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Author Topic: Wiki Standardization Voting  (Read 13644 times)


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Wiki Standardization Voting
« on: November 07, 2014, 06:54:33 am »
Several users have come to the conclusion that the wiki is in dire need of some changes. This mostly concerns the consistency of our spelling and romanization process, as well as some important decisions on idol names and formatting changes. To help streamline the process and get more input from our members, a poll was created to help find a clear consensus.

If you want to have any input on character names, how the main page may be reformatted, or several other stylization factors, please fill out the form to the best of your abilities. The voting will available until November 15, 2014. When the poll closes, the votes will be tallied up and the results will be posted here. Any questions concerning the form or input you have that cannot be done within the form should be talked about in this thread.

Thank you for your time and support, Producers!
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Re: Wiki Standardization Voting
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2014, 12:37:43 am »
Alrighty, the votes are in. We’ll be going question by question, so sorry if this is a long post.
1) Do you want to be warned of spoilers via a spoiler tag on wiki pages? If so, do you want it to be only once per page or for each in game summary?

Well, the votes went something like this:
1 Spoiler Per Page: 4
1 Spoiler Per Route: 4
Spoiler General: 4
No Spoilers 4
Other Spoiler Suggestions: 2
Don't Care: 1

So, we obviously are going to keep spoilers. However, we seem to be split on the implementation of said spoilers. Some people never specified what spoilers they wanted; just that they wanted spoilers. However we’ve got two suggestions in addition to the votes. Please take them into consideration:
A. I would honestly go with a fourth option for "Route summaries for most recent main game" (in this case, One For All).
B. I'd actually like to have tvtropes style spoiler hiding.

2) Should image colors be shown as a colored square in the information box or spelled out?

Colored Box Only: 9
Both Words and Boxes: 8
Words Only: 1
Didn't Answer: 1

The colored boxes are staying and are moving to the information box if they aren't in there already. The problem arises when the words come in. For characters with two English names (like Miki, Takane, Hibiki, Ai and Ryo) or with no English name (such as the Cinderella Girls) we need to either decide which color name should be listed or a specific or defined way of deriving the names. Because these color names should not be subjective, so it was suggested that the hex number is given instead of a "color name".

3) When referring to the games, anime, and franchise within articles, which name(s) should we use?

“THE iDOLM@STER” won by a landslide, so changing instances on the wiki that say otherwise should keep us busy. A disambiguation page is necessary at this point.

4) Should the SHINY FESTA games be referred to by their International or Japanese names?

Japanese: 14
English: 5

In connection with other questions further down the page, this has actually a pretty important connotation. As a wiki, we are more comfortable using the official Japanese release names over the official English release names. That should be taken into account if any of the franchise or merchandise receives an international release.

5) Should the L4U! game have the F in "for" capitalized like the logo?

Live for You: 5
Live For You: 14

6) Should the TCG game title contain the "β" character?

Weiss Schwarz: 8
Weiβ Schwarz: 11

This effects other special characters too, such as the spelling for Märchen Maid and the “periods” in L・O・B・M.

7) Million Live units' names should be based on what?

No Stylization: 7
Promo Trailer: 4
CD Appearance: 4
Don’t Know: 4

In situations with multiple spellings, losing the stylization altogether is the option we voted on.

8 ) Should names with multiple official spellings include the long vowel spelling? (Example: Touma Amagase vs. Toma Amagase) Please write which you would prefer.

Long Vowel Spelling: 16
Short Vowel Spelling: 1
Don't Know: 2

It should be noted that the long vowel spelling overrode the newest official spelling (Touma vs. Toma). And to answer someone’s question, Toma and ect. are the spellings from their appearance in SideM.

9) Should Puchimasu! Puchi's names come from the official Puchimasu! website (Example: Chihya-), the officially translated anime episodes by Funmation (Example: Chihyah), or from the fan translated Puchimasu! manga (Example: Chihyaa)?

Funmation: 2
Official Website: 13
Fan Translation: 4

This also worked in conjunction with SHINY FESTA naming to show that our wiki needs to use the original Japanese releases for official names over other spellings.

10) Should radio show names be written as iM@S SHOW, iM@SHOW, or Ima Show?

iM@S SHOW: 6
iM@SHOW: 12
Ima Show: 0
Other: 1

This notation should be carried over to the other radio shows.

11) How should the first radio show's name be written?

The Idolmaster Radio: 2

12) Should albums be named under the name they were released with or by the name they currently go by?

Released with: 12
Currently go by: 7

While the page title won’t change, it should be noted on the page that the name was changed to something else. This also effects costumes (Gravure Swimsuit 2/Angel’s Swimsuit) and songs with two release names.

13) Should certain song names be combined?

Alright, so some people voted on all three together, while others voted on each individually. To sort it out, I split the lists into the overall voting and the voting for each song. It was decided in every instance that the names should be combined. This rule should be carried out to other songs with this type of spelling, such as “Sorairo Days”.

14) Should Mami's image song be spelled Gemmy or Jemmy?

Gemmy: 15
Jemmy: 3
Didn’t Answer: 1

15) How should the movie's name be written?

Kagayaki no Mukougawa e!: 9
Kagayaki no Mukou Gawa e!: 4
Beyond the Brilliant Future!: 5
To the Other Side of the Shine!: 1

This actually now follows two rules. We kept the Japanese spelling and combined the name.

16) Should all pages start with the formatting seen above?

Yes to Consistent Formatting: 14
No to Consistent Formatting: 2
Don't Know: 1
Didn't Answer: 2

Consistent formatting won. Pages like “Rin Shibuya” and “Mata, Hajimeyou.” need to include this formatting.

17) Should we remove the doujin page on the wiki?

Remove the Doujin Page: 10
Keep the Doujin Page: 5
Don't Know: 4

The doujin page has been voted to be removed.

18) Should we remove the merchandise page on the wiki?

Remove the Merchandise Page: 2
Keep the Merchandise Page: 17

The merchandise page will be kept. We now need to organize what information we are going to catalog and how we are going to organize it.

19) Do you think the Main page of the wiki needs to be cleaned up?

No to Main Page Cleanup: 4
Yes to Main Page Cleanup: 15

The Main Page has been voted to be in need of clean up. The following suggestions have been given.

1. Toggle Buttons/Show and Hide/Collapsible Section
2. Page links to different sections, so the main page is sort of like a portal to "sections" of the wiki/Removing certain elements from the front page and moving the information to a subpage (such moving the Xenoglossia CVs to another page)

Another separate suggestion was made in regards to the in-game songs template.
I would really like to see the In-game songs template at the bottom of all the song pages changed to a different format. I think that rather than showing when a song debuted as standard, it'd be more relevant to acknowledge what game a song debuted in, whether standard or DLC. Maybe do "Debuted in [game]" and then list off all the different songs, and put a * next to the DLC songs with a footnote that states the information.
"An idol's job is to carry everybody's dreams. They're supposed to use song and dance to make people happy. When the famous idols I know appear on TV or do concerts... That alone makes the audiences watching them smile. THAT'S WHY I WANT TO BE AN IDOL TOO..."
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Re: Wiki Standardization Voting
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2014, 12:00:41 pm »
I'm pretty happy with the vote results, I might try and help implement simple things like spelling changes, the consistency of "THE iDOLM@STER", and the (萩原雪歩 Hagiwara Yukiho?) formatting stuff.
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