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Author Topic: Idols and Colors.  (Read 2221 times)


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Idols and Colors.
« on: October 16, 2011, 10:46:13 pm »
Well, I know iM@S already here for years, and maybe many people already realized something about the idols and colors. Or... maybe not yet. Let me explain.

Haruka Amami: Red
Chihaya Kisaragi: Blue
. *Blah! Blah! Blah*

Well... recently, I researched something about the colors meaning. For example:

White: Innocence, Purity...
Blue: Stability, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence...
Red: Power, Vigor, Courage, Self Confidence...
Green: Nature, Harmony, Fertility, Money...
Black: Mystery, Silence, Infinity...
Well... it's incomplete, but...
What you think? The color theme of each idol interferes in something? Like... personality? Or... it's just coincidence?


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Re: Idols and Colors.
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2011, 11:07:57 pm »
Of course, white is purity. Yukiho can be so helpless and all, but that heart of hers is something you'd want to protect, don't you think?
Blue is kind of self-explanatory. Serenity, calmness, confidence, serious, blah; Chihaya all right.
I can see the red in Haruka: always trying to be self-confident even through her slip-ups. Though usually tsunderes usually fit this color. Evil Haruka, show yourself more!
Miki seems balanced in herself. And her flirtations with Producer, along with being a boy magnet, is rather obvious towards fertility. Ritsuko, if we include other types of green, is a money maker :P.
I kind of don't see such traits of black in Makoto; maybe her dilemma about her gender might add to the mysterious part of the color.

Just going off of what you listed. xP
I'll wait for others to contribute to the other colors because I can't think of labels traits for them
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Re: Idols and Colors.
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2011, 09:09:57 am »
Well, come to think of it, I have the other idols with their symbolizing colors and its meanings:

Hibiki: Her color, light blue (or Cerulean) evokes feelings of peace and confidence.
Yayoi: Orange is symbolize as flamboyant and energetic motives. This is what happens when she has a 200% genki. It can also be represents determination, compassion and endurance.
Ami and Mami: Yellow is their color and symbolizes their fun, optimism, imagination and of course, their hope and happiness.
Iori: Not much to know that pink is also represents sugar and spice and everything nice in US cultures, and it can also symbolizes her beauty, cuteness and more importantly, glamour.
Azusa: I knew it. Her image color symbolizes royalty, nobility, friendship (due to her friendship with the idols) and wisdom.
Takane: The only meaning of her image color, Carmine, symbolizes change.
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Re: Idols and Colors.
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2011, 10:59:10 pm »
Just going off of what you listed. xP
I'll wait for others to contribute to the other colors because I can't think of labels traits for them

Sorry about that. I used that just for a little example. But... I put more details later. It's almost time to go out. And... I read a bit more and I can say. It's kinda funny.

Anyway... I read that in Japan, the red means sub leadership. Maybe that explain why Super Sentais have the red member as the leader. Oh yeah, and there's more. Ikenie no Yoru, Power Rangers...
And well... in case, Haruka really have a "leader" profile.

Evil Haruka, show yourself more!

Cursed Haruka, cursed Haruka. Lalalala~


Y-yeah. Same thing here (Brazil). o_o
Except for Carmine. I couldn't find that 'cause... I didn't even know what carmine/carmin is.


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Re: Idols and Colors.
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2011, 08:48:42 pm »
Sorry for the double post and for my lateness to bring the details, but... finally, I finished in translating some texts. And I was busy with some things...


The Red represents power, it's the color that associate vitality and ambition.
The Red contributes in self confidence, courage and optimistic attitude.
It's a color that have its negative aspect, and may express rage. If we're surrounded with much red,
it can make us angry, impatient and nonconformist.


The Blue is a fresh color, peaceful, that associates with the most intellectual part of the mind, as well as yellow.

Blue represents the night.

The navy-blue make us feel relaxed and calm, like the huge and dark sea during a night.

The light blue and the sky blue/azure make us feel calm and protected of all the fuss of the day's activities.

The dark blue from the midnight acts like a strong sedative on the mind,
 allowing us to connect with our female and intuitive part. But, too dark blue can produce

The blue help to control the mind, to have a clear thought and to be creative.


The Orange is a cheerful color.

That color releases negatives emotions, make us feel less insecure, less painful, more
comprehensible about the others defects and contributes the will to forgive.

The Orange estimulates the mind, renew the faith in life and is the perfect antidepressant.
It is ideal to spirit.

Yellow (I didn't changed the color for blindness)

The Yellow is a color that contributes to Happiness. Is a shiny color, happy, that
symbolizes luxe - like being in party every day.

It associates with the intellectual part of the mind and the expression of our thoughts

Therefore, it is the power to discern and discriminate, the memories and the clear ideas,
the power of decision and ability to judge.

Also helps to organize us, assimilate the innovative ideas, and contribute to
see and understand different points of view.

In the negative side, this color can contribute to fear of centain things.


The Green have a strong affinity with the nature and conect us with her,empathizing
woth the others finding the fair words.

It's the color that create us a feeling of comfort and relaxing, of calm and inner peace,
that make us feel balanced inside.

The Dark Green represents the principle of death and it's indescribable. It's the
denial to life and happiness.

The Lime may have prejudicial effect, as emotionally as physically.


The White represents the purity.

It is the most protective color, contribute the peace and comfort, relieve the feeling of despair
and emotional shock, help to clean the emotions, thoughts and spirit.

If you need time and space in your life because you feel pressed, the White is a color that
can give a feeling of freedom to forget de pressure.

Too white, when it's not necessary, can give a feeling of solitude and cold, because the
target separate us from the other people.


The Purple sends a sensation of prosperity, nobility and respect. It is equivalente to
mystic and reflexive thought. The deep mystery that color evoke may progress
sadness and melancoly feelings if live too much with purple.

Purple means spirituality, then it's a color that symbolizes the metaphysical world.
It's the color of alchemy and magic. It's seen like a cosmic energy and spiritual inspiration color.

Purple means respect, dignity, devotion, spirituality, purifying, transformation, honesty...


The Black it's the protection and mystery color.

It's related to silence, infinity and feminine passive force.

When shiny, gives nobility, distinction, elegance, manliness...


That's it. Well, I didn't found much about carmine. I just found that means something about "Approach and meeting". But... it's seen that many things about the colors hits with the idols personality. Coincidence?