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Author Topic: One for All - Other Permitted Threads  (Read 4756 times)


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One for All - Other Permitted Threads
« on: May 15, 2014, 09:28:54 pm »
If you want to complain your request is being ignored, why not look at what you're asking and what you're offering in return... then think about the fact you're asking a person, not a robot?

You're free to be a jerk. All the request fillers are also free to ignore people like you too, if you choose to act that way. Your call.

Now that's out of the way...

The following are the threads that will be permitted to reside in this forum.

The main reason for this is simply one of scope - The forum is bigger than this thread, so you may want to go to a more appropriate location and post there.

1. Request Fillers can post their terms of filling requests as their own thread.

Some may do it for free, others may request something in exchange. Others will request all requests must be in a particular format, and some may note the items they have unlocked and/or own.

Others may announce they are not taking requests temporarily, others permanently.

For the convenience of those providing their time, they are free to open a thread where they can provide details they see necessary, then link it (via signature probably) for easy reference.

If you require me to lock any threads of this nature to prevent clutter, please PM me, and I will provide the service.

2. Video specific discussion. All discussion must relate to One for All.

im@s 2 video specific discussion has its own thread, at the im@s 2 requests forum. Keep it on topic thank you.

3. One for All video statistic discussion.

Same as 2 really.

4. One for All Compendium specific discussion.

Tech support issues can be asked here, as this is the support home of the compendium. However, only One for All's compendium will be supported here.

People not picking up your request is NOT a tech support issue with the compendium itself.

Thank you, and happy posting. Remember that the im@s forum has more than a video section, so join in the community!
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