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Buying stuff from Japan and having it work right

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Mandarake ship internationally, almost entirely doujinshi though.

Sanger _somvold:

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It's not true. it's true.


I recommend The Japanese Bookstore Website that can do international shipping. - EMS only

Cael K.:
Thanks guys. I'll assume you guys've used them. And sorry for the mislink, that was off the top of my head. ^^;

Anyone else have any experiences with shopping for stuff, please tell!

I imported both Master Special Winter and Spring from cdjapan. Pretty reliable, and much more reliable from playasia at that: they deliver the goods right to my doorstep.

That's saying something, because I live in a dorm: they actually knocked my room's door, while playasia's system requires me to go fetch the item at the post office myself (I imported Best of 765 + 876 = !! and Okami Greatest Hits edition from it, and they f*cked my Best of 765: the case cracked while inside the box)

Although that might be because playasia offers free shipping within Indonesia (and the bastards at the post office could be simply too lazy to work right). Free things cost more I guess

Both of them ship items pretty quickly: ETA 2 weeks after purchase, ranging from 9 days to 13 days. And yes, playasia's item ship at the same speed as cdjapan's. Remember, this is for Indonesia region

Electricity part:

If you want to use a step up/ down converter, get one that handles at least 300 watt or get a power brick for the same model as the one you have. A used power brick shouldn't be too expensive seeing as how many people sell of their useless stuff as spare parts after a RROD.

Taking stuff back:
Don't bring loli ero doujinshi's with you :|

EMS is fast, but from my experience it tends to get intercepted by customs a lot(95% of the time in my case) and you're pretty much guaranteed to pay for bureaucratical nonsense (20% of the value +20 in my country).
SAL takes almost the same time as an EMS parcel that got intercepted and it's cheaper and I've never had to pay for customs nonsense.
Remember: consumers choose EMS because they think it's fast, customs think you chose EMS because they think the thing you're getting is expensive.


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