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Compassionate Sadist:
→ Restless. :/

School projects & other issues keeping me awake. So, how are you feeling? /awkward OP is awkward

Clear Blue:
Great! :D

All these iM@S PVs and MVs from NicoNicoDouga are making me pretty happy right now. My Easter holiday just started and I'm doing my Easter holiday homework, writing an iM@S fic, doing a little 961Pro PV of my own.

Kinda... stress.
A little more than average of homework, but the questions are very hard to find the method to solve it. Then... I'm lazy... "LET'S DITCH THE HOMEWORK AND GET MORE REST!!!" mood... :\

Happy for at least nothing.
Yeah, it's true. Doing something good changes your mood in a positive thing.
First of all, I gaved some Tf2 items to a friend, why? Because he doesn't play TF2 much, and I'd wanted to help him.
First good thing
I've renamed two items in my backpack
First one (which is related to its content)
Second one (it's completely unrelated, but I had to waste a set of tags)
Third thing, I helped a friend to win 250 duels.

And... Yay! 3 days remaining to my birthday, I can't sleep. :<

Sick and disappoint...

I'm kinda used to be sick but, because of this, I can't finish the lineart of my Miki's drawning...


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