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Radio song...
« on: June 11, 2012, 04:32:06 pm »
Hi guys... when a new radio station transmition come out and is posted on the idolm@ster web i normally hear it... sometimes the song they put are new or even they are from other singer... but sometimes i cannot understand the name... that why i star this new talk about those song...i was hearing the 150 .. today it was uploaded...and there is a song where miki yukiho and yayoi sings.. i really like it.. but i do not even know the name.. if somebody could tell me the name it would be awesome... i guess the song it is about moving on

edit :I recognize it.. they say it was from smoky thrill cd... when i listen the transmition like the 4th time.... it is chikutaku - 150 (1st song = donĀ“t know)(2nd song CHIKUTAKU) -151 (ONLY SONG Kyun Vampire Girl M@STER Preview)

151 - question - Do they say the date of the release of the master special 01 date?
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