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Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: August 09, 2017, 01:02:55 AM »
The Happy Live (St-02)
(Makoto Takane Yukiho Miki Hibiki)

Meisou Mind (St-01)
(Miki Azusa Haruka)

I fulfilled your requests on 8/6. That means you were not supposed to request again until 8/13 not 8/8. I suggest that you review the rules again as it is clearly stated that you are to wait ONE WEEK (7 days) AFTER I POST YOUR REQUESTS before you request again.

This is your first warning. You may request again starting 8/15.

Community works / Re: OC Bios
« on: August 04, 2017, 02:49:40 AM »
(timeframe – 22 years after the start of im@s anime)

Name: Yamasaki Taiki (山嵜大揮)
Birthday: December 9
Age: 17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Seiyuu: Osaka Ryota
Birthplace: Shibuya, Japan
Current Residence: Shibuya, Japan

Family: Yamasaki [nee Miura] Azusa (mother), Yamasaki Sotaro (father), Yamasaki Momoka (younger sister), Yamasaki Aiko (younger sister)

Nicknames: Tai-chan (by Azusa), Tai-chii (by Hanako)

Personality Traits: Easily excitable and jumpy, is prone to being a worrywart, has a great sense of direction, can become annoyed with his mother’s airheadedness, can be very stubborn

Bio: Taiki is a typical, awkward teenager. He grew up in loving home and had everything he ever wanted. Deep down, despite getting annoyed with her on occasion, Taiki is a complete momma’s boy and loves his mother to the ends of the earth.

In recent months Taiki has begun to dislike how Hanako and Sakura’s idol careers have distanced them from him. When possible he will go to their lives.

While he loves his sisters, he’s not above teasing them like any other older brother would.

Despite his mother wanting him to go to college, Taiki has no desire to and instead wants to become a producer. He mainly wants to someday become Sakura’s producer/manager if she pursues a music career.

•   Taiki has been childhood friends with Hanako since he can remember and became close friends with Sakura after she was a student in his mother’s kindergarten class.
•   He is very protective of his sisters.
•   Taiki has a hard time believing his mother was actually a successful idol and is rather skeptical about how popular Ryuuguu Komachi actually was.
•   He has developed a crush on Sakura over the years; something his mother commonly teases him about.

Community works / Re: Hime Idol's (crappy) IM@S Fanfiction
« on: August 02, 2017, 04:56:35 AM »
Title: Cookies

Sakura liked to help her mother bake. She liked the smells wafting throughout the apartment and foremost the food they ate afterwards. Sakura loved it all and most of all she just loved spending the time with her mother.

Sakura also liked the wintertime. Actually, she liked it quite a lot. She loved watching the first snowflakes fall since that meant she would go out to play in the snow with her mother.

She also loved the holidays that came in the winter. Christmas was always nice. Christmas meant baking and baking meant cookies and cookies meant eating. In Sakura’s six-year-old mind nothing was better than baking and especially eating whatever was baked.

"Kaa-chan." Sakura tugged at her mother’s sweater. "I get to help, right?” She eagerly awaited her mother's reply as she peered over the counter to see the ingredients and baking utensils laid out.

Takane knelt down in front of her. “Of course, Kura-chan is Kaa-chan’s special helper after all.” Picking Sakura up and setting her down on the chair positioned against the counter, Takane asked her, "Do you remember what we made last Christmas?"

Sakura nodded. “We made star cookies that had pretty, sparkly sprinkles and Christmas tree ones, oh and ones that sorta looked like birds and flowers. Then Mina-baachan got mad cause we ate most of them before she came over.”

“Of course you would remember that part,” Takane murmured. “Anyway, which cookie was your favorite?”

"Um…" Sakura looked at each cookie cutter as she picked up each one to inspect them individually. She then held up the star-shaped cutter for her mother to see. “This one, stars are shiny and pretty.”

"This one is my favorite," Takane held up a flower-shaped one. “It’s small and cute. Just like my little cherry blossom1." She tapped her on the nose with her finger, causing the little girl to giggle. "Now then, we better get started.”

Sakura watched as Takane measured out the sugar, poured it in a large bowl, and then placed the presliced pieces of butter also in the bowl. Takane then slid the bowl in front of Sakura and handed her a wooden spoon.

Placing her hand over Sakura’s, Takane helped her cream together the sugar and butter. “It needs to be smooth before we can mix in the eggs and vanilla. Then we add the flour, baking soda, and salt. What comes after that Kura-chan?”

“We bake and eat them!” She enthusiastically answered.

Takane chuckled. “Not quite Kura-chan. We have to first roll the dough flat before cutting it out with the cookie cutters. After that we add the sprinkles and then bake them. Once they’re done baking they have to cool down before we can eat them.”

Sakura tilted her head backwards to look up at her mother and pouted. “Why does it have to take so long? I just wanna eat them already.”

Takane bent over slightly and kissed her forehead. "Patience Kura-chan, everything takes hard work. You need to work and put in time for the things you want.”

“Okay.” Sakura turned her attention back to the bowl in front of her and sighed. "Hey Kaa-chan, is Biki-baachan coming over for Christmas like last year?”

Takane moved the bowl down a ways on the counter and began adding the eggs and vanilla to it. "Unfortunately Hibiki can’t. She’s spending the holidays with her family this year.” Sakura frowned. “But she said she’ll try to make it up here sometime after the holidays are over. Mina-neechan is coming over again.”

Sakura looked at her mother and pouted. “Really? Can’t Mina-baachan not come over? She always scolds us.”

“Sakura that’s rude,” Takane said in a stern tone. “Minami is family. Family is the most important thing you can have in life; no matter if you get along or not. You can always count on your family during hard times when no one else is there for you. Mina-neechan only scolds us because she cares about us. That’s how she shows it.”

“But she’s always mean. She says mean stuff to you. I don’t like it,” Sakura muttered.

Takane sighed as she pushed up her glasses slightly with her finger. “Kaa-chan isn’t the smartest person at times. Mina-neechan says what she does to keep me on track.”

“That’s not true! You're the smartest!” Sakura argued as she stomped her foot down. “You know everything! Any time I ask you something you always have an answer.”

Takane gave her a small smile. “I may know a lot of things Sakura but I don’t have a lot of commonsense sometimes and make poor decisions. As Mina-neechan put it, I can behave oddly at times.”

“Do I act weird too?” Sakura asked her. "Is that why Mina-baachan scolds me too?"

Takane stopped mixing the batter and turned towards her daughter. She then patted Sakura on the head. “Absolutely not. Besides a few of my habits I wish you hadn’t picked up, you’re my perfect, little Kura-chan.”


Takane nodded as she went back to mixing the batter. "Really."

"Oh yeah, are we gonna see Hanako-chan and Chiya-baachan?" Sakura asked as if suddenly remembering.

"That I don't know. I haven't spoken to Chihaya yet. I know she has two lives the week of Christmas so probably the week after we'll see them."

"Oh," Sakura nodded lightly but it was evident that she was disappointed. "What about Zuzu-baachan?"

Takane chuckled. "What's with all the questions suddenly? Azusa said maybe, if they can, they'll come over Christmas Eve. Oh that's right I didn't tell you yet. A few days ago Azusa found out she's going to have a baby."

"Really? Taiki-kun and Momoka-chan, are going to have another brother or sister?" Sakura asked as Takane nodded. "Why can’t I have one? Kaa-chan, could you go have a baby so I can have a little brother or sister?"

Takane blushed. "Th-that's not how it works Kura-chan."

"Then how does it work? How do you have a baby?" Sakura innocently asked her. “It can’t be that hard to have one. What do you have to do? Is it easy or hard?"

If even possible, Takane's face became even more flushed. "You…you don’t need to know about that yet!"

"But I want a little brother or sister."

Takane suddenly thrust the rolling pin into Sakura’s hands. "We need to roll out the dough."

"But what about-"

"We're going to roll out the dough," Takane cut her off, hoping to sidetrack her. "Then we'll cut it out with the cutters."

"But…" Sakura sighed in defeat. "Fine."

Sakura did as she was told, with Takane placing her hands over hers to help her press down on the rolling pin.

Once the dough was flattened, Takane laid the cookie cutters out in front of them. "Alright, you need to make sure you really push down hard Kura-chan. The cookie cutter has to go through the dough all the way." Takane pressed a cookie cutter against the dough and pushed down to demonstrate for the young girl. "Once you see the shape in the dough, you pick up the cookie cutter and peel off the cookie, and place it on the baking sheet." Takane explained as she lowered the first unbaked cookie onto the metal sheet.

"Now place the cookie cutter on the dough," Takane instructed.

"Like this?" Sakura asked, pressing down on the cookie cutter.

"Perfect." Takane nodded as Sakura picked up the star shape, handing the cut out dough to her mother.

The duo continued the pattern until the baking sheets were filled with cookies.

"What's next?" Sakura asked expectantly as she watched her mother put the sparkly sprinkles she liked so much on a few of the cookies.

Takane carefully picked up the metal sheet and placed it in the oven. "We let the cookies bake in the oven now."

"And then we eat them?" Sakura asked eagerly as her mouth practically watered at the thought.

"Of course," Takane laughed as she patted her on the head. "That's the last part."

"It's the best part!" Sakura insisted. Her face quickly fell. "What do I do while the cookies bake?"

"Mmm…it is starting to get a bit late. Really you should have dinner first before you start eating cookies. You also need to take a bath before bed as well."

Sakura pouted. "I don't wanna take a bath."

"You need to Sakura. Besides." Takane picked her up and held her. "How can my little Kura-chan stay cute if she's dirty?"

"I'll take a bath only if Kaa-chan gets in with me. We can play like last time. Pretty please Kaa-chan? It was really fun."

Takane sighed as she gave the girl a small smile. "Fine, we'll have dinner first and then take a bath together. But you can't have any cookies until you're done with your bath. Deal?"

Sakura nodded. "Yeah!"

"You two did it again!" Minami hollered. "I would have thought you would have learned from last year!"

Sakura pouted as she whispered to her mother. "We shouldn't of ate those cookies after our bath. Huh Kaa-chan?"

Takane chuckled lightly. "We may have over done it a bit. We did eat more than half of them all at once."

"Stop talking! I can't believe I have to scold you," Minami stated as she glared Takane down. "I can see Sakura doing this, she's a child. You're an adult Takane. You need to act like one for once. I shouldn't have to scold you like a child. You're her mother, not her friend. You should be setting a better example for her."

Sakura frowned. "Told you Mina-baachan is mean."

Takane frowned as well. "Mina-nee is being mean. It's only cookies. I say we eat the rest of them."

Sakura nodded. "When she's not looking."

"Are you two paying attention?" The two jumped at her tone. "I can hear you, you know? I'm going to throw those cookies right out if you even try that."

Both Takane and Sakura gasped horror. "No!" The two exclaimed.

"But I wanna eat them!" Sakura whined.

"Mina-nee, don't," Takane whined as well.

"Whining will get you nowhere," Minami stated as she huffed and turned her head away. She then felt a light tug on her shirt. Looking down, Minami was met with the large, sad eyes of her niece. Minami gasped and stammered, "Don't…..don't g-give me t-that look."

Takane lightly nodded and quietly said, "That's it Kura-chan." Taking her phone out, Takane quickly snapped a picture of her daughter. "So cute…fufu~"

"Mina-baachan," Sakura started as she continued to look at her aunt with the best sad expression she could muster. "Me and Kaa-chan worked hard on the cookies. Could you pretty please not throw them out? It would make me really, really sad."

"I can be such a pushover." Minami muttered as she then sighed. "Fine you two can finish the cookies off later. Happy?"

The two hugged the younger woman.

"Thanks, Mina-baachan!" Sakura beamed at her.

"We'll let you eat some of them with us Mina-nee," Takane said to her.

"Honestly, you two are two peas in a pod," Minami grumbled as the two continued to hug her. She then smirked. "I guess you're my two gluttonous peas."


1 Referred to as “cherry blossom” instead of “sakura” to avoid confuse between Sakura and the actual flower.

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