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Author Topic: Picup's Graphics + Fiction  (Read 1975 times)


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Picup's Graphics + Fiction
« on: August 17, 2009, 09:04:41 am »
Since I was way too lazy to finish my current dump, I just finished my im@s part.  I'll get to do the Persona 4 ones later but that's... later.

Anyways.  Just going to go ahead and share some of my works.  I'm not very good at the moment, but I'm learning 8D;~

I table most of my icons because I like tables.


Im@s x Persona 4

Idolm@ster: Ten

Also a couple of random ones, you'll notice their from fan art that has been posted here, I started these icons way before I joined project-im@s forums, so... I... liked the art >_>; etc.

I think the one with Im@s!Makoto and Xeno!Makoto is my favorite.

I have a couple of more videos in mind, so be prepared for cute chibiness some icons of those within this week or so (have to concentrate on piano exam ]: )


I also have a drabble idea in mind right now, this is what I wrote up last night:

Title: arrangements
Author/Artist: Picup/Picupzors
Pairing: None – just pure fluff (though if you use your imagination and squint really hard, you can… see pairings?  I don’t know.)
Fandom: The Idolm@ster
Rating: G, pure innocent fluff.  Fluff fluff fluff – that’s all I write actually…
Disclaimer: I do not own The Idolm@ster, yup.
Summary/Prologue for each drabble:
The idols (nor the producer actually) were not very familiar with performing concerts out of the city, and when the Producer does it for the first time, he screws up on room arrangements.  This leads to the idol group out of town, sharing one room, and one bed.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depends how you see it) they all… sleep differently.
Room Arrangements (each group count as their own drabble):

Yayoi, Iori, Ami, Mami
Ritsuko, Haruka, Miki, Yukiho
Azusa, Chihaya, Makoto


why I stopped, is because I was like... do the idols... do out of town concerts and stuff...?  Uh... yeah.  But if they don't, I'll figure out some where around that.  But I have an idea of how each drabble will go down, so I'm down pat on that.

let's just hope I get the personalities down right, I'm not so familiar with their 'ingame' personas compared to like their... Xenoglossia ones.  We'll see how it goes down once I start typing and posting.  The order of drabbles to come is most likely that order I wrote above.

I also have a couple of Xenoglossia drabbles in mind, and then a one-shot (short one-shot, I tend to write short >_>; ) for Makoto's birthday, but that won't be posted for another week!

(hope I type it up)


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Re: Picup's Graphics + Fiction
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2009, 08:03:15 am »
x__x finally, I got some time after my piano exam to sit down and type.

Anyways, here's the first (drabble thingy) of arrangements!~

feat. mostly Iori but Yayoi and the Futami twins play an important part as well.

(advanced apologies for killing everyone's character x___x; )


Iori did not like this at all – and it seemed she was the only one who complained constantly about it.  That damned Producer!  He claimed he tried really hard to get them all separate rooms – but no, she was stuck sleeping in the same room as Yayoi, Ami and Mami.

While he got his own room, what nerve…!

Of course she would not go with this arrangement, until got down on his knees, and begged her to stay (heck he even had a few tears in his eyes).  Her exhaustion and weariness of flying in that night made her cave into him as well.

Yayoi and the Futami twins were exhausted too (though, they didn’t show it as well, seeing that they were bouncing on the bed for ten minutes).  They were quick to fall asleep when they finally crawled into bed.  Iori, however, was not.

At first, Iori thought she would get the edge (which she wanted the most), but the Futami twins insisted on having each of one of them at the end – claiming that it’ll just feel like a big hug.  Iori had grumbled her reluctance, but the twins pretended not to hear and climbed into bed.

She felt… awkward.  She wasn’t use to the small bed, the cramped up space, being squished in the middle, having to fight with Ami over the blanket, and having Yayoi’s arm around her shoulders.

Definitely not use to all of this.

Iori was positioned in between Mami and Yayoi.  She was forced to sleep on her side as she cradled Usa-chan to her chest.  Mami faced Iori’s backside, and Mami unconsciously had wrapped her arms around Iori’s waist.  Her head leaned onto her back, cheek rubbing against the clothed skin during her sleep.

Iori inwardly sighed, and she would try to dig her head more into the pillow that she luckily had at her head, but then stop.  Yayoi’s arm would fidget a little as it felt movement from Iori’s head. 

Yayoi slept soundly on her back, her arms opened on both sides.  She was use to sleeping like that, since there were plenty of times that her and her siblings all slept in the same bed.  Yayoi also drooled a little, and muttered little phrases like ‘hamburgers’ and ‘hi-touch’.

Iori would tilt her head slightly up, to catch glimpse of what Ami would be doing.  If Ami wasn’t pulling the blanket all to herself, she had her arms wrapped around Yayoi liked how Mami had her arms wrapped around Iori.

Iori had also realized that there was another thing she was not use to.

The warmth that came from sharing a bed – which she almost didn’t need the blanket (though it was nice to have).  She wondered if that was a good thing – or a bad thing.

She sighed; all this thinking was making her head hurt.  She leaned her head back into the pillow, awkwardly curling it against Yayoi’s arm, and snuggled closer to the sleep-talking girl.

The next morning, Iori would make sure the Producer get them a separate room – but she wouldn’t admit that she didn’t mind sleeping with the other girls.


If I feel up to it, I'll type up the next one, but if Saturday comes first, then I'm going to do the birthday one-shot for Makoto~