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Re: Im@s-EG
« Reply #15 on: April 02, 2010, 03:19:15 am »
But this story doesn't even take place in Japan. This is a whole new set of idols. How could Kuroi possibly stick his nose into ... Hmmm ... No, That would kind of make him seem like a saturday morning cartoon bad guy. I'll give a Kuroi cameo some thought, although the likely-hood is that it won't happen until after the big 765 624 joint live concert.
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Re: Im@s-EG
« Reply #16 on: April 02, 2010, 06:03:27 am »
Glad to see you writing again. I've been wanting to find out what happens next for quite some time.

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Re: Im@s-EG
« Reply #17 on: April 02, 2010, 06:29:04 am »
Things have been a bit rough for me lately. It's not that I don't want to write, it's just that I've been physically unable. I've managed to clear most of those problems, so now I'm more free to write again.

*EDIT* If you're interested in my writing, Here is one of my latest to tide you over until Im@s-EG gets updated
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Re: Im@s-EG
« Reply #18 on: July 26, 2011, 05:17:13 am »
Yahoo! guess who is back. I'm back and have resumed work on Imas EG. I come bearing gifts. Please enjoy the latest chapter of Im@s EG. Meet the first of my idols, Heather Allens.

   I had the most wonderful dream this morning. I was back at the concert I saw on my trip to Japan. It was fantastic. The roar of the crowd was just as I remember it. Then Haruka Amami stepped on stage and everyone went wild. Then the strangest thing happened. All of a sudden, Haruka pointed at me. She called me up to the stage She handed me a microphone, and we started to sing and dance together. What a dream! I want to write more about it, but Mom is calling me down for beakfast.
   I have Some time before class starts, so I can finish what I started this morning. I've been thinking about that dream all morning. It was about a year ago that I went to Japan to see that concert. I have to admit, I was really impressed when I saw that performance. Haruka was no older than I was and she was up on stage performing for a big crowd. I kind of wish I could be like her. She makes so many people happy with her voice. I wish I could do that too. Too bad I couldn't sign up with 765 Productions. That is what I thought. A couple of months ago. I found out 765 productions were searching for overseas idols. Naturally I couldn't help but to put in an application. But what are the odds of them choosing a bland girl like me to be an idol? Oh well. A girl can dream. Class is starting. I'll continue later.
   Classes were boring as usual, with the exception of music class. There aren't any extracurriculars to day, so I decided to spend some time in the park. I love it here.  I can get some of the best materials for my scrapbook here. Plus, I can sing here freely without worrying about bothering people. It is the perfect place to practice.
   That felt great.  I actually managed to make someone happy with my voice. At least I can cheer up children. Maybe I can
   The producer arrived at the park. He was feeling quite good after meeting with Heather's mother. The woman was very welcoming. Although she was shocked to hear that her daughter had been selected to become an idol. The producer left after spending some time socializing. He had decided to take a quick walk through the park before resuming his search. “It's nice that I got the mother's approval, but why do I feel like I just asked for a marriage proposal?” He continued to walk through the park as he looked over the photos of the girls. “I'm not really much of a producer without someone to produce.”
   The producer came to the center of the park and took a seat on a bench overlooking the central fountain. He pulled one of the photos and looked it over. “Heather Allens. She has a gentle smile; and, from what her mother said, she is a very reliable girl.” He smiled as put the photo away. “I can't wait to meet her.” He stretched a bit and got to his feet. “Although, I've got to find her first.”
   He was about to leave when the sound of a baby crying caught his attention. He watched as the mother tried desperately to calm her baby. He was about to leave when he saw a young blonde girl approach the mother. She offered to help calm the child, and the mother readily accepted. She crouched down to the baby's stroller. She smiled as she started to sing to the baby.

motto tooku e oyoide mitai
hikari michiru shiroi AIRANDO
zutto ningyou ni natte itai no
natsu ni ima diving
Dream yume nara samenaide
SUPANKO-RU no namima de hasyagu futari
maru de taiyou ga yakimochi o yaiteru mitai ne
HA-TO mo kogete shimaisou yo
nee, iikaketa kotoba kiite mitai
kyun to kyun to amai yokan
oikakete nigeru furi o shite
sotto moguru watashi MA-MEIDO
tsukamaete "suki da yo" to itte hoshii
atsui eien no ima kitto kitto mirai ga hajimaru

   By the time the song was over, the young child was giggling and clapping as if he wanted an encore. The mother thanked the girl and left. He saw the hairband in her hair with a ribbon on the left-hand side. “That must be her.” He walked up to the girl as she was writing in a small pink book.

[That felt great.  I actually managed to make someone happy with my voice. At least I can cheer up children. Maybe I can . . . ]

[Make a living out of it?]

Heather was startled by the sudden intrusion of the producer.

[I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. You have a pretty good voice.]

[Thank you. I didn't think anyone else was listening.]

[It was very good though. You must practice a lot to sing so well.]

Heather smiled.
[Yeah! I do. I've been practicing ever since I saw an idol concert in Japan.]

[It is a lot of hard work being an idol]

[I know, but I would still love to be one if I could get the chance. They make so many people happy using their voices. My voice is pretty much the only thing I have any real control over, so I would love to be able to use it to make people smile.]

[Is that why you applied to 765 productions when they started their global idol drive?]

[ Yes it is! . . .Wait . . . How do you know that I? *Gasp* You couldn’t be!]

[You guessed it. I'm your new producer.]

[I made the cut? I'm going to make my debut as an idol?!]

[That is the basic plan.]

Heather starts to cheer. Her joy is overwhelming.
[Thank you so much, Mr. Producer.]

The producer handed her a business card.
[Come to the agency later. You'll get to meet your fellow idols and our president.]

[I will, for sure! Thank you so much, Mr. Produ-AUUUGH!]
As Heather started off for home for home to tell her mother the good news, she tripped and fell flat on her face.
[Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.]

[Are you okay Ms Allens?]

[Yeah, I'm okay. It's just my shoelaces. No matter how tight I tie them, they always come undone and I trip on them.]

[Be careful now. I don't want to see my newest idol getting hurt before she makes her big debut.]

[I'll be careful. Good bye, Mr. Producer. I'll see you later.]

[Good bye!]
The producer smiled as he waved good bye to his first idol. He still had eight more to find, but after this meeting, he had a very good feeling that this would be his biggest success.
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Re: Im@s-EG
« Reply #19 on: July 29, 2011, 02:57:26 am »
New chapter and a new Idol

Meet Aurora Ortiz

The producer walked through the park, invigorated from his meeting with Heather. He pulled one of the photos of the new idols and looked it over. “Aurora Ortiz. She has a pretty healthy look. Now I just have to find her.” As he was walking out of the park, the producer came across a small greenhouse. “That's a nice looking greenhouse.” He looked at his watch and again at the greenhouse. “I guess I have a minute or two to spare.”
   The inside of the greenhouse was lined with rows of flowers of all sizes and colors. Every last blossom was the picture of health. He was about to leave when he caught sight of a young Latina girl. Her dark curly hair was tied up in a ponytail. He watched her as she was tending to the flowers.

[La la la la la~ Drink up, sweeties.]
She seemed to dance as she moved from flower to flower.
[You are all looking so beautiful today. Don't you worry.~ I'll take  care of each and every one of you.]

[Those flowers really do look beautiful.]

The girl spun around, her face blushing a deep red.
[I'm s-sorry. I d-didn't think anyone else was here. . . I'm so embarrassed.]

[Why are you embarrassed.]

[I didn't want anyone to see me like this. I always act so silly in here.]

The producer smiled gently at her.
[You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You didn't look silly at all.]


[You really like these flowers right? They make you happy. It's nothing to be embarrassed about.]


[Without a doubt.]

Aurora squealed with delight.
[Thank you.]

[Don't mention it. Did you plant this bed? They all look very well cared for.]

[Actually, I planted all of the flowers. This is my own private garden!]

[Wow! That is incredible!]

{Technically, it is a public greenhouse, but no one else ever comes here to take care of the flowers. So I ended up raising everything her.]

[You are really impressive, Ms. Ortiz.]

[I'm not that special. . . Um, have we met?]

The producer chuckled a little.
[No. This is our first time meeting. Although, I have been looking for you.]

[What do you need?]

[You like to dance, right?]

[I love it! I love it just as much as I love these flowers!]

[That is good to hear. Have you ever danced on stage?]

Aurora looked down a bit dejectedly.
[Not really. I wanted to though. I even applied to a talent agency.]

[Yeah. 765 Productions received a fair number of applications when they started their global idol drive. Do you think you have a shot?]

[Of course I do! I'm the best dancer in my whole family and my whole school! I would go straight to the top, if only I could get a chance!]

[That is a great attitude to have. I think you will do just fine.]

[What are you saying?]

[What I'm saying is that it is time for you to make your debut. I'm your producer.]

Aurora stared for a moment as the thought sank in.

[It's true. You are now a rookie idol.]

]This . . . This . . . This is just too much. I can't believe I'm really going to be an idol.]

[It is incredible.]
He handed Aurora a business card.
[Stop by the office later, after you finish taking care of the flowers here. You'll probably want to meet your fellow idols.]

[I will. I won't let you down, Producer]
She returns to tending the flowers.
[Okay, sweeties. It's time to celebrate. I'm breaking out the special fertilizer for you tonight.]

   The producer left the greenhouse with a strong smile and a feeling of contentment. The joy Aurora felt closely mirrored his own. “I really am glad I got into this business.” He left the park to find the third girl whose life would soon be changed.
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Re: Im@s-EG
« Reply #20 on: August 23, 2011, 04:47:52 am »
The next Idol is here. Say hello to Chrissie Fraser.

   The producer had left the park. His spirits were high after meeting two of the girls he would be producing. “This could be easier than I thought. I hope all the girls are as nice as the first two.” He walked back to his car, wondering why he had to park six blocks away from the park.

   As he was walking, he passed buy a small auto shop. Inside he saw an old GTO inside.
[Wow. You don't see a classic looking like that very often.]

[Hey! Could you lend me hand me a hand real quick and pass me that wrench?] The producer complied and passed a wrench to the girl under the car.
[Thanks. Hold on a second. I'll be right out.] The girl who emerged had a very strong and healthy look about her. She removed he grease stained glove to shake the producer's hand.
[Thanks for the help. I think it's about time to replace that axle.]

[Glad to help. Is this car here yours?]

[No. Not yet at least. My old man said it's mine once I get my license. Until then, I can tinker with it all I want.]

[That sounds like fun.] The producer was about to turn to leave when he recognized who he was talking to.
[You wouldn't be Chrissie Fraser, would you?]

   Chrissie began to blush as she was addressed by her full name.
[J-Just call me Chris. Everyone else does.]

[Okay, Chris.]

[T-Thanks. Anyway, what do you want?]

[I've been looking for you, Chris.]

[Do you need my services or something?]

[I guess you could say that.]

[Well you've come to the right place. I may be a bit young, but I can guarantee that there is no oter mechanic in miles that can touch my skills or my prices.]

[No! That's not it. I don't need any car work. Ha. Ha. Ha.]

[What's so funny?] She seemed agitated at the producer's laughter.

[It's just that I'm surprised. You are a lot stronger than I expected. Your audition photo doesn't do you justice.]

[Is that supposed to be some kind of crack about my femininity!?] The producer was caught off guard by the sudden outburst.
[Are you saying that just because I like to work on cars, I can't be feminine? You want to make fun of the little grease monkey girl? I can be just as feminine as any of those other little princesses! Why I should just . . . audition photo?]

   The producer stood up after tripping over a nearby tire while retreating from Chrissie's outburst.
[Y-Yes, your audition photo. You did send in an audition to the 765 global idol drive, didn't you?]

[Yes I did, but why would you know about that?]

[Take a guess.] The producer smiled as he regained his composure.

   Chrissie took a moment to think on her answer.
[Let's see . . . Hmm . . . It couldn't be . . . I-I've been selected to be an idol?]

[That's correct. I'm your new producer. It's time for you to make your debut.]

   Chrissie raised her hands in an attempt to cover her blushing face.
[I can't believe this is happening! I know I wanted to do this, but I never thought I would actually get picked! This is like a dream! Girls like me don't get to become idols.]

[It is true though. Starting today, you are an idol. I'm confident you will be a splendid one too.] He gave her a business card.
[Come by the office later. There will be a meeting. You can also meet your fellow idols there as well.]

[Okay! Thank you soo much, Mr. Producer.]

[I'm glad to help. I'll see you back at the office.]

   The producer wave goodbye as he resumed his trek back to his car. “That was scary,” he thought to himself, “But she did end up being pretty cute. I wonder why she got so worked up when I started laughing?” He thought about it for a few seconds. “I guess I'll find out eventually. After all, she is an idol and I am her producer. We are partners and it is my job to be of help to her any way I can.”
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