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I just moved THE iDOLM@STER (song) to THE IDOLM@STER (song).
Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist but, truth be told, I find this worrying...

Now of course I'm not going to complain about how some people make mistakes like this, because we all do. Especially with Namco's random capitalizations. But what I'm trying to point out is that the wiki contains a substantial amount of them, and when these mistakes have been out there for who knows how long, getting rid of them is a pain... since even though a redirect page can be automatically created, the link texts throughout the wiki will still be wrong.

So I was wondering, instead of going through them manually, if it would be possible for one of the wiki sysops to create bots for this and let everyone simply post frequent errors here?

One thing that helps a lot with this is "What links here"
So for the old page:

Having all the duplicate series and album information (the collapsible menus) on the main page is really cumbersome for these things.

I know about the "what links here" pages, but even so it still takes a lot of time that I'd personally rather spend on something more useful when bots could do it in an instant. Bots would solve the menu problem too.

(BTW, when I said ' a lot of time ' just now, I meant for all the wrong pages and not just THE iDOLM@STER (song))

Ooh nice bot! What else can you make it do? Can it run any python script?

Whoa. I was about to introduce it her myself, but she's already been spotted it seems. :o Technically I guess she's not a true bot yet; she's an Auto Wiki Browser. For now I'm previewing all she does to make sure she does it right, but since she hasn't done anything wrong so far I guess I'll switch her to fully automated mode soon.

I don't think Python functionality is included, but I'm quite a n00b when it comes to actual programming languages, so I didn't really look into it.

At any rate, I'm planning to let her do some more of the boring work soon (e.g. make Japanese track lists link to song pages, correct more capitalization inconsistencies, etc.), so I'm hoping a sysop is willing to grant her bot status to prevent cluttering the recent changes.

EDIT: Thanks, Yuna.


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