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Author Topic: Compendium Statistics - Item Differences between X360 and PS3 versions of im@s 2  (Read 6787 times)


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Final Update: Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 catalogs are now closed. This means this document is finally shut, with no further amendments, apart from some naming which I haven't got around to double checking.

There ARE differences between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 versions of idolm@ster 2. Since I had to design and implement the im@s compendium, I know exactly what the differences are.

If you want to make an informed decision (if for some unknown reason you haven't purchased the game yet) about which one you want, this will break it down in more detail than you'd ever care for.

Bear in mind you can now purchase idolm@ster 2 PS3 digitally for about 4000 yen, without needing to import a PS3, and you don't need to do any IP proxy work, unlike the Xbox 360's Games on Demand equivalent. This may make your decision about what game to pick up easier.

Well, to be fair, the PS3's new buying interface makes about as much sense as a two year old high on a triple espresso, so don't think it'd be that easy to buy the initial game.

To get the catalogs though, it's a lot easier - a quick tip is to use the interface within im@s 2. Yes, it opens the old one, which is so much easier to browse through.

Notes concerning the breakdown:

If it is listed as DLC, you must PURCHASE the exclusive, since it won't be on disc. If it is listed as initial, you will have to play the game and use the ingame currency to unlock the items, or in the Extra episode's case, finish the extra episode successfully for each character.

The item's code will also be included, meaning you can match them up with each other if you're curious.

Maybe when I feel like it I'll break down what must be purchased in the Xbox 360 version to make it mostly on par with the PS3 version. That's when I REALLY feel like it though...

Quick note in regards with the compendium:

The compendium includes the shopping icon, if you didn't notice. It was a deliberate design decision when I picked the pictures.

So what does this mean?

If you make a compendium request for the PS3 (Which is most likely), and there's a basket in it, it means (Barring the free PS3 DLC, which also carries the basket) you have to pay for it

If they can't fill a specific item, you could always be nice and offer to help the person you're asking to fill the request if you really want to see that request.

If you make a request from the Xbox 360 version, you will most likely be asking for something in the Xbox 360 exclusive list, and would already know if there are costs involved.

X360 exclusives:


-Strawberry NEO (X360 FLO-002) - Even though it looks similar to PS3's FLO-001, is actually different.

- Anywhere Art (X360 360 Bd-24)
- Pom Poms (X360 Ar-16)

Xbox 360 Exclusive DLC:


- Punkish Gothic (Xbox 360 EXT-020)

- Punkish Headdress (Xbox 360 Hd-035)
- Trump Electric Gituar (Xbox 360 Bd-035)
- Girls' Pump Bracelet (Xbox 360 Ar-036)
- Leather Garter Ring (Xbox 360 Lg-036)

PS3 Exclusives:


- Nana Iro Button


- The Wild Strawberry (PS3 FLO-001) - A PS3 exclusive recolour. Replaces Neo Strawberry
- Princess Melody (PS3 EXT-016) - Added in for the extra episode for RK.


- Ghost Puppet (PS3 Ar-20) - Replaced Pom-Poms
- Giant Winder (PS3 Bd-24) - Replaced 'Anywhere' Art

- Otohime-sama Extensions (PS3 Hd-025) - Added in for RK's extra episode
- Emblem of the Dragon (PS3 Bd-025) - Added in for RK's extra episode
- Seven Coloured Bracelet (PS3 Ar-025) - Added in for RK's extra episode
- Ryuuguu Friends (PS3 Lg-025) - Added in for RK's extra episode

Party based bursts, used by equipping a charm then activating the burst in game.

- RK Triple Burst - Added in for RK's extra episode

Extra modes:
- RK Extra Episodes - A series of mini 4 week campaigns for Ritsuko, Ami, Iori and Azusa. Must finish the game once to unlock.

Stage for You Additions:

Guest for You!
- Jupiter (Alice or Guilty, Koi wo Hajimeyou + default black and white costumes)

- Camera control additions
Improved stage controls, including direct switch to an idol, camera jump off/on and subtitles off/on

Stage improvements
Balloon Rogue (PS3 St-Q1), Balloon Blue(PS3 St-Q2), and Urban Square (PS3 St-Q6) now support Quintets.


This is unique to the PS3 - Certain items were provided as free catalog items. No requirements apart from having to download the catalog itself then downloading the unlock file for that item. Accessories were the only freebies ever given out, and you'll have to download something between 200-300MB for each catalog, so you have been warned.


- Sheep Horns (PS3 Hd-030) - PS3 DLC Catalog 1
- Fluffy Neck Wool (PS3 Bd-031) - PS3 DLC Catalog 2
- Wool Bangles (PS3 Ar-034) - PS3 DLC Catalog 3
- Wool Boot Covers (PS3 Lg-036) - PS3 DLC Catalog 4
- Girls' Day Headband (PS3 Hd-039) - PS3 DLC Catalog 5
- Squeezing Toro (PS3 Ar-039) - PS3 DLC Catalog 6
- Hyokotto Kuro (PS3 Lg-041) - PS3 DLC Catalog 7
- Graduation Hat (PS3 Hd-059) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- H.M.D (PS3 Hd-061) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- Seashell Hair Ornament (PS3 Hd-063) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18

PS3 Exclusive DLC:


- Furufuru Future - PS3 DLC Catalog 12
- Mahou wo Kakete - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Agent Yoru wo Yuku - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Watashi wa Idol - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Omoide wo Arigatou - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- 9:02pm - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- Positive! - PS3 DLC Catalog 18

Quintet support exclusives:

- Overmaster - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- L・O・B・M - PS3 DLC Catalog 9

Guest for You Extensions:
- Miku Original (PS3 DLC Catalog 1, requires purchase of Miku Extend EXT-019)
- Miku Append (PS3 DLC Catalog 4, requires purchase of Miku Append EXT-024)
- Ai  (PS3 DLC Catalog 3, requires purchase of 876 Pro★Cute Ai EXT-022)
- Eri  (PS3 DLC Catalog 5, requires purchase of 876 Pro★Cool Eri EXT-027)
- Ryo (PS3 DLC Catalog 7, requires purchase of 876 Pro★Cosmic Ryo EXT-030)

Note that you can give them additional costumes by purchasing extend costumes from other catalogs.

Additional Stages:
- Sweet Christmas, supports Quintets (PS3 St-35/ St- Q-08) - PS3 DLC Catalog 2
- UFO in Space, supports Quintets (PS3 St-036/ St- Q-09) - PS3 DLC Catalog 4
- Big Eternal Tree, supports Quintets (PS3 St-037/ St- Q-10) - PS3 DLC Catalog 6

Triple Burst Charm - Honeycomb? (PS3 DLC Catalog 2)
2 Other burst charms, which I don't have the translations of.



- Rainy Lily of the Valley (PS3 FLO-023)  - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Weeping Wisteria (PS3 FLO-025) - PS3 DLC Catalog 10
- Marine Check Statice (PS3 FLO-027) - PS3 DLC Catalog 12
- My Baby's Breath (PS3 FLO-029) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14


- Randomly Colored Beauty (PS3 LUX-023)  - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Burning Performer (PS3 LUX-025) - PS3 DLC Catalog 10
- Twinkle Spangle (PS3 LUX-027) - PS3 DLC Catalog 12
- Corduroy Country (PS3 LUX-029) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Million Dreams (PS3 LUX-031) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18


- Digital Space Craft (PS3 STA-023)  - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Stratos Butterfly (PS3 STA-025) - PS3 DLC Catalog 10
- Astral Messenger (PS3 STA-027) - PS3 DLC Catalog 12
- Circuit Architect (PS3 STA-029) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14


- Miku Original (PS3 EXT-019) - PS3 DLC Catalog 1
- 876 Pro★Cute Ai (PS3 EXT-022) - PS3 DLC Catalog 3
- Miku Append (PS3 EXT-023) - PS3 DLC Catalog 4
- 876 Pro★Cool Eri (PS3 EXT-027) - PS3 DLC Catalog 5
- 876 Pro★Cosmic Ryo (PS3 EXT-030) - PS3 DLC Catalog 7 
- Dressy Alice (PS3 EXT-031) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Cute Insect (PS3 EXT-032) - PS3 DLC Catalog 9
- 765 White School Swimsuit (PS3 EXT-036) - PS3 DLC Catalog 10
- Full Bloom Yukata (PS3 EXT-037) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Little Devil Swimsuit (PS3 EXT-038) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Halloween Tricker (PS3 EXT-040) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Starlight Agent (PS3 EXT-041) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Prima Concerto ♪ (PS3 EXT-042) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Cardigan Schooler (PS3 EXT-043) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- Traditional Maid (PS3 EXT-044) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- Bright Egret (PS3 EXT-045) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- Exotic China (PS3 EXT-046) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- POP Raindrop (PS3 EXT-047) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18 
- Grand Prix Queen (PS3 EXT-048) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18


- March Rabbit Ears (PS3 Hd-047) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Frill Headband (PS3 Hd-051) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Monster Bolt (PS3 Hd-054) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Night Hat (PS3 Hd-055) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Symphonic Earrings (PS3 Hd-057) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Headphones around Neck (PS3 Hd-058) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- White Pearl Earring (PS3 Hd-060) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17 
- Tiger Nekomimi (PS3 Hd-062) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18

- Wonderland Key (PS3 Bd-043) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Cat Bell Choker (PS3 Bd-048) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Wavering Ghost (PS3 Bd-050) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Feather Corsage (PS3 Bd-052) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Harmonic Brooch (PS3 Bd-053) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- 765 PRO Banner (PS3 Bd-054) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15 - You must Purchase ALL DLC for Catalog 15 for this one!
- Single-shouldered Backpack (PS3 Bd-055) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- White Pearl Necklace (PS3 Bd-056) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17 
- Tabby Tail (PS3 Bd-057) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18
- 765PRO Badge (PS3 Bd-058) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18 - You must Purchase ALL DLC for Catalog 18 for this one!

- Fairy Tale Flower Breath (PS3 Ar-044) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Water Balloon Yo-yo (PS3 Ar-050) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Gero Gero Puppet (PS3 Ar-052) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Dark ☆ Nails (PS3 Ar-053) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Melodic Ring (PS3 Ar-054) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Handy Megaphone (PS3 Ar-055) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- Angel Bangle (PS3 Ar-056) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16 - You must Purchase ALL DLC for Catalog 16 for this one!
- White Pearl Bangle (PS3 Ar-057) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17 
- Fluffy Wristband (PS3 Hd-058) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18


- Colorful Caterpillar (PS3 Lg-045) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Windmill Ankle (PS3 Lg-049) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Pumpkin Garter (PS3 Lg-052) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Girly Tattoo Seal (PS3 Lg-053) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Big Ribbon Anklet (PS3 Lg-054) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Mr. Bear Plushie (PS3 Lg-055) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- White Pearl Garter (PS3 Lg-056) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- 765PRO Company Slippers (PS3 Lg-057) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17  - You must Purchase ALL DLC for Catalog 17 for this one!
- Stuffed Mouse (PS3 Lg-058) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18
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