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I always found these threads to be fun.  They somewhat give others the opportunity to learn small tidbits about your every day life, so post whatever you ever take with your camera here (that isn't horrible, disgusting, or tasteless, of course).  They can be pet photos (especially if you have any adorable cats :3 ), photos of things around your home town, photos of your room, photos of the absurd amount of figures you just bought from amiami, things like that.

Guess I'll start

Just got my car washed.  It's lookin' gooood~

Figures this year:

Figures last year:

Holy crap, I <3 that Dizzy figure.  ;D

The only pic I have on-hand is my current gaming set-up (I hook up my laptop to the TV via HDMI too sometimes, to play Steam games)



If given names, from left to right would be Takane, Makoto, and Chihaya.  Favorite guitar's Chihaya, the classical guitar.

Nice! I only got one (electric) guitar myself.

Named it Mitsuru. <3
I've been meaning to get a Bass guitar, but with all the money I spend on CAVE, Falcom, and Im@s, I probably won't be able to for a bit. :P


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