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Author Topic: Special ContentID matches - Request Thread Restrictions - Updated Dec 2012  (Read 6096 times)


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At the moment the list is short. This list is of requests that won't be taken on the general youtube request thread (At least until a reliable solution can be found for web work) due to the fact that it's odds on you won't actually get to SEE your request.

I also won't have the time to specify EVERY variation that won't work, and if you are a request filler and hit one that doesn't work, please let me know the setup and see if I can determine if it's a global lock or not.

Anything listed here will not be fielded due to Sony Columbia issues.

Due to this, if you REALLY want READY!! (Or any song/combination that ends up here) and will take reciept another way, these Requests will now be accepted at the MAD and Special Requests thread, as they are now designated special requests.

Restricted requests:

ALL stages/formations

- Nana Iro Button
ALL stages/formations

Nana Iro Button has been added to the list due to a block.
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