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Author Topic: TemhotaTech's Twisted Im@s Game Ideas  (Read 2003 times)


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TemhotaTech's Twisted Im@s Game Ideas
« on: August 18, 2014, 05:45:29 am »
Warning: The following maybe a bit too insane.

I have a knack for coming all sorts of twisted stories and ideas featuring anime/manga/Japanese game characters
And here’s a couple ideas featuring the Idolm@ster.

The Idolm@ster: The Line

This idea was indeed inspired by Spec Ops: The Line, and by walking through the snow covered trails in the county I live.

While on a long needed vacation, the 765 pro idols suddenly finds themselves in a frozen wasteland. (As for why still working on that.)

Their location can be best summed up as a giant icy road, with two mountain ranges on each side. And it doesn’t take long for them to realize they’re not alone in this freezing glacier. Five violent alien races, who constantly battle against each other for survival, have set their eyes on them.

With everything looking bleak and hopeless, Haruka suggests they have one last concert together. It's crazy but everyone eventually agrees.

After the show, they’re approached by the Klavo, one of the most common races in the Line, the frozen wastes they currently live in. But instead of gunning them down, the aliens  applaud them for their show, and decide to act as the Idol’s body guards.

The Klavo who join them tell them they can recruit not just other Klavo, but all the other races in the Line, by putting on concerts. The Idols then decide they will unite the races of the Line, and escape.

But as they say, easier said than done, not just one song is going to get everyone to join them, and not all inhabitants will like the idol’s music (as in individuals, it’s possible for them to recruit all seven races), and there are other idols in the Line as well.

While most of these idols are friendly and are more than willingly to join 765 on their quest, not all Idols willingly to work together. Although every Idol wants to escape some Idols have decided they want to use their new powers to build an army, and conquer the world. These idols become the main opposition for 765 pro.

So the gameplay is like this: performance, recruitment, and battle against other groups of aliens, and evil rivals.
You start out with 765 pro, but you recruit other idols along the way, such as the Million Live, Cinderella, and 876 idols. Recruitment of the rogue idols, is possible, but most can only join near the end.

There are five alien races living in the Line, each scattered into warbands, militias, and gangs. Gangs, and most warbands can be recruited from all seven races.

They’re somewhat still in the concept stages, with the Klavo being the most development.
They are:

Klavo – The Klavo are a humanoid species. They wear full body snow jackets, and face masks that hide their faces. Underneath their clothing they are blue-skin humanoids with bumpy, vegetable like skin, four eyes, and two holes for noses, and leaf-like growths for hair. Klavo are a resourceful bunch, and are just as sturdy and flexible as humans. They’re the most numerous race in the Line, and as you can guess, they’re a perfect starter race. As such, Klavo units are kinda basic: Rifleman, shotgunner, and Sniper. The Klavo are the most developed race so far, so the other haven’t received as much treatment yet.

Pilnez – a more high tech race. The Pilnez are another humanoid race. Their bodies are skinny, and completely covered in a white flexible material. Pilnez have developed “cyber-tech”, which appears as holograms, and strange constructs. Pilnez units have less armor than the other races.

Chree – A bird-like race, covered in thick yellow armor.

Mukra – A large brutish race, wearing cycloptic power armor.

Reybot –weird-looking bug-like reptiles. Their technology is based off the machines from Dr. Grodbot.

I’m thinking about adding an sixth unrecruitable race to act as the final enemy, since all the villainous idols end up joining in the end.

Apocalypse Girls

This takes place on my Weirdside setting, the ultimate post-apocalyptic world where rips in reality have unleashed all sorts of strange creatures, technology, and “powers” onto the planet. Blopside is infested with militaristic gangsters, cannibalistic savages, bloodthirsty mutants, barbaric aliens, ferocious monsters, murderous robots,  and unnatural abominations called Fiends.

In other words, welcome to all those post-apocalypse games, movies, comics, and tv shows, mashed together, blown up, sprinkled with magic and all sorts of freaky creatures. Especially freaky creatures.

Our story begins with an army of Wastelanders, nerds with military training and don in Halo armor, are stockpiling a bunch of weapons for an unknown purpose. One of the shipments arrive, with most of it’s cargo missing. The Warlord in charge ask the driver what happened, and he informs the convoy was attacked, and out of nowhere a small group of cute Japanese girls appear, armed with advance weaponry.

This all leads to one big battle, between the four idols (Mami, Ami, Miki, and Haruka), and the entire Wastelander militia. Eventually the four chase the Warlord to the loading docks, after wiping out his entire army, and ask him where he’s shipping the weapons. After the interrogation, they learned they’re being sold to the mutants on Mad Nuke Island.

But who are these four? Well, it’s not just four, there’s a whole army of them.

They call themselves Moe Storm, an army of cloned, and genetically enhanced Japanese girls all bred for warfare, even though they often fight with cute smiles. Their mission: conquer all opposition, and bring peace and stability to Weirdside… or something like that. No one’s really sure. As far as anyone can tell, they just like blowing apart warlords, and mutants. Note: They are often armed with state of the art weaponry.

This particular tale takes a squad of Thirteen Moe Storm Clones (MSC for short) to the previously mentioned Mad Nuke Island, an island created by multiple nuclear wars, and is infested with deranged mutants.

Something has gotten the local mutants riled up, and they’re arming themselves with whatever gun they can get their disfigured hands/claws on, and it seems they’re getting ready for an attack on the coastal settlements near the island.

The squad’s mission is to find out what’s up with the mutants, and shut it down before they storm the coast.

The squad is codenamed 765-Delta, and is composed of all the basic MSCs, all thirteen originally templates. No “model” of MSC has ever been retired, and doesn’t seem to be necessary. Each model is still an effective fighter.

As they travel inland, they’ll learn the Killer 80 Militia (80 styled cyborg militias) Giga-Storm has been supplying the island’s mutants with weapons, under the orders of their employers, the mysterious alien Binder race.

So 765-Delta has mutants, cyborgs, and aliens to kill. This will be fun.

I believe I can create this with the Source Engine.

This particular scenario was inspired by Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. And this can be basically summed as Idolm@ster meets Borderlands.

So yeah, these are just two of my crazy ideas involving Im@s.
I like to hear the community's thoughts on this, and if possible any advice or con crit.
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Re: TemhotaTech's Twisted Im@s Game Ideas
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2014, 02:49:21 am »
I actually really like these ideas, especially the later. I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories. First one looks really cool too, though.

Except you're a jerk for making me want this to actually happen.
Make this happen.