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This is the thread for general requests for One for All.

Currently the Compendium is at 1.1.1 and can be found at

If you want to expand the compendium why not help cover the costs to develop the compendium further with additional catalogs?

Currently the rules are:

1. There is an upper limit of 3 requests outstanding per person.

2. Reposts are permitted 2 weeks after their first posting, unless you invoke rule 3 or 4.

3. Comply with any conditions of any request fillers, unless you want to withdraw a request. Just don't be surprised if no one else is inclined to pick up your request.

4. If a reason is cited for a request not being picked up, you will have to deal with the reasons before a repost is permitted. 
Sometimes it can be 'No one is available' or 'This request is outside what I can provide'.
Other times it may be 'There are certain conditions, and you must fill them first' or even 'You failed to complete the conditions previously, so I will decline to fill any requests from you'.

5. I strongly advise you behave like you expect people to treat you. If you don't, don't be surprised at the results.

Further rules and notes will be added and modified as we progress. Thank you for your attention.

Hello! :3

To start things off in light of the compendium's official release, I'd like to request videos with these coordinates. For my preference, please have said videos in Long Cam and with no subs.

GO MY WAY!! (St-13)
(1 Ritsuko EXT-12 Hd-035 Bd-021)
(2 Hibiki EXT-11 Bd-035 Lg-004)

Ippai Ippai (St-32)
(1 Chihaya EXT-15 Hd-015 Bd-009 Lg-040)
(2 Ritsuko EXT-15 Bd-009 Ar-035 Lg-003)

Many thanks in advance. Plus, you're awesome and stuff~. :3

Hello. Could someone do these requests for me?

DREAM (St-26)
(1 Chihaya LUX-03)
(2 Yukiho FLO-11)

Tonari ni... (St-26)
(1 Chihaya EXT-04)
(2 Yukiho EXT-09)

Futari no Kioku (St-26) [Simple]
(Chihaya Yukiho)
(EXT-10 Lg-007)

Thank you very much!

Setsuna hasn't been able to view the forum as of recent, citing router issues. However, I'm to give word that these requests are now done.

For liza94's: <- Futari no Kioku - Chihaya, Yukiho <- DREAM - Chihaya, Yukiho <- Tonari ni... - Chihaya, Yukiho

Now mine: <- Ippai Ippai - Chihaya, Ritsuko <- GO MY WAY!!! - Ritsuko, Hibiki

(1 Chihaya EXT-08 Hd-030 Bd-036 Ar-030 Lg-036)
(2 Azusa EXT-05 Hd-041 Bd-023 Ar-039 Lg-023)
(3 Makoto EXT-05 Hd-041 Bd-028 Ar-030 Lg-002)

Please & Thank you!


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