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Author Topic: Which idol or idols are you most like?  (Read 7891 times)


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Re: Which idol or idols are you most like?
« Reply #45 on: April 10, 2014, 06:06:59 pm »
Guess who feels like ranting about her friends? :D THIS GIRL! ;D
(Seriously though, this is gonna be really long and most of you probably won't even read it. That's alrighty-tighty. Just needed to rant about friendship today.)

But anyways, my sister (Jo) and I have met at least one person who is like the real life version of an iM@S girl.

My parents are Producer and Ritsuko. REAL-LIFE SHIPS! But seriously, my dad's like a "do your best, guys" kinda dude, and he looked A LOT like Producer in his twenties too. Glasses and all. And he can be a real jerk sometimes, but he usually just likes to joke around and keep spirits high.
My mom is really strict, but she definitely loves us, and while she can be really uptight for the most part, we have lots of fond memories of our mom just joking around and being a weirdo. So she's the Demon Mom, but she's a nice Demon Mom, like the kind-hearted Demon General we all know and love as Ricchan.

Jo and I are Hibiki and Makoto. No joke. Our relationship is exactly like theirs too. Like, this is a typical conversation between us:
Me: Hey, I hate you.
Jo: I hate you too.
*we hug each other*
Jo: Seriously, go away, I hate you.
Jo: *makes a heart at me with her hands*
Me: *makes a heart back and walks away*
So. We hate each other, but we're really, like, best friends.
Jo loves animals like Hibiki, she's a bit of a jerk like Hibiki, she can be kinda arrogant like Hibiki, and she can be really gullible and dumb like Hibiki, but overall she's a great friend and she's loads of fun. ;D

My best friends, Blake and Jillian, are Haruka and Mami respectively. So when Nammassuka Special 04 came out and it was Makoto, Haruka, and Mami, we were like, "THIS IS DESTINY."
Blake is a total klutz, without a doubt. She's almost always smiling and optimistic like Haruka, and she's a really lovable girl. But she does have her moments where we're convinced she's evil, so...Dark Haruka, anyone?
Also, Blake is literally like, in love with Touma. More real life ships...?
Jillian is a bit of a pervert, and she's totally insane, but she's definitely the more mature of our Ami and Mami. She likes making fun of us, but we all know she's just kidding.

Ryo used to be a kid in our class everyone was convinced I had a crush on (REAL LIFE OTP HNNG), but then we realized he was insane, so now it's a girl I know. And she's adorable. She's really quiet, but she's very mature for her age, and she's real innocent and a total cutie. Of course, she does have her moments where she gets a little crazy, but...hey, don't we all? ;D
'Course, now my real life OTP has been crushed, but...

We also had this guy in our class who I swear was Hokuto incarnate. He was a gentleman, you know? He was a sweet guy. We all liked him. But he was definitely a total flirt.
I swear (and my friends agree) that he tried to flirt with me once. And I was just like "...:I?" because I'm stupid. :3
So Hokuto flirting with Makoto? MORE REAL LIFE SHIPS.

Friendship ranting is over. Enjoy your day.
(I was bored and felt like friendship ranting, and since they're literally real-life iM@S, I figured here would be the best place to do it.)



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Re: Which idol or idols are you most like?
« Reply #46 on: April 10, 2014, 09:20:21 pm »
The idols I like most (Ritsuko, Takane, Iori, Chihaya) are my favorites because, to some extent, I can relate to them, though of course, in different ways for each.
I find myself similar to Ritsuko because of her general work ethic and her views toward it (I'm known to be a very hard worker, maybe overly so, when given a task I'm interested in), and the fact that, from most of my groups of friends I've had, I'm known to be the beacon of sanity (much like she's been portrayed in some of the incarnations).
Iori is because I can understand her motivations of wanting to do things her own way (it's been a goal for much of my life as well), and I have been described as a tsundere by some friends, and cold and snobbish/looking down upon others by some other people not so close.
Chihaya is for... pretty similar reasons to Ritsuko and Iori, really (especially since, while the motivations may be similar to the above two, they tend to come out more like Chihaya's portrayal/traits, especially a difficulty with positive emoting). I can also empathize with her feelings of loss, and her past/backstory in general.
Takane is because, when relaxed (this is... pretty rare for me, put lightly), I can come off as eccentric and more than a little weird. I also don't enjoy being alone, have a fondness for nighttime/the night sky (though I know hers is specifically moon-related, I believe this relates some), [spoiler]and tend to take things on all by my lonesome, which... does not always end well.[/spoiler] I tend to talk a lot more formally than a lot of other people I know, at least where the internet's concerned - people tell me I don't need to be so formal, but it's just how I am.
I've been generally noted to be strongly determined (though not in an optimist's way, unlike Haruka and Yayoi), which I've noticed are traits that most of these above characters have in spades (maybe not so much Takane, but the other three, definitely).

Appearance? Well, I'm not similar in build to any of the characters (losing weight isn't an easy thing, but I'm not even near Azusa). However, my typical hairstyle is pretty near-exact to A-Mami Futami's from Episode 15 with less ribbons (image here).