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Uh.......  So we're going to get a mobage under the iDOLM@STER label about producing male idols.

Clear Blue:
Totally excited that this is finally happening. Any news about it?

I'm just wondering what took them so long to make this. I know quite a number of people were asking for a game like this for a while now.

Clear Blue:
When people searched it again...It was taken down for no reason. (Is this some sort of joke? 'Cause it's not funny.)

(Edit: This was originally to be revealed on Feb 23rd during the iM@S SSA Live. Oops, spoiled, I guess.)

Don't you just love when games are leaked onto online stores before they're announced? I think Sonic Adventure 2 on 360 and PS3 had the same dilemma. X)!


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