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Author Topic: Color Coding of "Yakusoku" Lyrics Table  (Read 1160 times)


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Color Coding of "Yakusoku" Lyrics Table
« on: October 28, 2012, 10:26:59 am »
The Yakusoku lyrics table is already a bit messy from the full version of the song and the insert version of the song. But now, since Yakusoku is in Shiny Festa, should the table be reformatted for the game version? My first thought was to leave it formatted for the anime because that's where the song originated, but all the other pages for anime songs that became game songs are formatted to the games. But I'm not sure about switching to game version either, since there's 3 distinct versions (the anime version having the 1st chorus twice. It's the only anime song that differs from its full version by adding parts, not taking them away). The game version has only this part:

nee me wo tojireba mieru
kimi no egao

Love for me sotto watashi wo
terasu hikari

kikoeteru yo kimi no sono koe ga
egao misete kagayaite ite to
itami wo itsuka yuuki he to
omoide wo ai ni kaete

arukou modorenu michi
utaou nakama to ima
inori wo hibikasu you ni
yakusoku suru yo yume wo kanaeru
Thank you for love

I dunno if it'd be better to reformat it for the game or to keep it the way it is. Or maybe make 2 tables? OTL Accommodating to all the different versions in one table would probably be too tricky and confusing. Maybe one table should be made for the anime version. And then another table for the bonus track 7-minute version by Chihaya color coded in game format, since the Shiny Festa uses this version. I'm probably overthinking the entire thing and making a big deal out of nothing, but eh. Ideas?


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Re: Color Coding of "Yakusoku" Lyrics Table
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2012, 10:35:33 pm »
I think you should drop the anime version and just put in the Game and Full version.