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Author Topic: im@s Compendium - User requester suggestions and reports  (Read 10769 times)


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Re: im@s Compendium - User requester suggestions and reports
« Reply #15 on: December 12, 2011, 01:50:12 am »
]That can written in as a note.
Can't you just steal the icons from the catalog PVs? They're a standardized size. Kami Summer!! wasn't there when I wrote my post earlier. Now it's there.

Here's the problem - the in game ones are a different size, and to make things more difficult, the PS3 and the X360 catalog icons are different sizes. (I did a comparison, and the PS3 one is slightly bigger than the X360, so I'm convinced they're just doing it to be funny or to make my life difficult. One of the two.)

Granted, I've been having problems with finding the time to massively crop and everyone I know has gone silent (Finals week in the US). I'll have to put out a help request, because there's a lot of work involved, and I'm sort of tied up as it is.
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Re: im@s Compendium - User requester suggestions and reports
« Reply #16 on: December 23, 2011, 01:52:55 am »
Costume previews are now available.  Please report any bugs or browser incompatibilies here.  :)

XBOX360 version is more complete.  There are a few PS3 ones missing (The Wild Strawberry, Princess Melody, Miku Original); we're aware of this~  If you have the capability of taking a screenshot, you can speed up the update process.  ;)  Thanks!

Thanks to TweenDoriru for capturing and cropping the images!  <3
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