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Author Topic: - Project Diva F 2nd request engine and thread.  (Read 1857 times)


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This is (Well, was since it's actually more or less complete) a side project that Crisu and I were working on, prior to the OfA Compendium.


Maka - Translation work for some accessories.
DeviantProtagonist - Image preparation.


So why did we make this, considering the OfA compendium was confirmed already?

It was a project proposed in preparation for it, actually. This is due to how OfA handles coordindates, and it was either that, or we worked on simulations without full knowledge of OfA's capablities prior to the game's release.

We could bore you with the technical details but it amounts to 'It was either that or we twiddled our thumbs for a month and be behind when OfA came out.'

Why release it and support it here?

Mostly because I can't think of somewhere else which would be a lot more suitable. My understanding of the Project Diva community is that it is very decentralized, which means there could be this massive cluster of a PD fanbase that would want this and are all in the one spot, and I wouldn't know about it.

Yes, I know there aren't that many PD fans here. Some people would think that's strange, but that's how it is for whatever reason.

In short? If you have suggestions for a place to collate requests, please let me know and I'll ask around at a new location.

That all being said: This is a dual thread, which where I will also carry out requests.

Request rules:

Don't spam the thread with requests - I'm only one person, and I don't know if we'll see many others support the format.

Requests get done when they get done - I'm not going to request a donation for its costs because there weren't any. This also means that unless you literally bribe me, I'll do requests as I find time to, usually when I'm not working on im@s compendium related stuff.

We may move to a more formal structure if/when other people decide to help out with the request filling, but for now it's just me, and you get what you pay for, particularly in this case.
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Congratulations on the release. I knew you could do it, Setsu-chaaaan~!

Sappiness aside, it feels quite good to help make this happen. Furthermore, it's great in hindsight to do a system for PDF2nd beforehand -- there's really no better way to oil the cogs in prep for OfA. Doing work for this pretty much feels like second nature for me, now.

Also, I just realized that you've been misspelling my name. Oh teh noes and such jazz~. D:
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Suddenly, bow-wow-wow~. :3