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Author Topic: Requesting the ability to refer people to Dropbox.  (Read 819 times)


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Requesting the ability to refer people to Dropbox.
« on: May 10, 2014, 02:48:53 am »
I'm working on a couple of projects. Those who know will know what the projects are.

To everyone else, I'm not declaring them just yet, only because I don't want to be nagged about the completion of at least one of them until the thing's ready. The people who are working on them would like to be able to complete them in their own time, until you start paying them $50/hr to complete it on our time.

Unfortunately, as part of the projects, we use dropbox, because the members need to see, and add to files at both ends.

I've unfortunately run out of space, so I have to request people who:

a)don't have a dropbox account
b) have an email address which isn't linked to one
c) haven't installed it on their computer

who'd want to install dropbox.

The reason for this is every successful referral run adds 500MB space to the account.

I'd need at least 10 people to PM me emails and run through the process so I have enough room for the projects in question. Without it, work slows down significantly.

Before you ask, yes, the upgrade will only happen after a successful install, and yes, it does a 30 day check and revokes if you install and run, and yes, it does an IP check too. (It'll allow you +1 before they get suspicious).

Thank you in advance, if you choose to help out.
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Re: Requesting the ability to refer people to Dropbox.
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2014, 03:36:24 am »
Looking through this more, I do have a spare computer at home, along with an alternate email address you can refer with. Once I'm done visiting my parents after Mother's day, I presume this whole process will go by smoothly on said, alternate computer? :3
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