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Author Topic: The idolm@ster - Live for You Compendium  (Read 4296 times)


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The idolm@ster - Live for You Compendium
« on: June 02, 2011, 08:17:03 am »
If you ever wondered how the im@s 2 compendium ever got constructed relatively quickly, well, let's put it this way - It's not the first time I've done this, and I learnt from my mistakes here first, back in 2009.

Current version:

Catalog 17, Version 1.01

(This is also the last version, unless someone would like to tell me what items I need to buy to get the ???? that are still outstanding)

Okay, I stand corrected - there's always an improvement to be made. I still need to figure out the missing ????s but song names have been changed back to the transliterated Japanese names.

Please note!
The compendium is a compressed file using the rar format, and needs to be uncompressed prior so you can access the folders inside for use. (Namely, decompress the folders to a folder on your hard drive before use.)

It is ALSO in TWO PARTS. You'll need both.

You will need to pick up a program to decompress rar files. There's a few available, I'll link one of each to start. There's others out there, just search for them.

Windows: Winrar  -

Mac OSX - UnrarX -, or you could try the Winrar beta.

... if you're using any other OS and need to ask this question, I'll clip you over the ear on principle. You should know better.

SPECIAL NOTE for im@s Live for You OWNERS filling requests codified:

You can cheat by counting the number from left to right,  (First item is 1, next is item 2, next is item 3) and going down to the next row to get 5, 6, 7, and so on.

For the Costume, you count the first code from left to right (01 is Cute and Girly, 02 is Cool and Sexy, 03 is Cosmic and Funny, 04 is Extend) and go from there.

If you end up counting and you hit a ??? - It means either you don't have the DLC item, or more likely, you're looking at a REALLY high number, and things got a bit wonky at that point. I'd check the compendium just to be sure (although for that to happen, you'd need to be at like 60+ for most, and at 80+ for the head accessory)

Stages are self explanitory really.

Current features:
- Costume preview for all items (Barring any I couldn't unlock)
- Song setup layout.
- Stage preview.
- Lyric layout
- Vocal and camera controls explained.

Read the Readme files, I guess but for a quick and dirty look:


Song Name
Char 1, Char 2, Char 3
Costume:    (Costume Catergory number) - (Costume Number)
Accessories:    (Part Catergory): (Part Number)
Stage: (Stage Number)
Additional notes:


Song - Char 1, Char 2, Char 3 (C sub#-item#) (A Hd-item# Bd-item# Ar-item# Lg-item#) (St stage#)
(Additional notes)

Use the compendium to fill in the numbers and the spots.

Note there's no such thing as im@s 2 notation for Live for you. They are always set Leader, Left, Right. (Well, you'd THINK that one'd be obvious but...)

Also please note in im@s Live for You that you CAN turn off all subtitles. Just to save some time, please remember to note if subtitles are to be left on, or to be taken off.

I never could figure out what I needed to purchase to get the missing items, although filling it would be low priority. If you know what they are, I'll attempt to fill them out through donations, well if I ever get any. :P

If you wish to request using this, see this thread:,1315.0.html
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