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Author Topic: Request Filling Profile - Setsuna - Updated May 2015  (Read 3810 times)


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Request Filling Profile - Setsuna - Updated May 2015
« on: May 16, 2014, 09:29:51 pm »
This is the permanent home stating the conditions which I will fill requests.

Read this if you want a request to be picked up by me.

Current roles: Designer - im@s: Live for you Compendium, im@s 2 Xbox 360/PS3 Compendium, im@s: One for All Compendium, Project Diva F 2nd Compendium.

Current request status:

For any OfA requests, please use this tool, and post in the correct forum. No other request forms or methods will be accepted.

For any im@s 2 requests, please use this tool, and post in the correct forum. No other request forms or methods will be accepted.

For any Project Diva F2nd requests, please use this tool, and either find the thread, or contact me directly. No other request methods will be accepted.

If you do choose to help out with the costs of the compendium or volunteer time to assist in its creation and maintenance, I will find some time to fill any requests you may have, as according to the schedule outlined later in this document (if donating) or by negotiation (For volunteer work).

Current items:

All items in the compendium are available for a request. The compendiums would not exist if I did not have the items to catalog them correctly.

Check the Compendium you wish to request from for specifics.

Request requirements:

- No request will be considered if they are not created using a compendium. I didn't go to all the trouble of designing and arranging deployment of the compendiums just so you can try take shots in the dark.

- No request will be considered if they are not posted in the correct thread for the games, unless you are intending to donate or have a prior agreement, in which case, I may directly field them.

Request filling schedule:


They will be picked up in 48 hours upon seeing payment and acknowledgement has been sent, and will be worked on at a pace of 5 a day until completed, with delivery provided a day after processing.

Special circumstances will be advised beforehand if the timeframe cannot be met.

If you donate and you have requests in the queue, I will track them and match them with the details given.

Costs if you wish to donate and get expedited:

- 2 US will expedite 1 request.

10% discount on the total if you wish to expedite 5-9 requests.
25% discount on the total if you wish to expedite 10-14 requests.
33% discount on the total if you wish to expedite 15 or more requests.

All donations are placed towards catalog purchases for compendium development, and consequently expanding availability of items.

Non donation requests:

General Queues:

Requests will be picked up as time allows. Any and ALL requests made will now have the file directly released - No Youtube videos will be uploaded, that will be the responsibility of the requester.

Once a request has been completed, a person who makes the request will be summarily ignored and skipped over until the requester (or someone who desires to do so on their behalf) uploads the video to a public domain for others to watch or proof that this cannot be done (eg Youtube copyright notice), and provides at the minimum the following in the video link:

- Name of video with song + members
- Short description with any notes
- The compendium code used to generate this request
- That the request was filled on the request thread by me and a link back to the project-im@s forum (
- A copyright acknowledgement that all material sourced from (The idolm@ster/The idolm@ster Live for you/The idolm@ster 2 X360/The idolm@ster 2 PS3/The idolm@ster: One for All, Pick the correct one!) and is property of NBGI, and the video is provided under fair use.

I also track how long people take to fill the conditions above.

If you fail to provide a link for other people to watch, without some sort of communication so we can sort things out, and you're beyond 60 days after the provision, I will not, short of either significant bribery or a very good explanation, entertain future requests from you.

Special request Queue:

Special request batches will be considered on a case by case basis, although it is strongly advised you talk to me about some sort of exchange (As I always require help with various tasks, and you will most likely be able to provide it) if you are unable to donate towards the cost of the catalogs directly.
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