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One for All General Request Restrictions - Read before requesting!

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This thread will update with information concerning any Youtube (or any other streaming service like nico) placing copyright restrictions which prevent a request from being viewed.

Anyone who fills requests is free to put in reports of combinations (song/idol is enough) which are fully blocked by Youtube.

Anyone reporting please note it MUST be One for All. Im@s 2 has its own restrictions, and we don't know how specific it gets.

Current known restrictions:

M@STERPIECE - Linked to the movie
Hana Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~ - Probably due to the CD single release.

A friend of mine got a copyright infringement on

華蕾夢ミル狂詩曲~魂ノ導~ (Hana Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~) by Kanzaki Ranko
Link here for the removed video itself, although you won't see anything.

What about "READY!!" and "CHANGE!!"? Are these songs restricted?


--- Quote from: liza94 on July 08, 2014, 02:12:20 pm ---What about "READY!!" and "CHANGE!!"? Are these songs restricted?

--- End quote ---

We don't know. I know that it let me do READY!! as I have put up a video recently.

Change? I wasn't aware that was ever put onto the list, but that might just be me.

confirmed for Ramune Iro Seishun

copyright muted.

sample video here:


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