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Author Topic: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)  (Read 15159 times)


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
« Reply #15 on: October 23, 2014, 02:13:05 pm »
Cool, thanks

I added a link to the paste bin in the first post, so people don't have to search the whole thread for translations.


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
« Reply #16 on: October 25, 2014, 12:53:47 pm »
added episode 3 part 1 and the first half of part 2


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
« Reply #17 on: November 16, 2014, 01:19:46 pm »
Sorry it took so long, but i was on holidays, so it took a while.

I added the end of #3 Part 2 and #4 Part 1


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
« Reply #18 on: November 30, 2014, 12:20:49 pm »
Added Yukiho EX#4


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
« Reply #19 on: December 06, 2014, 02:35:28 pm »
I have to continue here since i reached the maximum number of characters (20k) in the previous post

Yukiho EX#2 Part 1 1st Half
Producer:   Well then, Yukiho will participate in a festival alone today. But the main protagonist in question seems to be late from the previous work…
Yukiho comes
Yukiho:      I'm sorry producer! I made you wait
Producer:   Ahh, Yukiho. You are still on time, so it's okay.
   You have been increasingly busy lately. It's tough, but thank you for always doing your best.
Yukiho:      Ehehe, I'm alright. I want to sing even more, or something like that…
   I want to give as many people as possible courage with my song, these are my feelings.
Producer:   I see. Well then, the audience is waiting, so let's pass these feelings to them.
Yukiho:      Yes, producer!

Yukiho EX#2 Part 1 2nd Half
Producer:   (That was a good festival. The audience was excited and it was wonderful how Yukiho's singing was full of emotion.)
   (…Be that as it may, Yukiho is late. Is she still in the changing room?)
In the changing room
Producer:   Hey, Yukiho…? Huh, she isn't here? Where did she go to?
Yukiho:      Producer… I'm here
Yukiho stands up
Producer:   Woah, you were crouching? But why?...
Yukiho:      I'm sorry…I thought I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself… uu
Producer:   A hole… It feels like it has a long time since you said that? By any chance, do you…
Choice: Feel down?
Producer:   feel down? Did something happen?
Yukiho:      Uu, I'm sorry… It hurts a lot…
Producer:   Hurt? Why? The festival was a big success
Yukiho:      No, that's wrong. It wasn't a success, not at all. I… wasn't good at all!
Producer:   C, calm down, Yukiho. What the hell happened, please explain from the beginning.
Yukiho:      Uu… The truth is, I received presents from my fans. Sweets, flowers and so on…
   But… but… Between some flowers I received as a present, there was this card…
Producer:   Card…? Ah, a card with a message. Well, let's see…
   "I won't be your fan anymore"……eh!?
   "Everybody says it's a good song, but I don't agree. I'm not receiving any courage from it"…
Yukiho:      Sniff, that's it. It wasn't good. Someone… someone like me…
Producer:   I see. Yukiho, that's…
Choice: a delusion
Producer:   … a delusion. This person is confused, he wrote things he didn’t' mean.
Yukiho:      You might be right. But, confused, why…
   Ah… I was only thinking about myself, but not about this person.
   I'm sure there is a reason. Even if I feel down about it, it can't be helped.
   It hurts… but if I can't fully accept this message…
Producer:   …Can't fully accept it?
Yukiho:      Y, yes… I have no idea what I should do, but…
   But I can't close my ears when I hear something like this, I can't act as if nothing happened.
Producer:   …You are right. I think it's as you say. You have become strong, haven't you, Yukiho.
Yukiho:      Eeh!? I, I… That message made me realize that I'm still not good at all…
   But because I'm not good, I have to do my best even more. That's all I thought… ehehe
Producer:   (What happened was certainly a shock, but… it looks like Yukiho has overcome it.)
   (So, I have to support her.)

Yukiho EX#2 Part 2 1st Half
Yukiho:      Thanks for waiting, producer.
Producer:   You have a solo audition today. By the way… How do you feel, after what happened last time?
Yukiho:      Huh? I, I'm alright. I'm doing my work full of energy every day. Haa…
Producer:   Y, you just looked exhausted for a moment, you are just pretending to be fine… It's about that message card, isn't it?
Yukiho:      Yes… Just a bit…
   But if I always feel down I can't give courage to others… So…
Producer:   … I see. Well then, let's leave full of energy.
Yukiho:      O, okay!

Yukiho EX#2 Part 2 2nd Half
Producer:   You did your best today, Yukiho. The performance was also very good.
Yukiho:      Thank you very much. But because it was for TV today… it wasn't in front of the fans, I felt a bit at ease
Producer:   Huh? Feet at ease, that’s…
Choice: Just as planned
Producer:   Just as planned.
Yukiho:      Just as planned? Uhhm, what does that…
Producer:   I put your schedule together like this. I didn't want to expose you to much stress.
Yukiho:      I, I see…
   Sniff, I'm sorry. I caused you trouble, didn't i…
Producer:   No, you didn't cause much trouble. So don't worry…
Yukiho:      Ehehe.. I'm no good after all. Giving the fans courage…
   Was it presumption to begin with… to think like that?
   For someone like me to give courage to others… was that outrageous.
Producer:   Don't say something like that. It is difficult to influence everyone who hears your song, but…
Yukiho:      It is difficult after all… it's impossible, isn't it? You think so too, don't you?
Producer:   No. Impossible, you say? So is it…
Choice: Pointless?
Producer:   Pointless? Your wish to give courage, did it become pointless?
Yukiho:      Pointless… no, it want to think it isn't, i…
   I really want to give courage to a lot of people, I want to support them…
   This feeling isn't a lie… that's why I don't want to think it became pointless!
Producer:   …I see. If you still think that way, then it's alright.
Yukiho:      Eh…?
Producer:   Why was "Ano Hi no Namida" born? Why does this song exist…
   If you don't forget that, then it's alright.
Yukiho:      ……
   The song was born because I thought I wanted to give courage to everyone…
   Because I always received courage from everyone, so I wanted to give it back to them.
Producer:   This wish still didn't change, did it?
Yukiho:      No… It didn't change. That's why it hurts when I can't do so. But…
      That's because I still have this wish.
Producer:   Yes, I thought so.
Yukiho:      But this painful feeling still didn't disappear. I still don't know how to transmit my feelings though…
      Beleiving in just this… just this wish is enough, isn't it?

Yukiho EX#2 Part 3 1st Half
Producer:   (Today is the day of Yukiho's solo concert. And it's in a huge venue to boot, a big concert…!)
Yukiho:      Hello, Producer. I finished my preparations.
Producer:   Ah, hi Yukiho. Let's make todays concert a success.
Yukiho:      Yes
Producer:   You might be worried because you have to be in front of the fans…
      I think everyone is looking forward to see you, so it's alright.
Yukiho:      Producer… Ehehe, thank you for encouraging me. I received courage from you again. That's why i… will be alright.
Producer:   Well then, let's go!

Yukiho EX#2 Part 3 2nd Half

Cheers:      Uoooooo…!)
Producer:   (The cheers aren't stopping… That was a relly good concert, Yukiho!)
      (But what's up? Yukiho still didn't get off the stage…)
Yukiho is standing on the stage
Yukiho:      ……
      U, uhm… everyone! I, I…
Producer:   An MC after the performance? That wasn't planned but… Yukiho?)
On stage
Yukiho:      Uhm, i… want to… say… something…
Cheers:      (Yukiho-chan, you are the best!)
Yukiho:      Y, yeees. To, today… today… really, thank you~~~~!
Cheers:      (Uoooooooooo!!)
Yukiho:      P, producer...
Producer:   Yukiho...
Choice: Is it okay?
Producer:   Is it okay? You coming here…
Yukiho:      U…
Producer:   I'm sure you didn't want to just say thank you.
Yukiho:      N, no… i…
      I… want to give courage to everyone after all…
      It's impossible to give it to everyone but… but I want to give courage to as many people as possible, I want to give them a push on the back
      Giving back the favor… Because it's an important wish of me…
Producer:   Yes, I know
Yukiho:      But just by singing, just like before… there was something I couldn't get into their heart… That's why…
      Because i couldn't, i thought i'd go closer. I wanted to talk about what I'm thinking…
      I tought so, but… I couldn't find good word… sniff
Producer:   I see. You wanted to put your honest feelings into words…
Choice: Do it one more time!
Producer:   Then do it one more time!
Yukiho:      Huh? One more time… on stage?
Producer:   Yes, tell all your fans what you are really thinking.
      It's alright. They will lend you an ear. They will accept your words.
Yukiho:      Producer…
Producer:   Come on, go back. Your fans are waiting for you anytime.
Yukiho:      Okay… Okaay! I'm going!
On stage
Yukiho:      U, uhm… everyone! T, today… my feelings… please listen to my whish!
      I'm… I'm standing on stage now. I'm holding a microphone, standing on stage, alone
      But, in reality… I'm not standing here alone
      I was supported by a lot of people… My friends, the staff, and all my fans…
      … Really, I received a lot of courage, standing on this stage
      Even so, i... i…
      There is noise from the people talking
Producer:   (Just a bit more. Yukiho, you ca…)
Spectator:   (…n do it!)
Yukiho:      Huh…?
Spectators:   (…you can do it!! Yukiho-chan! You can do it!)
Yukiho has gets teary eyes
Yukiho:      Everyone…! Sniff…
      T, thank you~~~~~!! Now, i received a lot ouf courage again from everyone!
      I also… I also want to give courage to everyone! When it hurts, when you are sad, when you can't keep going forward.
      I want to give a little courage to everyone with my song! I want to give a push on the back! I want to support everyone!!
      This is what I'm… what I'm feeling! That's the wish... the feelings I'm putting into the song!!
Yukiho started crying during the last sentence
Spectators:   Uoooooooo!!
Yukiho's tears have stopped, but she still have teary eyes
Yukiho:      So, one more time… Please let me sing one more time! An "Ano Hi no Namida" with all my feelings put into it!!
Spectators:   Uoooooooooo!!
The screen goes black
Producer:   (As expected, the unplanned curtain call caused a lot of confusion backstage. But despite this...)
   (Like Yukiho called it, the music for "Ano Hi no Namida" started playing)
   (Everyone who happened to be there became one, the performance was like a miracle…!)

Yukiho EX#3 Part 4 1st Half

At the office
Yukiho:      Hello producer! It's soon time to go, isn't it?
Producer:   Yes, you're right. How are you?
Yukiho:      Perfect! It looks like I can sing with all my heart today.
Producer:   Good, good. It looks like sing smiling from the bottom of your heart again since the last concert.
Yukiho:      That's also thanks to all my fans. It looks like I lately receive even more support than before.
Producer:   The Yukiho Team (Yukiho-gumi), was it? It seems like the activities of your fans expanded throughout the internet.
      You are supporting each other. The best way to put it is that you and your fans have the same feelings, or so I heard.
Yukiho:      Ehehe, you are right. It's a bit embarrassing but…
      But it feels like my fan's and my heart came together, I'm extremely happy about that.
Producer:   Well then, let's live up to that support today. Okay, let's go!
Yukiho:      Okay! I'll do my best!

Yukiho EX#2 Part 4 2nd Half

Yukiho is still on the stage
Producer:   (Yukiho's and her fan's feelings became one, the venue was filled more and more with feelings and cheers during the festival.)
   (It was really a wonderful performance…. Well then, let's go an welcome Yukiho back!)
In the changing room
Producer:   Heeey, Yukihooo. Good work tod…
Yukiho:      …S, sniff…
Producer:   Wha… Y, Yukiho? You're crouching in the middle of the room, what happened?
Yukiho stands up and is almost crying
Yukiho:      F, fueeee… producer… I… i…
Producer:   (What happened? This… I'll do this!)
Choice: Stroke her head gently
Producer:   There there, are you alright Yukiho? Did something painful happen again?
Yukiho:      U, uu… I'm alright. T, that isn't it... makes me really happy… sniff
Producer:   This happy? What happened?
Yukiho:      That's… Uhm, please look at this
Producer:   That's… a message card? Is it perhaps…
Choice: A fanletter?
Producer:   Is it perhaps… No, I'm sure, it's a fanletter, isn't it?
Yukiho:      Yes. I read it… happy… I'm alright, so please read it.
Producer:   Okay. Let's see…
   "I think I stop stopping being your fan"… Huh? Yukiho, is this…?
Yukiho:      Yes. The person who said he'd stop being my fan. But this time he wrote this.
   "Recently, I planned to go to one of your concert for one last time. That concert really remains in my heart"…
   "My heart was broken, i had a fight with a good friend, i started to hate everything..."
   "Hearing my beloved Yukiho-san's song was also just very painful..."
   "Nevertheless, before stopping being your fan, I wanted to meet you just one more time"…
Producer:   … And then?
Yukiho:      "…That time, your words were filled with a lot of pain… I unexpectedly shouted"
   "Yukiho-san, you can do iiiiit. Around me, one by one started to shout I too"…
   "I can't forget your smiling face back then. And I can't forget your words either"…
   "That you wanted to give courage, those words. Someone like be being told something like that, I thought…"
   "I was so happy I began to cry. While crying, I sang the last song together with you."
   "I can go forward because I received couarage from you. As far as I'm concerned, you are"… Uhmm, "you are"…
Producer:   …Your face is deep red Yukiho. Come on, let me see it
Yukiho:      Eh… u, uhmm…
Producer:   "… you are an angel. A goddess. I'll be your fan and support you for the rest of my life!"
Yukiho:      P, producer… I, it's embarrassing…
Producer:   I'm glad. You could really transmit your feelings.
Yukiho:      Yes… I'm happy. That someone could keep going forward because of my song…
   I… to be able to give just a little courage from now on…
   I want want to keep singing and get closer to my fans!
Producer:   (I realized Yukiho's smile was just like the sparkle of thawing snow, it was shining like a diamond...)
   (Someone else who shines came to my mind. When she was happy meeting Yukiho again, she shined like freshly polished gold...)
   (Yes, Leon. She too is shining more and more evey day…!)

Continued here:,2173.msg57927.html#msg57927
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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
« Reply #20 on: December 14, 2014, 02:54:36 pm »
added part 6


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
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added part 7 and the first half of part 8


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
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added Ex episode 8 part 2


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
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Continuation from here:,2173.msg55849.html#msg55849

Yukiho EX#3 Part 1 1st Half
P:   今日はオーディションか。そろそろ出かける時間だけど……
雪歩:   お疲れさまです、プロデューサー!すみません。ブログの更新してたら遅れちゃって……
P:   お疲れさま、雪歩。最近は、ずいぶん熱心に更新してるみたいだな
雪歩:   はい。この間、久しぶりにユキちゃんと会ったこととか、今日のお仕事のこととか
P:   はは。ギリギリでも間に合ってるから、問題ないよ。ブログも人気みたいだしな!
雪歩:   えへへ、たくさんの人がコメントおくれて……それを読むだけで、とっても元気になれるんです
P:   ファンのみんなと、いい関係が築けているみたいだな。うん、いいことだ

Yukiho EX#3 Part 1 2nd Half
P:   お疲れ様、雪歩。本番のステージもバッチリだったな!
雪歩:   はい、ありがとうございますぅ。自分でも今日は、落ち着いてできたかなって
P:   ファンのみんなだけじゃなく、か。それは、なんというか……
P:   なんというか、大変だな
雪歩:   そうですね。難しいかもですけど……でも、これからもそんな風に歌っていきたいです
P:   ああ、目標としては、とっても相応しいと思うよ
玲音:   や!久しぶりだね、萩原!
雪歩:   え?えええっ!?れ、玲音さん?
P:   ど、どうしたんだ玲音?収録のついでか?
玲音:   ま、そんなところかな。驚かせたのならゴメンね、萩原
雪歩:   い、いえっ、気にしないでください。私が驚くのは、事情茶飯事ですから
P:   (それもどうかと思うんだが)
玲音:   今日の本番、こっそり覗かせてもらったよ。萩原の歌、さらに良くなったよな。さすがだ!
雪歩:   ホントですか……?あ、ありがとうございますぅ!
玲音:   今日の萩原の歌を聞いたら、もういてもたってもいられなくって。それで楽屋に飛んできたんだ
雪歩:   え……、えええっ!?
玲音:   あれ。い、イヤなの?
雪歩:   あ、いえ!イヤとかじゃなくて、あの、その……どうして私なんかと……
玲音:   私なんかって……あはっ、キミは本当に謙虚だね!そんなキミだからこそ、戦いたいんだ
雪歩:   えええっ?
P:   玲音。とりあえず、要望はわかったよ
玲音:   ああ、そうだね。それじゃ、いい返事を待ってるから。またね!
P:   ……どうやらすっかり、雪歩を気に入ったみたいだな
雪歩:   で、でもでも、どうして私なんでしょう?こんなにひんそーなのに……
P:   玲音が雪歩を気に入った理由は……
P:   うーん、どうしてかな?何か理由があるとは思うんだけど
雪歩:   うう、やっぱり前のフェスで、たまたまうっかり勝っちゃったからでしょうか……
P:   あれはあれで、実力の勝利だよ。ただ、あれが玲音のすべてってわけじゃなさそうだけど
雪歩:   えっ?あの……本当に玲音さんと、またフェスで勝負するんですか?
P:   ん?雪歩こそ、もしかして本当にイヤなのか?
雪歩:   い、いえ別に、そういうわけじゃないです。その、フェスで戦うのはいいんですけど……
P:   (雪歩と玲音のフェスか。さらに成長しているのは、お互い様だろうな)

Yukiho EX#3 Part 2 1st Half

P:   (さて。今日はフェスの仕事だが……)
雪歩:   お疲れ様です、プロデューサー……
P:   あ、ああ、お疲れ様……。どうしたんだ、雪歩?なんか元気なさそうだぞ?
雪歩:   あ、いえ……その……プロデューサー?玲音さんのこと、聞いてますか?
P:   玲音のこと?何かあったのか?
雪歩:   じつは、玲音さん……このあいだ、テレビで言ったそうなんです
P:   ああ、その話なら聞いてよ。光栄じゃないか
雪歩:   こ、光栄ですけど、私のブログにも、いっぱいコメントがあって……その、なんか大変なことに……
P:   どうするもなにも……。中傷されてるわけでもないし、気にしなくていいんじゃ……
雪歩:   うう、でも……なんか、私の知らないところで話が盛り上がっているような気がして……
P:   まあ、その気持ちはわからないでもないけど……
雪歩:   は、はいぃっ!が、がんばりますぅ~~!

Yukiho EX#3 Part 2 2nd Half
P:   (うん。いいステージだった!玲音のこともあって心配だったけど、ぜんぜん問題なかったな)
P:   おーい、雪歩ー。そろそろ帰……ん?
雪歩:   あ……お疲れ様です、プロデューサー
玲音:   やぁ、先にお邪魔してるよ
P:   玲音……?今日も来てたのか?
玲音:   あはは、何だかヒドイ言い草だね。……来ちゃいけなかった?
P:   全然、いけなくないよ。ちょっと驚いただけだから、気にしないでくれ
玲音:   よかった♪萩原のステージは、何度でも見たくなるんだ。だから、許して欲しいな
雪歩:   あ、ありがとうございますぅ。そんな風に言ってもらえるなんて、本当に光栄で……
玲音:   決まってるじゃないか。アタシがキミに惹かれてるからだよ!
雪歩:   え……、ええっ!?
玲音:   アタシとキミは、きっと全然違う。見ているモノ、立っている場所……すべてがね
P:   (たしかに……何じトップアイドルでも、玲音と雪歩の違いは、きわだっているかもしれない)
玲音:   だからこそ、アタシはキミを知りたい。キミのすべてを知りたいと思ってる
雪歩:   す、素っ裸……!
玲音:   早く見せてほしいな。萩原のすべてをアタシに……。フフッ、それじゃまたね!
P:   やれやれ、行ったか……
雪歩:   ぷ、プロデューサー……。玲音さん、私のこと素っ裸にって……ど、どうしましょう~?
P:   そうだな。素っ裸にしたいと言われた以上……
P:   歌うしかないかな?雪歩の心や想いのすべてが出せるような、最高のステージで
雪歩:   最高のステージ……。それって、もしかして……
P:   ああ。玲音とフェスをするってことだ
雪歩:   私、玲音さんは理想的なアイドルで……本当に、完ぺきな人だって、そう思ってました
P:   ……なるほど。いいけど、どうしてだ?
雪歩:   私も、もっと知りたいんです。玲音さんのステージ……玲音さんの、心を……

Yukiho EX#3 Part 3 1st Half
P:   (今日はこれから雪歩のソロライブだが……会場に向かう途中、寄り道することになった)
歓声:   (ワアアアアアアァァァ!!)
雪歩:   すごい……!プロデューサー、玲音さんのステージ、やっぱりすごいですぅ!
P:   そうだな……。知ってるつもりだったけど、ライブを見ると、あらためて圧倒されるというか
雪歩:   言葉が出ないくらい、夢中になっちゃって……私、まばたきするのも忘れてました
P:   違いすぎて、逆に割り切れそうじゃないか?同じようなステージを目指して仕方ないって
雪歩:   あ。プロデューサー……
P:   玲音のステージは、会場を圧倒して支配して、全員を嵐に巻き込んでしまうような、そんなステージだ
雪歩:   はい……、違うかもです。私はもっと、みんなに寄り添って歌いたいって……
P:   もちろん。それが玲音も認める、萩原雪歩のステージだ
雪歩:   はい……、がんばりますぅ!

Yukiho EX#3 Part 3 2nd Half
P:   (うん、すばらしいライブだった!どうやら玲音のライブを観た事がプラスに……)
玲音:   やあ!今日もバツグンのライブだったね!
P:   って玲音、また来てたのか!?
玲音:   うん、今日はライブが入ってたから途中からだけど。でも、楽しませてもらったよ
P:   ああ、その気持ちっていうのは、きっと……
P:   励ましたいっていう気持ちか
玲音:   なるほど。つまり、キミはそいう気持ちで萩原に接してきたってワケだ?
P:   ま、まあ……そうかな
玲音:   フフッ、ステキだね!キミ達二人の強い絆を感じるよ
雪歩:   プロデューサー、お連れさまで……あっ、玲音さん!
P:   お疲れ様、雪歩。どうやら玲音に、いいお返しができたみたいだぞ
玲音:   ん?お返しって、どういうこと?
雪歩:   えへへ、じつは私も今日、玲音さんのライブにお邪魔してたんです。本当にすごかったですぅ!
玲音:   あははっ、そういうことか。でも、どうして来てくれたの?
P:   それは玲音、たぶん君と同じ理由だよ
雪歩:   はい……私も、玲音さんのことが知りたくなったんです
玲音:   なるほどね。それで、何かわかった?
雪歩:   えへへ。本当に私とは、全然違うんだなってことは、よくわかりました
玲音:   だけど一生懸命だよね。今にも逃げ出しそうだけど、逃げない
玲音:   全部のみこんで、乗り越えて。一生懸命に、ファンの心に近づいて行く……。そうだよね?
玲音:   今日の萩原のステージを見て、よくわかったよ。アタシと萩原は、そもそも輝き方が違うんだ
P:   そうだな。二人の違いを例えるなら、それは……
P:   強さと優しさ、って感じかな
玲音:   なるほど。いいこと言うね、プロデューサー!だとしたら、アタシはこうも思う
雪歩:   強さと……優しさ……
玲音:   あはっ、そうだね!きっとアタシも萩原も、根っこのところは同じなんだ
雪歩:   玲音さん……
玲音:   え?
P:   雪歩……。心が決まったのか?
雪歩:   はいっ。私、玲音さんと同じステージで……同じ時、同じ場所で歌いたいです
P:   どうやら本気みたいだな、雪歩。それじゃ玲音……
玲音:   フフッ……、アハハハ!その言葉を待ってたよ、萩原!
雪歩:   は、はいっ!

Yukiho EX#3 Part 4 1st Half
玲音:   ようこそ萩原、そしてプロデューサー。いよいよ、アタシ達のためのフェスの開幕だ!
雪歩:   はい。玲音さん。今日はよろしくお願いしますね
玲音:   こちらこそよろしくね、萩原。昨日は楽しみすぎて、ずっと眠れなかったんだ♪
雪歩:   えへへ、私もですぅ。玲音さんと一緒にステージに立てることが、本当にうれしくて……
玲音:   アハハっ、よく言った!そう来なくっちゃ面白くない
P:   そろそろ時間だな……。二人とも準備はいいな?
雪歩:   はい!行ってきますね、プロデューサー
玲音:   しっかり見届けて。アタシ達の、最高の輝きを!

Yukiho EX#3 Part 4 2nd Half

P:   (--雪歩と玲音。二人のトップアイドルの戦いが、ついに終わった)
玲音:   いやー、負けちゃった。でも、最高のウテイージだったね、萩原!
雪歩:   はい……っ、ありがとうございます、玲音さん!私にこんなステージができるなんて……うううっ
玲音:   あはは、お礼を言いたいのはこっちだよ。萩原と一緒だったから、こんなにアツくなれたんだ
雪歩:   えええっ!今でも十分すごいのに……また一つ上、ですか……?
P:   ははは、雪歩。それは……
P:   見習わないとな
雪歩:   そ、そうですね。もう本当に、どこまで行っちゃうのかなって……
玲音:   あ、ごめんごめん、見習わなくていいよ!上ばかり見るのは、アタシの悪いクセなんだ
雪歩:   は、はい、私でよければ……。いいですよね、プロデューサー?
P:   もちろん。俺もまた見てみたいな。雪歩と玲音が高めってつくり出す、新しいステージを
雪歩:   私たちの、新しいステージ……。いつか一緒に共演とかも、できたらいいですよね!
玲音:   決まりだね。フフッ、楽しみにしてる!
P:   玲音か……。よかったな、雪歩。最高のライバルにめぐり会えて
雪歩:   ……プロデューサー。思えば私、玲音さんみたいなアイドルになりたいって……
P:   雪歩が玲音のように、か……
P:   憧れだったのか?
雪歩:   はい、アイドルの理想像みたいな……。本当に、雲の上の人、みたいに思ってました
P:   ああ、ほめてあげるといい。もし雪歩がほめないなら、代わりに俺がほめたおすよ
雪歩:   え、えへへ。ありがとうございますぅ
P:   ああ、安心してくれ。俺はこれからもずっと、雪歩の……
P:   ずっと、雪歩のプロデューサーだよ
雪歩:   はい……えへへっ、よかったぁ
P:   (トップアイドルになっても、玲音に勝っても……雪歩はやっぱり、雪歩のままだ)

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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
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YashaFox has translated Takane's route for her birthday.

Here's their twitter if interested.


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
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cool, thanks, i linked it in the first post
and i just noticed i forgot to post my translation of part 9, i'll do it later today


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
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Yukiho EX#3 Part 1 1st Half
Note: Yuki-chan is the dog Yukiho took care of during the story of the main game. Towards the end the original owner was found and the dog was returned.
At the office, Yukiho isn't there

Producer:   Today is an audition. It's soon time to leave but…
Yukiho comes
Yukiho:      Hello, producer! I'm sorry. I'm late because I updated the blog…
Producer:   Hello, Yukiho. It looks like you have been updating your blog quite enthusiastically recently.
Yukiho:      Yes. I have a lot I want to write about, how I've met Yuki-chan after a long time the other day, or about todays work and so on. That's why I barely made it in time… I'm sorry~
Producer:   Haha. Barely, but you made it in time, so it's no problem. It looks like your blog is popular!
Yukiho:      Ehehe, a lot of people are commenting… I get very energetic just by reading them
      That's why I want to return as much as possible
Producer:   It looks like you built a good connection with your fans. Yes, that's a good thing.
      Well then, let's hurry and return it. Let's go!

Yukiho EX#3 Part 1 2nd Half
In the changing room
Producer:   Good work, Yukiho. The performance was also perfect!
Yukiho:      Yes, thank you very much. I also think was able to be calm today.
      The staff at the studio, the people at the cameras, I could see all their faces.
      I want everyone who hears my song to smile. That's the feeling I sang with.
Producer:   Not just your fans, huh? That's, how should I put it…
Choice: Hard
Producer:   How should I put it, it's hard.
Yukiho:      It is, isn't it. It may be difficult but… But I want to sing like this from now on
Producer:   I see, I think that's a very suitable goal
      Well then, the next thing we have planned is…
Leon comes
Leon:      Yo! Long time no see, Hagiwara!
Yukiho:      Huh? Ehhhh!? Le, Leon-san?
Producer:   W, what's going on, Leon? Are you doing the following recording?
Leon:      Well, more or less. I'm sorry I surprised you, Hagiwara.
Yukiho:      N, no, please don't worry about it. Me being surprised is an everyday occurrence.
Producer:   (Isn't that a little strange too?)
Leon:      I secretly watched your performance today. Your song got even better. As expected!
Yukiho:      Really…? Th, thank you very much!
Leon:      After hearing your song today I couldn't help but to come. So I came to the changing room immediately.
      Hagiwara, fight with me once more!
Yukiho:      Uhh… ehhh!?
Leon:      Huh? Y, you don't want to?
Yukiho:      Ah, no. It's not that I don't want to, but, uhmm… why with someone like me…
Leon:      Someone like me… Ha, you are really modest! I want to fight against someone like you.
Yukiho:      Ehhhh?
Producer:   Leon. First of all, I understand your request.
      But, you both have your schedules, I'd like to give you an answer right away, but I can't. Today is…
Leon:      Ah, you are right. Well then, I'm waiting for a good reply. See you!
Leon leaves
Producer:   ... It looks like she is completely pleased with you.
Yukiho:      B, butbut, why me? I'm so look so miserable…
Producer:   The reason why Leon is so pleased with you…
Choice: Why indeed?
Producer:   Hmm… why indeed? But I think there is a reason
Yukiho:      Uuu, it's because I inadvertently won the previous festival by chance after all…
Producer:   That's that, a victory with your real power. But that doesn't seem to be her whole reason
      Anyway, we'll have to match our schedules to be able to have a rematch with Leon at a festival.
Yukiho:      Huh? Uhm… Are we really having another match with Leon-san?
Producer:   Huh? Yukiho, can it be you really don't want to do it?
Yukiho:      N, no, that isn't it. Uhm, I think it's good to have a fight at a festival but…
      But, really… why me…
Producer:   (A festival with Yukiho and Leon, huh? They have both equally grown even more)
      (It seems Yukiho is still uneasy about it but… Anyway, let's continue with the preparations!)

Yukiho EX#3 Part 2 1st Half
At the office
Producer:   (Well then. Today's job is a festival, but…)
Yukiho:      Hello, producer…
Producer:   A, uhm, hello… What's up, Yukiho? You don't seem to look very energetic
Yukiho:      Ah, no… it's… producer? Did you hear the thing about Leon-san?
Producer:   The thing about Leon? Did something happen?
Yukiho:      Actually, Leon-san… it seems she said it on TV the oder day
      The idol she pays the most attention to at the moment is Yukiho Hagiwara… Me, she said it clearly
Producer:   Ah, if it's that, yes I heard about it. It's an honor, isn't it?
Yukiho:      It, it is an honor but there are a lot of comments on my blog… It's a bit harsh…
      The idol Leon-san's most interested in! To be told something like this… uu, what shoul I do?
Producer:   Whatever you think, you can't change it anyway… There is no reason to be slandered, so don't worry about it…
Yukiho:      Uu, but… I have the feling that they are talking about me at a place I don't know…
Producer:   Well, I don't know that feeling but… You are the idol Leon is paying attention to, that's a reason to throw out your chest. Well then, raise your head and let's head to the festival.
Yukiho:      O, Okaay! I, I'll do my be~~st!

Yukiho EX#3 Part 2 2nd Half
Producer:   (Yes, that was a good performance. I was worried because Leon was there too but it wasn't a problem at all.)
      (Well then, let's go and get Yukiho)
Yukiho and Leon are in the changing room
Producer:   Heey, Yukihooo. It's time to go ba… huh?
Yukiho:      Ah… Good work, producer.
Leon:      Yo, I came before you
Producer:   Leon…? You came today too?
Leon:      Ahaha, that comment is a bit harsh, isn't it. … Am I not allowed to come?
Choice: You are
Producer:   Of course you are allowed to come. I was just a bit surprised, please don't worry about it.
Leon:      Yay♪ I want to see Hagiwara's next performance too. So I wanted your permission.
Yukiho:      T, thank you. Being told something like this is really an honor…
      Uhm… but… why do you care so much about my performance…?
Leon:      Isn't that clear? I'm attracted to you!
Yukiho:      Huh… eeeh!?
Leon:      You and I are completely different. The things we see, the places we stand at… everything.
Producer:   (I agree… They are both topidols, but Leon and Yukiho are different, XXX)
Leon:      That's why I want to get to know you. I think I want to know everything about you.
      Just like now I want to be with you, to see you, to talk with you. I want to see your bare skin!
Yukiho:      B, bare skin…!
Leon:      I want you to show it to me quickly, everything… Fufu, well then, until next time!
Leon leaves
Producer:   Oh brother, there she goes…
Yukiho:      P, producer… Leon-san, my bare skin… w, what should I do~?
Producer:   Well. With seeing your bare skin she meant…
Choice: not just singing
Producer:   not just singing? She wants your heart and toughts to come out during your greatest performance
Yukiho:      Greatest performance… So then, maybe…
Producer:   Yes, the festival with Leon
Yukiho:      To me, Leon-san was the ideal idol… I really thought she is the perfect person.
      Even now, for someone like me to be compared to her is amazing but.. but..
      Uhm, producer. I also want to go and see it directly next time. Leon-san's performance.
Producer:   …I see. It's okay, but why?
Yukiho:      I also want to know more. About Leon-san's performance… about her heart…

Yukiho EX#3 Part 3 1st Half
The screen is black
Producer:   (Later today Yukiho has a solo concert but… we made a detour on the way to the venue)
(Of course, the destination is…)
Backstage, Yukiho is there
Cheering:   (Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!)
Yukiho:      Amazing…! Producer, Leons performance is amazing after all!
Producer:   It is, isn't it… I thought so, but seeing the concert, i'm overwhelmed once more.
Yukiho:      I can't find words, I was in a trance… I even forgot to blink
      Really, everything is completely different from my concerts… Too different…
Producer:   Too different, on the other hand you are convinced now, aren't you? There is no point in trying to make your performance the same.
Yukiho:      Ah, producer….
Producer:   Leon's performance was overwhelming, she dominates the venue, it's like a storm engulfes everyone, it was that kind of performance.
      But Yukiho's performance isn't like that, is it?
Yukiho:      No, it isn't… it's different. I want to sing to get even closer to everyone…
Producer. I want to make a concert like that… It's okay when I sing like myself, right?
Producer:   Of course. That's also what Leon acknowledges, Yukiho Hagiwara's concerts.
      Well then, let's go soon. It's your turn now!
Yukiho:      Yes…, I'll do my best!

Yukiho EX#3 Part 3 2nd Half
Backstage, Yukiho isn't there
Producer:   (Good, that's was a wonderful concert! It seems like seeing Leon's concert was an advantage…)
Leon comes
Leon:      Yo! That was an outstanding concert, wasn't it?
Producer:   Leon, you came again!?
Leon:      Yes, but the the concert already started when I arrived. But I still enjoyed myself
      Nevertheless, Hagiwara is great after all. Just by watching, I had this… mysterious feeling welling up
Producer:   Ahh, that feeling, I'm sure it was…
Choice: wanting to enoucrage her
Producer:   … wanting to encourage her.
Leon:      I see. So you had this feeling all the time?
Producer:   W, well… yes
Leon:      Fufu, wonderful! I can feel the strong bond you two share.
Yukiho comes
Yukiho:      Producer, good wor… Ah, Leon-san!
Producer:   Good work, Yukiho. Seems like we could return the favor to Leon.
Leon:      Huh? Return the favor? What do you mean?
Yukiho:      Ehehe, the truth is, I also intruded on your concert today. It really was amazing!
Leon:      Ahaha, you meant that. But why did you come?
Producer:   Well, probably for the the same reason as you.
Yukiho:      Yes… I also want to know more about you.
      What's so different between you and me…? I wanted to confirm it for myself.
Leon:      I see. And, did you figure something out?
Yukiho:      Ehehe, we really are completely different, I know that now.
      You are strong, majestic, accepting all the cheering… you were shining extremely strong.
      We are different in all regards. I'm so frail, I don't have any confidence either…
Leon:      But you are doing it with all your might, aren't you? Now you also look like you want to run away, but you don't.
Yukiho:      Huh…
Leon:      Swallowing it all, you got over it. Getting closer to your fan's hearts with all your might… Isn't that right?
Yukiho:      Le, Leon-san…
Leon:      Seing your performance today, I understood it well. You and I, the source of our shine is different.
Producer:   You are right. The difference between you two is like…
Choice: Strength and kindness
Producer:   … strength and kindness, that kind of feeling.
Leon:      I see. You said something good there, producer! I also think that's right.
      Becoming kind through strength, and becoming strong through kindness.
Yukiho:      Strength… and kindness…
      You and I are really completely different but… maybe not different at all.
Leon:      Yes, that's it! You and I, we have our roots at the same place.
      The hearts of our fans, of the people who come to listen to our songs, are the most important things to us.
      But the way to do so is completely different! … That's why I'm so attracted to you.
Yukiho:      Leon-san…
      Uhm… Leon-san. Won't you have a match with me at a festival?
Leon:      Eh?
Producer:   Yukiho… Did you set your heart on it?
Yukiho:      Yes. I want to sing with Leon-san… on the same stage, at the same time at the same place.
      It's not about who is better, I want to sing while competing with each other and thus encouraging each other!
      If we do this, I'm sure I can give a better performance than I ever could alone…
      I have the feeling that I can do something better than I ever could alone!
Producer:   It seems you are serious, Ykiho. Well then, Leon…
Leon:      Fufu…, AHAHAHA! I waited for those words, Hagiwara!
      Let's dance together. And discover it together! That greatest shine we can't achieve alone!
Yukiho:   Y, yes!

Yukiho EX#3 Part 4 1st Half

Yukiho and Leon are in front of the concert hall
Leon:      Welcome, Hagiwara and producer. At last, the curtain raises for our festival!
Yukiho:      Yes. Leon-san. I look forward to work with you today.
Leon:      So do I, Hagiwara. I couldn't sleep yesterday because I was so looking forward to it♪
Yukiho:      Ehehe, me too. I am really happy that i can stand on the same stage as you...
      I received courage from you, so today I want to show you a shine that won't lose to your's!
Leon:      Ahaha, well said! If it wasn't like this, it wouldn't be fun.
Producer:   It's time soon… Are you two prepared?
Yukiho:      Yes! I'll go and come back producer
Leon:      Properly watch it with your own eyes. Our greatest shine!

Yukiho EX#3 Part 4 2nd Half
Producer:   (Yukiho and Leon. At last, the battle between those two top idols is over.)
      (What engulfed the venue wasn't the joy of victory or the sadness of defeat.)
      (It was the shine born from these two idols, the lavish praise and the remaining excitement.)
Leon:      Argh, I lost. But that was a great performance, Hagiwara!
Yukiho:      Yes… thank you very much, Leon-san! That I was able to give such a performance… sniff
Leon:      Ahaha, I'm the one who has to give my thanks. I could only heaten up the atmosphere like this because I was together with you.
      I have the feeling I saw it thanks to you. A world one level above… beyond the limit!
Yukiho:      Ehhh! Even if it was this amazing… one more level above…?
Producer:   Hahaha, Yukiho. You should…
Choice: follow her example or…
Producer:   follow here example or...
Yukiho:      Y, you are right. But really, how far are you going…
Leon:      Ah, sorry, sorry, it's okay if you don't follow my example. Always looking up is a bad habit of me.
      It's the other way around. I should properly look at my own feet, like you do.
      Say, Hagiwara. As far as I'm concerned, today's was the best performance I did so far.
      Let's compete again sometime. To create a new performance together!
Yukiho:      Y, yes, if you are okay with me… It's alright, isn't it, producer?
Producer:   Of course. I want to see it too. The new performance you two create by enhancing what you did today.
Yukiho:      Our new performance… It would be great if we could give a performance together one day!
Leon:      It's decided then. Fufu, I'm looking forward to it!
      Ahhh! But I regret losing after all. I'll be sulking in bed today. Ahaha, until we meet again!
Leon leaves
Producer:   Leon, huh?... That's great, isn't it, Yukiho? By coincidence you met the best rival you could wish for.
Yukiho:      …Producer. When I think about it, I wanted to become an idol like Leon-san…
   I have the feeling I always thought like that
Producer:   You always wanted to be like Leon, so…
Choice: that was your aspiration?
Producer:   that was your aspiration?
Yukiho:      Yes, she is like my image of the ideal idol… I really thought she was like a person from above the clouds
      That's why it is impossible for me… there is no way I can get there, that's what I thought
      But now I became an idol different from her… Standing on stage with her…
      Ehehe, I think I it's alright to praise myself just a very little bit
Producer:   Yes, it's okay. Or rather, if you don't praise yourself, I'll do it instead.
      Yukiho Hagiwara isn't a completely useless at all, she is an amazing topidol, even better than Leon.
Yukiho:      E, ehehe. Thank you very much.
      But… I have the feeling I'll keep saying I'm completely useless after all.
      I was only able to come this far thanks to various people. So I'll keep saying I'm useless after all.
      That's why, uhmm… when it looks like I'm being useless again…
Producer:   Yes, don't worry. I'll always be your…
Choice: producer
Producer:   I'll always be your producer.
Yukiho:      Yes…. ehehe, thank god.
      Uhmm… producer. I'm like this but…
      Please keep always producing me. If you do, I'm sure I'll…
      be able to keep going wherever I want. Ehehe!
Producer:   (She has become a topidol, she has won against Leon but… Yukiho will always be Yukiho after all.)
      (A coward, timid, a crybaby and immediately feel down. But, now matter how often, she will always stand up again.)
      (From here on, I'll always keep standing by her side. And when she unintentionally stand still…)
      (I'll support her and give her a gentle push on the back.)
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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
« Reply #27 on: January 24, 2015, 05:32:02 pm »
added EX#3 Part 2

The next part will take quite a while due to holidays


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
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Added Ex episode 3 part 3
Sorry it took me so long, i was on holidays and there were other things in the way (for example stupid regulations when it comes to driving in Japan with a Swiss driving license)

I hope i can add the last part next week, otherwise it will probably a whole month again because of other stuff coming up (including holidays in Japan, yay!)


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Re: One For All Story Translations (spoiler)
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It's finished, finally. For my level of Japanese it was a huge amount of work and the result is a horrible english :p But i learned a lot from it.
Anyway, i hope it was of help/interest to anyone.