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Thank you so much but the question that i want to do (sorry if i do it in a bad form) is

Which of the songs (Like Kiramekirai or Ippai Ippai) That appear in PS (In-game) appears in SS (Not DLC).

And again, thank you so much for take your time for answer my questions

All songs that show in Platinum Stars will show up as Stella Stage songs.

You will need to do the requisite live to unlock the song. They are scattered across all categories, so if you haven't seen a song that was in the base Platinum Stars in Stella Stage yet, you will need to keep playing.

Dark what are the songs that doesn´t exist in SS of PS?

And how many years you can play in the game (In The IM@S 2 you only can play 1 year)

Just to save a bit of trouble (and to clarify for various reasons) here's answers for you:

The Platinum Stars Costume and Song DLC that was available for purchase will directly transfer over - you do not need to own Platinum Stars to buy the DLC, but it is paid DLC only that carries over - no preorder or promotional materials from Platinum stars will transfer over, neither will the mail boost DLC (as there is a set there for use)

Stella Stage is an infinite time game - apart from achievements (which require you to earn the six major titles) you are not time pressured, but the 48 week year (12*4) will have different events available depending on when in the year you are.

Any songs that aren't in PS or SS will most likely be released as Stella Stage DLC.

THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Re: Stella Stage Spoilers - Discussion
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:57:24 PM »
I personally find this sort of design (And its flaws) interesting mostly from a fictional construction point of view - apparently everything that was released around this time is having various design errors.

I mean, the Last Jedi, Atelier Lydie & Suelle, and Stella Stage have had several errors which may cause problems. Fortunately in Stella Stage's case, the deep seeded problems that come with the plot can be fixed with the tried and true method (within the im@s universe) of issuing a new vision, erasing the incredible mistakes that they made here. It's not the perfect fix, but if you treat Stella Stage as fanfiction, it'll hold mostly intact.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle are the last of their arc, meaning the mistakes they made won't be continued on in further games, since the next game will happen in a new universe.

The Last Jedi has the problem of not being able to do neither, and I wonder if Disney will suffer for it.

I'm looking at the first chunk of title lives, and there's some big chunks like Feb-April and Jul-Aug that seems a bit hard to schedule around, get boosts for, and keep mood up to keep going through. Aside from brute forcing with high levels, is it possible to basically have "teams" for each title? Example: Ritsuko does IU (Solo), Haruka(Lead)/Miki/Chihaya/Yayoi/Iori do IE (Quint), and Yukiho(Lead)/Makoto do SD (Duo)? Then you'd only have the IR (All Star) to make sure everyone is at least "ok" for. The title are company-wide this time and not per-idol this time, correct? I assume you'd have to keep the lead the same to keep challenging the next step in the title as well, but correct me if I'm wrong on that.

You work as a 13 idol team - it doesn't matter specifically WHO out of the team claims the qualifier (or the major) just that someone does. There's a reason why it names the squad, not the individual members, for successful partipation.

Levels don't matter much - your progress on the Coaching grid, your costumes/accessories and how much you feed your idols cookies and help them with candles matters much more. Your level only affects your base note value.

It's very unlikely until ultra late game (where you're so OP that you can throw anyone at the job) that you'd have more than one team of specialists for a certain section anyway, because they ramp up in difficulty.

ie. If you had to throw Ritsuko, Takane and Miki at a Trio, it's probably cause they were the best trio team you have (because EX Clearing these events gives you LOTS of CP) and the next one in the line has a higher bar.

Hi, I am about a week into my first idolmaster game and im having a great time so far (S-ranked everyone / EX cleared nearly everything / cleared Makotos CP board / have 2 outfits left to buy)

firstly i have another unlisted live for you - Haruka and Miki have an S rank duo in the 4th week of october (READY!)

I have a question about the burst skills - particurlarly in the DUO tree there are a lot of seemingly useless very expensive burst skills (5 and 7 come to mind i think) that dont actually lead to any other skills - do you need all of 1 to 7 for any reason other than you might like the look of them better than 8 if you arent on the edge of clearing a live score wise?


If you use Stage for You, the only selectable bursts (If you use them) are the ones that character unlocks. You can't use a burst that hasn't been purchased on the CP board, even if you're playing S4U.

Other than that, unless it's in in the way of another skill you do want, you don't need to, apart from clearing the board with one idol once for an achievement, if you're into that sort of thing.

Oh right, almost forgot, the important point, which matters for lategame stuff.

All non lives in the game (Lessons/Promotions) give temporary bonuses - they no longer level up a stat.

The non lives improve money gain and fan gain respectively (You pay for the fan boost promotion) and the lessons provide burst scoring bonus, memory appeal bonus and chain combo bonus respectively. The strength will determine how many weeks the boost is for (Spend more, get more)

First things first: there's a bug (we think) where the game won't give you the lesson bonus for burst or memory appeal if you're maxed out on the stat.

This can be fixed by abusing this next point - You can have MULTIPLE lesson bonuses running at the same time. If you have the max chain lesson active, then do the others, the bonuses will correctly calculate.

This makes using the lessons near mandatory for the three S ranked permanent SP events available (where you have to perform a typeless stage and where you cannot use trending to tilt the board in your favour) if you want to EX (And if you're under level 65, even just pass!) and get the accessories they have.

Edit: Found a second undocumented Live - Iori/Ami/Azusa - Smokey Thrill, month 1, week 4

That is correct - each event on the left side (marked by a symbol) is associated with a major title. The other events are effectively qualifiers - fail to clear (or EX, not sure) them, and you won't be allowed to enter the next one.

Chihaya's is the only one I stumbled over - You need to have that idol as lead that week for it to show up on the SP list.

I'll note that with the unique events, that you need to find the first to do the second, and so on. They need to be EX Cleared to reveal the next one in the chain.

I've been grinding CP, since well, see previous point about bursts, before I can move onto my next phase of working. If I see others, I'll note them down.

I did learn some interesting things while playing through Stella Stage (I've 100% and collected all the costumes/accessories), and they do contradict what I thought earlier, so apologies for the misinformation earlier:

- There IS a penalty for running any of the 13 idols down - if you run any one of them down far enough, you will be forced to skip the following week. This means that the penalty only really applies if you have a schedule to keep (Namely, hitting the 6 majors)

- There are events that won't list on the calendar - All the idols have their own special events, which are locked by Song/participants. Some will list (Haruka's will, as well Iori/Ami/Ritsuko) as they have items attached to them for (EX)clear. Others will not - Chihaya's special event (month 12, week 1) doesn't have anything attached to the event, apart from a nice CP boost.

I imagine there's others, but I haven't seen them.

- Do not use the trophy system to determine if you've found everything - you CAN platinum the game without finding all the costumes or accessories.

- What bursts you have available in Stage for You is determined by your game's CP grid for that idol - in short? If you want access to everything, start clearing that grid for every individual idol.

The depressed statuses don't affect things that much unless you're on an edge case score wise. You can run them to death by overworking, without much consequence. You'll get less presents I think, and a slight handicap to your score, but it's not much unless you're soloing (Then the penalty accumulatively hurts, because the math always assumes your other idols are at 100% for the appeal calculations.

You'll have to deal with resting. You can't drive everyone into a 48 week hell. Well, unless you want to.

If you've played PS, the items will be pretty much identical. The gameplay is much the same, and you'll have experience in setting up costumes (No skills attached to them this time though)

Live selection is similar, catergories, type, rewards listed.

If you played OFA, you'll find the CP map similar to the grid system, with cute chibi idols. Communications are mostly flavour and failing a communication will most likely be a 'Damn I wish I could do better' than anything else. You'll raise memory appeals just fine without it.

Actually, the fun part is that if you think it's just an improved PS well... It's a significant bit closer to OfA than you'd think but most people don't check. Heck, I'd argue it's also got aspects of im@s PS3 in there too. Or some SP.

Let's say this. There's actual major plot points. One of them (it's the spoiler thread in question) most people haven't seen yet. You might suspect PART of it, but one part WILL catch you by the curve.

There's also a significant running storyline, but most people will miss that unless you try out the various non live options. It's not that far off the track but... if you focus on levelling your idol above all else, you won't see it for a long time.

There's also a STUPID amount of content interdispersed. If you can name it from im@s there's actually decent odds you can find it there, as a unlockable, unless the song is in catalog 1, or was already part of the PS DLC set.

I'll start off with one surprise - The original THE iDOLM@STER is in Stella Stage. So is 2nd Mix.

Weird when you consider that the original was retired FOR 2nd because of the move to second vision.

There's 35 trio/Quintet, and 2 medleys that are NOT DLC, and I suspect there's still some left I haven't found, and I've got ~70% of the game EX'd. The hard part is 'finding the live that has it as an unlock' although the CP grid has some as unlocks.
It's basically a spin on OfA but you have to explore the menus and do more than the 'Run a live, clear, run to next live' in the solo chain (even though that's actually the most inefficient way to play due to how Extreme Clears double all rewards gotten) because some events will only unlock if you EX clear events in the chain (as well as various unlockables)

It's the sort of slow play, but there IS an end in sight, and unlike PS, it's all dependant on you and your progress in the game. I've no idea how many items are in the game, cause I haven't done a count yet. Just say 'A lot' for the time being.

THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Re: Stella Stage Spoilers - Discussion
« on: December 22, 2017, 03:19:12 PM »
I'll start with my take, bearing in mind I am not a Japanese speaker, and you may wish to consult with a Japanese Speaker for your legal and comprehension needs.

I mean where do you start? The first thing to note is that when you pick up Shika for your secret production runs, is that she'll ask for 30 minutes first, so she can slip away first.

Bearing in mind you're taking her to a concert for her to perform in front of thousands of people.

So this leaves a series of questions:

a) She might be busy, and even if the producer can plan things meticulously to have her ready to go to perform when she gets there (not happening cause she needs to get stage makeup and prep and that takes time) and that wastes all the resources the producer has to outlay for these events to happen. (Fortunately, the president is allowing the use of resources for this, or otherwise our P would be an embezzing P, and will be spending time practicing the jailhouse rock if court)

b) Kuroi IS going to notice his own daughter suddenly getting popular and writing in mail and other oddities. Nevermind the producer being the best business ninja ever - you don't HIDE that sort of thing forever. I mean the producer's job during this arc is to help her make the extreme live (which means you do Kuroi's job for him, more or less) and... Kuroi doesn't really notice?

c) Could you imagine the conversation? "Dad, I need to do something for the next few hours, mind if I go?"
"You're scheduled for vocal practice in an hour, you're not going anywhere."
"But please?"

... Seriously? I somehow doubt that Shika making puppy eyes to her dad's going to convince him to let her disappear for hours on end.

Then there's the legal problems.

If I remember right, Shika isn't that old, so there's the big problem of age - As her legal guardian, he could charge the producer with kidnapping. He could allege poaching and contract breach if she's formally part of the 861 agency. Doing this LITERALLY gives Kuroi the ammunition to destroy 765 with so many clauses that it is business suicide to go ahead with this.

If nothing else, by law, he could instruct 765 from ever getting near her for business purposes, and legally 765 has to obey the moment they become aware of her identity as long as the request was legal and reasonable.

The president is AWARE of the arrangement - he's there when she asks the producer, and agrees and lets the producer be a secret producer (He suggests the title in fact), and allows him to do work for her while letting 765 run itself for a while.

Uh, mister president. Corporate responsibility for your COMPANY?

Then there's the relationship issues - nevermind the grudge and the rest of it, Kuroi's had enough intimacy to have a KID. If the President KNOWS about it (and it's suggested he's aware) he's either a moron (see previous point) or he's doing it to score a cruel point against Kuroi (which works tactically, if you ignored the previous point) in their feud.

Of course, I don't know much more - her mother isn't discussed. Cue the fanfiction I suppose?

In short: At first, second and third brush, the sequence of events that occur given the facts given at the end of her arc is... a bit fantastical, considering im@s is a heavily romanticised (Namely, it's buffed up and shiny and the real industry is much more cutthroat) but actually fairly realistic simulation about how the idol industry works. There's absolutely no way in HELL you could have the above happen without spending time doing the jailhouse rock.

THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Stella Stage Spoilers - Discussion
« on: December 22, 2017, 01:53:58 PM »
If you do not want to be spoiled for Stella Stage's plot - And there IS a major plot, do not continue.

Don't say I warned you.

I mean it. If you even THINK of highlighting, this is your problem.

If you want to know if you know consider the following question:

"How many lives are listed in the column for 961 in your lives list? Why asking THAT mean anything?"
or "Have you found a head accessory that wasn't level 1 when you obtained it? Why would THAT question be relevant?"

If you can answer either pair of questions with a functional answer, you can read the first spoiler without worry. If you know the end result of the first spoiler, you'll know what I'm talking about.

They vary in levels of spoiler, so I'll separate them in parts. Refer to part 1 and part 2 if you want to openly discuss.

Part 1: 

This fact will be revealed in the first Compendium release, so you got 2 months to deal with this one.

Shika is producible - You become her Secret Producer. She becomes playable with a mini cycle and the average playthrough to get through her arc is roughly 3-6 months of lives. She gets 4 songs to choose from,. including the titluar song of Stella Stage's 765, ToP. The president is IN on this, by the way.

Part 2:

Shika is Kuroi's Daughter.

Incidently, she's not 18, which raises how the hell any of this works. Even if you ignore the massive amount of suing just due to contractual breeches, the fact that Kuroi is a terrible parent (but the latter's believable) and the fact it makes the president of 765 look petty and vindicative... The entire plot could be stopped simply by Kuroi saying 'no, I do not give permission' and it'd be incredibly legally binding.

This explains why Shika does not have her last name disclosed in ANY of the Stella Stage promotional material. Yes, they planned it big.



v1.6.18.3 is now live.


- DL Live 18 items are now available for selection in the Compendium.
- There is now a dropdown selector which now allows you to examine costumes and accessories as they fit on Chihaya.


- Medleys are not available in this release, due to additional work to make them viable.

- Skills are not currently visible. If you wish to have a certain burst be used, you will need to discover which costumes can support the burst you are seeking, then ensure that the correct costume is selected to make this happen.

- Stage names have not been included in this release. If you can provide an accurate stage list, please contact me, and we will discuss implementation.

- Currently only Haruka and Chihaya can be previewed for costumes and accessories. Yukiho is pending.


v1.6.17.2 is now live.


- DL Live 17 items are now available for selection in the Compendium.


- Missing costumes CLE-69 and CUT-62 have been correctly added to the costume list and are now available for selection.


- Medleys are not available in this release, due to additional work to make them viable.

- Skills are not currently visible. If you wish to have a certain burst be used, you will need to discover which costumes can support the burst you are seeking, then ensure that the correct costume is selected to make this happen.

- Stage names have not been included in this release. If you can provide an accurate stage list, please contact me, and we will discuss implementation.

- Currently only Haruka can be previewed for costumes and accessories. Chihaya is pending asset creation completion.

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