfit. I understand fanservice is what's intended, but... what.
- The O-Power guys are really creepy this game. Especially after you get your post-E4 one - 6-guy fusion into Mr. Bonding, GO!


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