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Just wondering if anyone can point me (and anyone who wants to help with this) towards some things like CD covers, track lists (DRAMAS ESPECIALLY) and kanji lyrics?
Any other resources that'll help us fill the wiki are most welcome here, too

The first two should be easy to find, e.g.

Maybe you can do a reverse image search on the small cover pictures there to find larger versions (

For kanji lyrics and anything in the jacket/booklet you need to get a good torrent/Perfect Dark hit. Probably the hardest part of that being remembering where you got it in the first place so you don't download the same thing again.

Here's a link to the CD list on BanNam's site.

Yeah, but the problem with that is they don't list many of the dramas.
Well, some.. But not very many, which is what we need most right now in the wiki. So far, all I could find were bid links on drama cds with the track list. And even THAT doesn't guarantee much...

If you know the title, you can get the tracklist from Amazon Japan.

And if you search for アイドルマスター there, you will probably find every iM@S CD ever released in stores.


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