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Given that Pokemon's an insanely popular series in its own right, I've seen numerous people mention it and we don't have a thread (far as I can tell), I figured I'd make one, especially considering that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have just came out today (well, where I live anyway). I'll be picking mine up later since no midnight launch for this run...

But yeah, Pokemon discussion thread.

I've not much to say yet for ORAS, mostly because I don't yet have my game, but I'll be getting Omega Ruby (and I played X prior). I really hope that the new Megastones are all attainable in just one version like Serebii's saying so far though. Split-versions sucked for that.

Speaking from a casual, nostalgic, competitive-ignoramus standpoint, I mostly stopped heeding Pokemon once they deviated so much past the third Generaton -- currently quite the clusterfuck they'e got going, I feel. :P

Nevertheless, I'd be completely open to a Pokemon Stadium 3. Now that would be a dandy conversion~.

I'll be getting my copy of Alpha Sapphire later today. I've been a fan of the Pokemon games since I was around 4 or so and played almost every Pokemon game including the side games like the explorers games, ranger games, colloseum+XD, Stadium games, Snap, hey you! Pikachu+Pokemon Channel, etc. (the only pokemon games I haven't played are Puzzle League, the new trozei, and the new art "game" if you can call it that)

X & Y was imo the best Pokemon game so far; before it my favorite Pokemon game was Platinum, but now X is definitely my favorite. So I'm hoping they did well with Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby as well.

I haven't been spoiled on the game anymore than whats been shown in corocoro, trailers, and the demo. My boyfriend got his copy last night but we made a deal that we would each play until beating the first gym and then stop without saving so that when we both have the game we can play it together from the start in a way. So I probably won't be going past the first gym until 9 PM or later tonight so me and him can play together.

For those planning to go on the Battle Spot or battle online in general on ORAS, keep in mind that you can use both the Primals and Mega Rayquaza in battle at the same time, so be wary.

Got the game and played it for a while (didn't even make it to the first gym you can actually battle at, though). This sure is reminding me why I was never a huge fan of gen 3 in the first place. The start is agonizingly slow and it just gets boring in all honestly (not to mention the starters are pretty crap)

On the bright side, though, I can say that the remake is well done, from what I've seen so far. I especially enjoy the tiny touches like bending over to talk to pokemon/child npcs and being able to turn your head side to side while sitting. Game looks really nice, walking feels super smooth. Battles still lag with the 3D on a bit but it seems better than it was during the demo (a bit better, anyway.)

The Pokenav is really awesome, its great how it shows you what pokemon you've caught in an area and what pokemon you have yet to catch. I also like being able to sneak up on pokemon, especially since said pokemon you sneak up on can sometimes carry a good item or have a special move. Still haven't gotten to contests yet (obviously) so not sure how those are.


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