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On tomorrow (July 2nd), the forum may be unavailable for some time due to maintenance and a big update. Once the update is done, the forum will have its theme reset until further notice and some features (like the inline spoiler tag, Search within topic and Tapatalk compatibility I silently added) will be temporarily missing because of incompatibility with the new update.

No database data (forums, posts, private messages, etc) should will be lost in the process.

Thank you for your understanding.

On another matter, we've also recently been through some DNS issues, which should be settled by now.

Changed maximum signature image size to 800x100.
This will smite all signatures which don't respect the new size, so you may have to set your own signature again if you had a relevant one.

Theme update.

Tapatalk was updated today for the forum. If you ever feel like going mobile, you should now be able to use it without it being buggy.

Happy new year to everybody!

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