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--- Quote from: Kyo ---This topic contains all of the stories previously translated and posted in the respective character threads, gathered here for your convenience.

I hope you had as much fun reading them as I had translating them, and that you've learned a little bit more about your favourite idols and what motivates them.

The next translation project for me will (hopefully) be the Idol Dramas from Live for You!. I'd even like to translate the original game someday if I can find the time to do so, but I probably won't be able to do it by myself.

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1. Open your ears/Haruka Amami
2. The wings of the heart/Chihaya Kisaragi
3. Hai Touch!/Yayoi Takatsuki
4. Goodbye, Yukiho/Yukiho Hagiwara
5. Always the same day of destiny/Azusa Miura
6. Life's study/Ritsuko Akizuki
7. The Princess Sleeping in The Forest/Iori Minase
8. The Prince's Graduation/Makoto Kikuchi
9. Fun x 2, Sadness/2/Ami & Mami Futami

Open your ears
Haruka Amami's circumstances
Source: The Idolm@ster Character Master

My textbook and my lunchbox are in my bag, my handkerchief's in my pocket and my ribbons aren't twisted...yes, perfect! My morning preparations are done!

「Well then, I'm off!」

I cheerfully leave the house through the front door. As I was making my way towards my bicycle, my mother frantically ran up to me.

「Haruka! You forgot your schoolbag!」

AAH! I left my schoolbag at the front door! Even though I try to be careful, this always happens in the morning. I'm really careless....

「Have a safe trip.」

My mother sent me off with a smile on her face. The high school where I study at is a thirty minute ride by bicycle from my house. It's definitely faster if I take the train, but the weather is so good today that I just had to get on my bicycle. It's also because I can sing to myself while I'm riding it. Ah ha ha♪

Don't you think that there are lots of things that are singing in the morning? You can hear them if you listen carefully. The sparrows' chirping, the morning dew still left on the grass, the snow-white laundry that's drying in the sun...almost everything is singing to welcome the morning! ...Ah, I guess that was getting a bit too girlish. Eh heh heh.

I guess it's time for me to start singing too. I believe that if I sing everyday, I'll improve little by little! I picked up my love for singing when I was younger, and I didn't really mind if I was good or bad at singing. But now that I'm aiming to be a top idol, I can't think that way anymore. I've gotta train harder so everyone can smile when they hear me sing!

....But it's actually a bit too early to be saying that. Ah ha ha♪ Actually, I haven't had my debut yet, so I guess I'm still an unhatched idol egg. I belong to the 765 Productions company, but my producer-san hasn't been chosen yet...sigh.....ah! It's not like me to be so gloomy!

As I was singing and thinking about things, I suddenly found myself in front of my school.

「Yo, Amami! Morning!」

「Ah, Konishi-kun. Morning~♪」

My friends greet me when I enter my class. I have lots of friends who are both boys and girls in my class and the other classes.

「Morning, Amami! I-saw-that!」

My friend Aki-chan came up to me with a sly grin on her face.

「Morning, Aki-chan. What did you see?」

「You talking to Konishi-kun, of course. How suspicious~.」

Stories about relationships are becoming popular with my friends. After all, we're all around that age now when we start to notice these things ♪.

「What're you talking about? Konishi-kun already has a girlfriend from the neighbouring class. And I was the one who introduced them to each other♪.」

「 you're being a Cupid to others? Haruka, how about taking care of yourself first?」

Uuu. My defenses crack immediately. I don't think I'm ready for a relationship right now.

「I'm still living in a dream, where my sweethearts are my songs and my singing! Or something like that...ah ha ha.」

「....I guess so. You're so absorbed in your dream that you probably didn't have time to change your socks, Haruka.」

Eh? I look down at my socks.....AAAH! I'm wearing the pink socks that I wore to sleep last night! My mother gave me these so my feet wouldn't get cold at night...but that doesn't matter it's still against the school rules to wear them here, isn't it?

「W, what should I do? I'm so absent-minded...」

「Yeah, you've always absent-minded, so I think the teacher will let this slide. But if you're going to work as an idol like this, we're all gonna be worried about you.」

Despite my big mistake, I manage to get to the end of the school day (Well, I guess slipping and falling during P.E. class was a mistake too) and got on my bicycle to go home. Along the way I pass by the entrance of the park, and I hear loud voices coming from the inside of the park.

「It's no good, let's stop singing.」

I stop my bicycle to have a look. It turns out that there are 4 to 5 primary school children there, talking with each other.

「Whose idea was it to sing our teacher a birthday song for her birthday? It's impossible!」

「Yeah, let's give up. It's getting kinda boring.」

I was planning to let them be, but when I heard them talk about singing, I couldn't help but jump into their conversation.

「Hey guys, are you going to stop singing? If it's okay, would you let me hear your singing? I might be able to help.」

The children had unsure looks on their faces, but they sing it for me anyway after I tell them that it would be the last time. Ah, 'Happy Birthday' is a nice song! But somehow, it doesn't sound right.

「I know! I'll be your conductor to guide you, so let's try once more, okay?」

This time, the children don't look very happy, especially after I said to them before that it would be the last time. Still, they agree to sing it again.

「Three, go! ♪Happy Birthday to you!」

...A, Are? My timing for the start was off!

「That's terrible! It's worse than before!」

「Onee-chan, your conducting is really bad!」

Uuu...the loud booing rings in my ears. That was a failure!

「I'm sorry! Please, one more time! Please?」

The kids start to sing again. This time, I'm more careful, and it was perfect!

「...Wow, it's great for once!」

「That's awesome, onee-chan!」

「That was fun! Let's sing it again!」

They're clapping their hands with smiles on their faces ♪. Eh heh heh, it's kinda embarrassing, actually. But I'm so happy that I can pass on the joy of singing to others. We continue practicing, and I really get into the conducting♪. Before we knew it, the sun was already starting to set in the western sky.

「You should get going now, or your parents are going to get worried.」

I tell them that lots of times, and the children finally listen to me. They're very sad about parting ways with me.

「Onee-chan, thank you so much~! Bye bye-!」

The children smile as they wave at me, before going home and leaving me alone in the park. It's time for me to practice on my own now. I remember singing in this park a long time ago....

When I was very young, I moved from a neighbouring town to the place where I'm living today, because of my father's job. Although I found out during high school that my old house was only twenty minutes away by bus, at that time I thought I had traveled very far, to a place where I had no friends and I was alone.

I came to this park to play, but I didn't know anyone...I was always looking at the children playing with each other (much like that bunch of children just now) from afar, saying to myself, 「I want to join in....but I don't know them」.

「What's the matter~? Are you by yourself? What's your name?」

「....Haruka Amami.」

I replied to the onee-san who talked to me. She loved singing and usually came to the park to teach the children how to sing. Kinda like what I'm doing now...

「I see. Haruka-chan, do you like to sing? How about singing along with us? It's really fun!」

I was trembling when I first joined up with the other children. But soon I got more comfortable and was singing loudly. I sang and sang until it was almost nightfall. Now, my instinct to come to the park to sing and practice, was probably because this was the place where that onee-san taught me how to sing.

「Haruka-chan, that was superb~! You did really well!」

I was so happy when she praised me! This was also the start of my many friendships with other people.

Now that I think about it, that's how I've been making friends, by singing in front of everyone and having fun doing it. Just like that onee-san who taught me. To have fun singing like that onee-san and to make everybody happy, that's why I'm aiming to be a top idol! I entered the 765 Productions audition on my own, and I got accepted♪

The person who made me into what I am today was that onee-san. However, we never saw each other again after that meeting...but as long as I keep singing, I'll always be friends with her.

That's why I want to improve my singing, to become better than before. If I can somehow meet that onee-san again, I would like to hear her words again.

「You did really well!」

I want to become better than before, because I love singing, and I want to experience these feelings stronger than anyone else!

「Okay, time to start practicing! I'm going to put in my best effort!」

Fuuaa.....I let out a yawn as I'm sitting in the train that's heading towards the office.

I didn't sleep much last night...I was still at the park practicing my singing at night, and my worried parents had to search for me before they found me there. I guess I overdid it a little.....ah ha ha....haaaaa....but after checking in at the office, I'll be heading to the park near 765 Productions to practice again!

My dreams to become an idol and my feelings when I sing are my own, but I'm not alone. My friends, my family, and that onee-san...everybody's helping me to chase my dream. I won't forget what they've done for me, and I'm going to work hard for them too. If I open my ears and listen carefully, I can hear their words of encouragement. So I'm going to sing as best as I can today!

Because I'm not alone. Everyone else is with me.

Ah, but the person who's going to support me the most, my producer-san, still hasn't been chosen yet...but I'll continue to work hard, because he's going to be decided sooner or later. And someday, it'd be great if I could support and encourage somebody, like my producer would. Because it would be nice if I could teach them how happy one can be when they're singing!

With that target in mind, let's go to the park to practice!

「Ah~ah~ah, do-re-mi-re-do~♪ the interval too short? Let's try that again! Hmm, these shoes are kinda difficult to walk in...ahhhh! I'm wearing my slippers!」

「....Kngh....ah ha ha ha! How absent-minded!」


The wings of the heart
Chihaya Kisaragi's circumstances
Source: The Idolm@ster Character Master

The air in the early morning is cold.

The interior of my room is dim as I finish planning my training menu. I thought of it myself, since it is part of my daily work as an idol trainee with 765 Productions. I'm aiming to be a top singer rather than a top idol, and such strict training is necessary.

First, some jogging and light muscle training, before moving on to vocal training.

「La, la, la la la~」

「That's a great voice....Chihaya-chan.」

The sudden appearance of the voice made me jump a little. This belongs to the old man who lives nearby. He's in the middle of his morning walk.

「Thank you very much. But I am in a hurry, so please excuse me.」

「Eh? You're leaving already? .....Chihaya-chan, you used to smile a lot when you were've changed.」

The old man's voice is at my back as I go back into the house. I do not mind if he calls me unsociable, because I'm really in a hurry. I have to change, have breakfast and go to school. It's important to finish everything readily. I usually do all these without meeting my parents. At least, only in the mornings.

「Fuuaaahh.....nn? Is that you, Chihaya?」

When I was about to walk out of the kitchen, somebody sat up from the sofa in the living room. It's my father, still wearing his business suit.

.....I am unlucky today.

「Sleeping in a place like that....did you come back in the morning again?」

「Yeah. I was pretty busy at work.」

「You're lying. You argued with Mother again, am I right?」

A look of displeasure registered in his eyebrows. This is bad. I might have said too much.

But it was inevitable, anyway.

「....What do you know, Chihaya?」

The iciness in his voice was even colder than the morning air. I have lots of words I could use as a retort, but they are all hurtful things. And they are all a waste of time. And I know, because we have gone through this many, many times.

Without saying a word, I walk out of the house and head towards school.

The classroom where each day passes by.

In this class, where the brightest students are gathered together, my results are consistently at the top of the class.

But I have no good friends in this class. I suppose I could have one if I made the effort, but I use all my free time to practice my singing. And I have no time to relax.

「Kisaragi-san! Are you going for club activities today?」

It is after school, and for the first time today, somebody in my class talked to me. I belong to the school choir. I joined it to improve my singing. Up till now, though, the club has not lived up to my expectations. I don't get along with my seniors, and I have rarely visited the clubroom.

「I never turn up for activities. And isn't easier for our seniors when I am not around?」

「But the contest is almost here. We're in a pinch when you're not around. Even our seniors have agreed that you're the best in the club.」

「In that case, why don't you try the training method I proposed? If you continue practicing like this, you will get nowhere.」

My classmate had a troubled expression on her face after hearing my opinion.

「I know how you feel, but you have to understand our seniors' reasons too. Aren't you being too impatient? Is there something that's causing you to act this way?」

The girl's question is trying to open up the door to my heart.

......I quickly try to close it.

「....What do you know?」


The words that came out of my mouth....were the same as my father's....!

Kngh....! I'm the worst...

Without looking at my classmate's face, I apologize and run away from her as fast as I can.

I need to go to a place where I can sing!

I want to sing!

Because singing is the only way I can help myself.

I run up to the school rooftop. In the afterglow of the sun setting beyond the horizon, I sing to myself, with an empty heart.

Surrounded by the dark, heavy evening air, I make my way home with heavy footsteps. The first thing that greets me when I open the door is the angry shouting of my parents who are arguing with each other.

「Didn't I tell you that I needed it by tomorrow?!」

「I don't know anymore! I've long forgotten my husband's shirt size!」

They're fighting over something as small as this. This has been going on everyday, for the past 8 years.

「You never pay attention! Even during that moment...」

「You're using that again to argue with me?」

I refuse to listen further, and I cut in between my parents.


My parents were talking about something that is taboo to me. I chose to ignore that earlier in school today, but I cannot keep my mouth closed now.

「No matter how many times you keep doing's not going to bring him back!」

Please let my words reach them. My father's and my mother's hearts....

Please, reach them!

「...Chihaya, go to your room.」

「Look! Chihaya's like this because you've not been bringing her up right!」

It didn't reach them.

Nobody listens to my words after all.

As another argument started to rear its ugly head, I ran away again, with an unbearable feeling inside me.

I ran out of the house....and headed towards that child's resting place.

8 years ago, before that child suddenly went away....we were an incredibly happy family.

「Chihaya-! Sing a song for me~.」

「Don't call me Chihaya. That's impertinent of you. I won't sing for you.」

The moment that child heard the phrase 'I won't sing for you', it had an immediate effect.

「I'm sorry! Please sing for me~!」

As a response to his tearful apology and request, I began to sing. Although I was much less skilled back then, he would cheerfully listen to me without fail. We would always hold hands when we were singing.

That child's hands were so warm!

And now....he rests beneath this cold tombstone.

「It's been a long time...would you like to hear me sing?」

Despite my best efforts, my tears blur together with my voice as I begin to sing. When I finished singing, I noticed a small, dark-colored bird sitting there on top of the tombstone. When did it get there?

Was it....listening to me sing?

Subconsciously, I stretch my hand out towards the bird. The bird was startled by my action, and it flew away.

.....Everyone close to me has disappeared. Everyone who listened to my singing.

But I still want to sing. I want to become a singer whose voice can move people's hearts.

And I would like to find someone. I am searching for someone who might be the one. Someone who needs me, listens to my songs, and can lead me to happiness.

Someone who understands me, like that child did.

Such a person may not exist, but I have no other wish besides that.

「Fu fu. Are you becoming bored with a topic like this?」

I project my voice to reach his spirit. I have something to say to him. Something important.

「I promise you this. I will polish up my singing, and find somebody who understands me....I'm going to the office of 765 Productions tomorrow. My producer has not been chosen yet, but regardless of that, I am going to do my best to become a singer. And until I have accomplished my goal using my own efforts....I will not be coming back here.」

Morning is here again. The same clear air. The same feeling of melancholy. But I have to keep my promise to that child.

After talking a walk to the 765 Productions office, I close myself inside a dark room and begin my musical appreciation training by listening to a good song. When you are studying music, it is important to know which parts of a song are good and why.

...Then, I spot something moving beyond the closed window blinds.

Making my way towards the window, I see an extremely familiar-looking bird, sitting on the window sill. It can't be....

「Are you....the bird from yesterday?」

When it heard my words, the bird tilted its small, pretty neck towards me.

「If you is fortunate that we can meet again. And I'm sorry for frightening you yesterday.」

The clever bird turns its pupils to look straight at me.

「I could not see clearly in the darkness last night, so I thought you were just an ordinary, darkish little bird. But your true is a brilliant shade of blue.」

A bluebird, illuminated by the morning light. My eyes were taken in by the vivid blue color. It looked at me as if it was trying to say something, before flying away again. It disappeared high and far into the sky.

....I have to fly too. Using the wings of my heart. If I do not, I'll fall into a deep, dark pit. I won't have a place in this world, and there will not be a person who will sincerely care about me, either.

But I will live. And I will sing. Because my songs are my wings. With these wings, I can fly anywhere, to see everything from the skies above. And surely, someday, I will find the people that I am looking for, and I will go to them.

For now, I concentrate on my training.

「This sounds similar to Brahms's minor key. But the intonation sounds shaky.」

I talk to myself, but another sound comes back as the echo. I'm not really sure how to put it in words, but it seems like a heavy door of fate is opening. What a mysterious sound...

「Ah, sorry about that. I surprised you, didn't I? I'm switching on the lights now...」


Hai Touch!
Yayoi Takatsuki's circumstances
Source: The Idolm@ster Character Master

「Onee-chan, pass me the soy sauce-」

「Ah, Kouji's split it, onee-chan!」

「Aaaah~! Get the tissues!」

「I'll be leaving now, Yayoi. I'll leave the rest to you.」

「Have a safe trip, Mom! Kasumi, help me get the tissues~!」

It's always this lively during breakfast at our house. My dad, on the other hand, says 「It's like a war down here!」. Eh heh heh. But I'm okay with it! My brothers and sister can be noisy sometimes, but they're really cute. My dad and my mom are depending on me, the older sister to look after them.

「Yayoi Takatsuki will work hard today!」

Just like that. There's one wish that I have though....that's to become an idol. That's right, I'm an idol trainee! Even though I don't look like one....I'm working at the 765 Productions office. But my producer hasn't been decided yet, so I can't talk about my debut just yet.

I go to the office everyday after school, but the only work I can do now is sweeping and cleaning the office....haa....

「Onee-chan, it's almost 8 o'clock.」

「Eh? ...AH! O, oh no, we're going to be late! Everyone, hurry up and get ready to go!」

I thought my brothers and sister would be late for school, but with me in charge, we made in just in time. Because we took a short cut through the vacant lot just around our house!

I go through the shopping area and up the slope. It's time for the hundred-meter dash to the school gates! Full power! I ate a lot for breakfast, so I have the energy to do it-! In a few seconds, I finally reach the school gate!

「Yay! I did it, I made it just in time! Hai, tou~ch!」

「Tou~ch! ....wait, what am I doing?! You're late again, Takatsuki! Hand over your student pass!」

「Awawa, sensei~. You mean I missed it by a few seconds? Aww....」

Uuu....I don't want this to become a habit...but my dad and my mom are busy with work, so I don't have a choice. We have a big family, but not much money to go around...I want to help my family out even more, but there aren't many jobs that I can do, since I'm still so young.

My friend Masayo-chan told me that a child can work as an idol, so that's what I'm working as. I had wanted to become an idol anyway, since they always get to wear such cute clothes. Eh heh heh. Ah, but I really want to become an idol for another reason. Being able to wear cute clothes comes later.

「Yayoi-chan, homeroom's going to start soon-」

Ah, my friend is calling me over to her desk when I entered the class.

「Hey, that was a really great run just now!」

「Uaah~you saw that? I'm embarrassed now~.」

「I wonder if I should boast about this to everyone? 'I'm the only one who sees the popular idol Yayoi Takatsuki dashing to school everyday!' or something like that.」

「Eh heh heh....I don't know about that....ah, but let's keep my run just now a secret, okay?」

My friends support my idol activities too....even though it's only sweeping and cleaning the office.

Even though the lessons are difficult, I really love school. Whenever the teacher calls on me to answer a question I don't know the answer to,

「Hai! I have no idea-!」

I reply very energetically.

「Well, at least Takatsuki-san gets full marks for enthusiasm.」

The teacher replies with a smile as she praises me.

While I continue to have fun like this, I start to worry as soon as school has ended. I can't remember anything from today's lesson~. Hmm....I wonder if it will help if I draw pictures in my textbook to help me remember...

「Yayoi-chan, there's someone here to see you.」

Eh? A visitor for me in school? I go outside my classroom, and sure enough, there's a girl standing there, holding a school satchel.

「Kasumi! What's wrong? Did something happen?」

This is my sister Kasumi. Even though her elementary school and my middle school are very near to each other, it's the first time I've seen her here.

「Um, onee-chan. Could you go back home earlier today? I want to go and play at my friend's house...」

「Eh....but I'll be going to the office'll be a problem if you're not at home to look after your about asking your friends to come to our house?」

Kasumi bit her lip as she looked down on the floor. Looking at her face, I can tell that she really wants to go to her friend's house. It's not the first time this is happening.

「I'm sorry, Kasumi. I guess I should...」

Before I could finish, Kasumi had already turned her back to me.

「 have a dream to become an idol, right? When will that dream end?」

「When will it end....I, I don't dream hasn't even started yet...」

「I want onee-chan's dream to end quickly, so I can play with my friends!」

「Wait, Kasumi! Come back!」

But Kasumi had already ran away down the corridor. I could only guess that she was crying as she did....

After school, I head in the opposite direction of the train station that would take me to the office. At the vacant lot near my home, I weakly sit down on the ground. The 200% cheerfulness that I had this morning is probably only about 1% now...

My dream hasn't started yet, but I had the thought that everyone supported me. But because of that, I saw Kasumi's sad face...did I make a mistake somewhere~? Was I causing trouble to everyone without knowing it?

As the sky turned orange, I looked at the vacant ground in front of me. My mind wandered back to the time when I was in elementary school, when the town's festival was held here. Doing the Bon dance with everyone, eating cotton candy and fishing for goldfishes...I did all that with Kasumi~. Eh heh heh! Ah, and there was a big stage here, wasn't there...?

「Yayoi-chan, Yayoi-chan! Come on up here and sing!」

「Ehh, I can't!」

「What are you talking about? This festival wouldn't be complete if you didn't sing!」

The emcee, the uncle from the shopping district, suddenly pulled me up onto the stage, and I began to sing and dance. Everyone stood up and applauded, with big smiles on their faces.

It was a really great feeling! And if I could earn money for my family through such a wonderful way, it'll be even better!

After that, I went to the audition at 765 Productions, and I got accepted-!

「I think the stage was around here....and then I la la la la la, lanlala~♪」

Even though there's nobody around now, I can still remember everyone's smiling faces as they clapped along to the song. I start clapping my hands to myself as I sing. It's soft because I'm by myself, but it feels warm...

「...Yayoi, your singing is really good, you know.」

「Uwaaah! M, mom!」

「Did you just come back from the office? You're early today.」

「Y, you too, mom! It's strange to see you home so early.」

「I guess so. I'm going shopping now, because I'm making dinner tonight. Oh yes, Kasumi told me to give this to you when you came back.」

My mom handed me an advertisement flier. On the back of it, there was a message written there.

「To onee-chan. I'm sorry for the selfish words I said today. I'm really happy that onee-chan is going to become an idol. Do your best! I love you. -Kasumi」

My mom, who was reading the letter over my shoulders, said nothing as she placed an arm around my shoulders and gave me a hug. I slowly feel my energy coming back.

My dream hasn't begun yet, but I know I'll reach it if I work a little harder. I'm almost there. I love my family very much, and I think they've been supporting me all this time.

Later that night, the President-san from 765 Productions called me at my house. He was worried when I didn't turn up at the office today. Uuu...I wonder if I did something wrong.

「It's a relief to find out you're okay, Yayoi-kun. But it'll be inconvenient if I can't contact you. Once your producer has been decided, I'll lend you a cell phone from my office. Don't worry, that day will be coming soon, so work hard. Oh, and...could you come down to the office tomorrow?」

「Y, yes! I'll be there!」

Maybe....maybe my producer's been decided! YAY~! I don't have school tomorrow, so I'll head down there first thing in the morning!

I eat my breakfast with the usual cheerfulness, before making my way towards the office. Today could be my debut, so I'm really excited!

「President-san! Good morning-!」

「Ah, Yayoi-kun. Morning.」

「I'm sorry about yesterday! And um, you need me to do something?」

「Yes, you're right! You're a good guesser.」

My heart is thumping wildly as I wait for the President's next words. This is it, this is it! My dream's about to come true! Uuu~I'm nervous!

「First...I'll leave the front of the office building to you!」

「..........................H, huh?」

While I was still trying to figure out what the President was saying, he smiled as he handed me a broom.

「It was really troublesome when you weren't here yesterday, Yayoi-kun! The office was so dusty.」

....uuu~it seems that he called me back to do some cleaning. The President's way of talking is really confusing...ah, but even if it's just sweeping, I'll still do my best! I won't have my debut today, but if I work hard everyday, my chance's sure to come around-!

When I heard Kasumi ask me when my dream will end, I didn't know how to answer her. But now, I know that my dream will end if I become sad and don't feel like doing anything, and if I stop doing things with a 'Hai, tou~ch!'.

「Hah....I'm done sweeping-! Next up is cleaning the windows!」

「Sorry, have you got a moment? The President said that I could find you here...」


Goodbye, Yukiho
Yukiho Hagiwara's circumstances
Source: The Idolm@ster Character Master

Ah...i, it's morning, isn't it. Good morning. My morning begins by tidying myself up, before going to collect the mail. My father gets angry if he sees any strange letters in the mail, so I try to discard them first before he can see them....

「Yukiho! What's with this mountain of letters?! All of the letters have boys' names on them. Do you know them?!」

Aah! I was a bit late in collecting the mail this morning...uuu. My father looks so angry holding the letters.

「N, no, father, I don't know them, but....」

「Then it'll be alright to get rid of them!」

My father took the bunch of envelopes and started ripping them to pieces in front of me, before walking away down the corridor. To everyone who wrote those letters, I'm sorry....even if they were love letters, it was terrible to do such a thing to them...they're torn, so I can't reply to them anymore...ah, um, but even if they weren't torn up, I probably couldn't reply to them anyway. R, regardless, I'm sorry-. I don't know how you knew about me, but you worked hard to write letters to me anyway...auu. Sniff....

「Yukiho, why are you crying so early in the morning? Come and eat your breakfast.」

I hear my mother's voice. That's right, if I don't hurry up, I will be keeping the other disciples waiting, since they always eat their breakfast after my parents and I finish eating....ah, by disciples, I mean my father's disciples from work, who are training with my father in our house. My mother and I live together in a different building in the mansion, so even though we are living in the same house, I rarely meet them. I do meet them sometimes whenever we have tea together though....

My father's disciples follow my father's strict rules, and although I do not know the exact contents, I think they're not supposed to get close to me. That's why they hardly say a word to me. I'm nervous around men, so I hardly talk to them too....I think I speak to them only twice a year. My father is rather scary and strong, and he is very stern too....he trains hard with his disciples everyday.

U, um, please don't ask exactly what kind of work my father is doing. Auu...I, I'm sorry. This is a secret of the Hagiwaras.

After finishing my breakfast, I set off towards towards school. T, this will be another difficult trial for me. I won't be able to get to school without passing by my neighbour's house, but there's a dog there....a bulldog named Puffy. It has a cute name but a very scary face, and it's mean too. When it sees me, it always runs after me while barking loudly.

When I was little, Puffy always liked to slip out of its chain and chase me around....since then, I've been afraid of all kinds of dogs. While Puffy was chasing me, I remember being almost scared to death. Awawa...I'm shivering just from remembering it. I, I'm sorry. If dogs could talk, I think it would probably say that it doesn't like a weak person like me...I wonder if it'll dig a hole and bury me in it...? Uuu...sniff.

Ah....I was so busy crying that I didn't realize that I've already reached the school building. I have to try my best at the lessons later. Do your best, Yukiho...don't give up, Yukiho....I keep telling myself this as I enter the classroom.

The first lesson is Japanese. Ah, my favourite class is Japanese, by the way. Fu fu. Because I really like poetry...

「Let's see, for the next question....Hagiwara-san.」

HAU! The sensei just picked me to stand up and answer a question. I like the subject, but I don't like it when the teacher calls on me. Because everyone will be w, watching me....and then I become n, nervous. I don't like being the center of attention.

「Uuu....I'm sorry....I don't know...」

....Actually, I do know the answer. But I can't open my mouth with everyone looking at me. I'm really timid and weak...I don't like being like this...

「You're crying again, Yukiho? Come on, keep your chin up.」

My friend Kazu-chan had a concerned look on her face as she talked to me after class.

「Uuu....I'm sorry to make you worried....I guess a useless person like me will be better off buried in a hole somewhere...」

「're saying such terrible things again! Yukiho, you've got to have more faith in yourself! What's going to happen to 765 Productions? I thought you would have gained more confidence if you became an idol.」

「Y, yes....but my debut hasn't arrived yet, after all...」

A, actually, I'm an idol trainee with 765 Productions...I became one after Kazu-chan sent them a photo of me. For some reason, I got accepted in the very first selection round...

A girl like me becoming an everyone on this Earth, I'm really sorry. I have no talents and I'm a aim to be a top idol, of all things...

But I want to change myself, and I want to reborn as a strong-hearted person. I went to the second round to be interviewed, with a determination that comes around once in a lifetime for me. And I got accepted...!

This may be my first and last lucky chance, and I will make good use of it.

Wait....doesn't that mean...there won't be any more good things later in my life? Auu....

「Yukiho, you're really cute, so I'm sure you'll be a big hit. If you work hard, you'll enjoy yourself everyday.」

My friend is trying to bring out my courage with encouraging words. I want to put on a strong face and face the world too, but....I can't see my debut or producer arriving anytime soon...right now, I've not changed at all. Uuu...sniff.

At the end of the school day, I leave for my house with tears in my eyes. As I near my neighbour's house, I see Puffy looking at me...uu, I don't have a moment to relax...I try to walk past it without making it bark.

Eh...? Puffy is walking nearer and nearer to me. Ahh...could it be....Puffy's slipped out of his chain again? Without stopping to think, I break into a run.

I run and I run, hoping to escape to the garden in my house. But the dog is much faster and is gaining on me...I, I'm at my limit....I can't run anymore...goodbye, father. Goodbye, mother. Please forgive me for departing before you...

As I was thinking that, my world suddenly plunged into darkness.


With an alarmed cry, I fall into a dark and narrow place.

Ah, this is....the hole that's being dug in the garden. My garden is very large, and sometimes large holes like this one are being dug, and sometimes they're being filled. It probably has something to do with my father and his work...

There's a large pile of soft earth at the place where I landed, so it doesn't hurt at all. Even though the place I'm in is narrow and small, it feels somehow warm and comforting...fuu, I've calmed down already.

Puffy managed to chase me here after all. It stood at the edge of the hole and barked at me, before it turned around and left.

Are? Arere? This's happened before. When I was younger, I used to jump into these holes to escape from Puffy while it was chasing me...I wonder if my habit of hiding inside a hole when I'm depressed or scared was because of that...I guess it's exceptional how I can quickly dig a hole by myself before hiding in it. Ah, I almost fell asleep there for a moment...

「...Yukiho! Yukiho! Are you alright? Are you hurt?」

Ah, my mother is calling out to me from the top of the hole....

「Um, I'm fine~. I was just sleeping for a bit...」

My mother pulled me out of the hole using her hands, and the first thing that I saw was Puffy's scary face right in front of me. Eeek! I, I'm sorry! Please forgive me!

Puffy rushed over to me, getting ready to sink its teeth into me...

Wh, what...?

No...Puffy's....licking me....

Puffy's owner, an middle-aged woman, came over to me with a smile on her face.

「Fufu, I'm really sorry that my dog has been bothering you, Yukiho-chan. But it seems that Puffy likes you a lot.」 likes me? But doesn't it hate me...?

「When you fell into the hole, Puffy knew what had happened and came straight to me to let me know. This happened to you when you were younger too, so this makes it the second time that Puffy's saved you. Come on, thank him properly.」

My mother was stroking Puffy as she was saying all this. I...I see....Puffy saved me because it liked me...I had the wrong impression of that scary-looking face after all, and all those times when it was chasing me.....

I, I wonder if I can pet Puffy too..?

「Woof woof♪」

YEEEK! I, I'm sorry! It's too scary after all...!

W, well, it's morning again. There's no school today, so I'm going down to the office to help out a little....

I tried very hard to become friends with Puffy yesterday. I tried and tried until night fell, but it was no use...sniff. But I was mistaken when I thought that dogs hated me, so maybe I'll succeed after a very long time has passed. ....Or it may be impossible in the first place....

Ah, but I feel that yesterday's incident was quite important. It was a trigger for me to gather my courage to deal with my shyness around dogs and men. My idol campaign seems to be a very difficult job for me, but I can feel someone pushing my back gently, encouraging and protecting me....

I'm going to work hard and say goodbye to the weak, useless Yukiho....and I'm going to try and live like that from now on. With this determination in my heart, I set out towards the office.

....Are? Th, there's a dog in front of me. It suddenly appeared right in my path.

....auu....sniff.... and I had said those things to myself just a few seconds before....why do these things happen?

「Uuu....sniff. Isn't that dog going to move? I can't move forward and I can't go back either....」

「Hello there. Have you got a minute?」



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