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So Valkyrie (バルキリー) - Hibiki, Takane, Chihaya ended up winning. Now we just need to choose the song. Voting will be up until 6/6 as the playthrough will begin 6/7.

In OFA we started with Chihaya and PS we started with Hibiki.
I guess to be fair Ohimechin gets to start this time around.

So the order we'll do is:

Takane > Hibiki > Chihaya > Yayoi > Iori > Mami > Yukiho > Azusa > Ritsuko > Ami > Makoto > Miki > Haruka

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: May 17, 2017, 06:52:35 AM »
@ Poke-Idol!A9E1VT5Q!1vNBURUAPAhjlZ9e6G69qFwm2AapJV2u0DyMd03zo48!48lTCBQR!zD3Bfpno5fkc_0VyJitsg4sMibMc8WdUDDe3BCcIvto

As a reminder if you were going to request two videos (the limit per week). You are to request them together in the same post. You will have to now wait until your next request date (5/24 - SERVER TIME) to request two videos. There is a OFA request board but the only one (to my knowledge) that is taking requests is me but my OFA requests are PAID requests and are NOT for free. Otherwise you will have to seek out ShirayukiP on YouTube.!YhF3mCbL!MA-b3PV3pftvXp92oXf_jP9nznpaohjgSE56c3PZKV4


As a reminder if you were going to request two videos (the limit per week). You are to request them together in the same post. You will have to now wait until your next request date (5/24 - SERVER TIME) to request two videos. You were previously warned about this before and I will not be so lenient like last time.!xsNB2T7T!2f9IWHCsrpBcRN3fU_RqEOd1s8PG7JPQwTqE17rkMcg


OfA video requests / PAID Request Filling Profile - Hime Idol
« on: May 17, 2017, 03:57:18 AM »
The following rules apply to everyone; no one is exempt from them. I expect everyone to follow these rules as listed.

Request Status: OPEN

Leave Your Requests Here:,2079.0.html

Everyone Please Read The Rules BEFORE Making Requests!

The Rules:

1. These are PAID requests. They are NOT for free.

2. Every video costs $2. A discount will be provided for every 5 videos requested at a time.
(5 videos will cost $8, 10 videos cost $13, 15 videos cost $18, etc. But please be reasonable with the amount of videos you request; I’m not a robot.)

3. Videos will not be given out until payment is received. Paypal will be used for this. My PayPal.Me link:
(Payment is to be sent after I inform you that the videos are done and ready.)

4. The iDOLM@STER One For All request form (made by Setsuna) must be used:

5. Although not required it's preferable if you state what camera angle you would prefer (either Long or Auto). If the camera angle isn't stated I'll record with it set to Auto.

* Please do not ask me to do special camera angles. Such as shoot the video at mid-cam and move the camera angles between long and mid throughout focusing on this idol at this certain angle and another idol at this angle. I’m not good with manually moving the camera. The video will turn out horrible and since this is paid for I don't want you to waste your money on something that may look awful.

* Also please do not ask for bursts or appeals. I’m not great with timing them either and they end up looking stupid and I don't want to ruin your paid request and waste your money. (only exception are the EX solo songs where super appeal bursts can be requested)

* Also state if you would like subtitles in your video as I generally remove them. I find the video looks more realistic without them.

* If you have a unit name you want me to use just mention it with the request. Just keep in mind there is a 10 character limit for the unit names.

6. You can also request to not have the audience cheer in the background but be aware that it does not work for Quintets and when Quintet Stages are picked for Trios, Duos, or Solos. It also does not work for outdoor stages, only TV stages meant for trios/duos/solos work.

7. You can request to have solo outfits for other songs besides the solo songs. You just have to manipulate the text around manually.
Ex: The world is all one!! (St-01) (1 Iori EXC-03) (2 Makoto FLO-04) (3 Yayoi FLO-04) it will appear by default as The world is all one!! (St-01) (1 Iori FLO-04) (2 Makoto FLO-04) (3 Yayoi FLO-04) before editing Iori's outfit manually.

8. After recording and payment is received, I will upload the videos to YouTube and I will also send you the links to the files of the videos through MEGA as well. If you wish to upload the video to YouTube too you may. But please give the proper credit and leave a link (linking back to my YouTube account) in the description of the video that you received the video from me. Once you have downloaded your videos and saved them to your computer/email/file share site, let me know so I can delete them. BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOADED AND SAVED THEM BEFORE NOTIFYING ME BECAUSE THEY WILL BE DELETED FOREVER! You will have to pay and re-request them if you end up telling me to delete the video(s) and not having them saved or deleting them yourself without having them backed up elsewhere.

PLEASE NOTE: Zekken, Arui wa Nigerarenu Koi and Good-Byes cannot be uploaded on YouTube or else they will be muted (Good-Byes is situational as some videos are muted and some aren't). If those two songs are requested only MEGA links will be sent out.


Solo Songs:


Solo Outfits:


Regular Outfits:

ALL (just waiting on the Producer Box to come in the mail - around 6/1-6/8 - then I'll have EXT-18 finally)


All except Ar-042 that was a Japan-only release with no possible way of getting it outside Japan.


All of them except the DLC guest idol ones, like the CG or ML songs that were released. I'm not wasting my money on those. Sorry but I'm not.

For those that fail to comply to the rules will simply have their requests ignored and they will remain unfulfilled. Repeat offenders will be blacklisted from requesting from me.

What will get you a warning:

1. Not paying for the requests at all and just leave me hanging. Once I tell you the videos are ready you have 7 days to pay me or else the videos will be deleted.

2. Did not use the Request Form at all.

3. Say or do something to really, really piss me off. If you act like an ungrateful brat you will get a warning. I do this during MY spare time, you're on my timetable not the other way around. I know this is paid for and I will try my best to get the videos done as soon as possible once the request is received. I will not tolerate such behavior. We are NOT children and we will behave like adults and speak respectfully to each other. (Depending on the severity of what was said it could be an automatic ban from my requests.)

4. After I tell you to do/not do something and you continue to do whatever it is.

Those on my banned list will never be removed; you earned your spot there for a reason after all.

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: May 15, 2017, 02:43:44 AM »
@Hime Idol

Hello. If I may, I'd like to make a couple of requests.  :)

99 Nights (St-12)
(Azusa, Chihaya)

Kiramekirari (St-03)

No audience. Auto cam. No subtitles.

I hope I have the format right!


Do not edit the code you get from the compendium like you did with the first request. Commas are not needed and end up screwing up the code.!01ETnAJZ!qjIAwJAI-kX-d3hSPfNjTyT8vtHY6mnqoIjLJbtbLf0!9hs2gI7Q!urrAubNOt5tYrD00QORPnYUoFYhHUqXqHzTXIYy0WYQ

Other iM@S discussion / Re: Unpopular opinion
« on: May 14, 2017, 12:59:36 AM »
Personally I love using Yayoi as a backup singer for I Want. She's THE best back up singer for that song.

I also love using Yayoi in the second slot for trio versions of Meisou Mind. She hits the notes perfectly. Which is very odd considering it is Yayoi after all.

Also I have the very unpopular opinion that Takane's version of DREAM is horrible and that her version of Tonari ni... isn't that good. I honestly don't like Miki or Takane much in the m@ster version of Overmaster either; their game version sounds a bit better. I rather use Hibiki, Yukiho, Iori in Overmaster - in those exact positions. And I love Chihaya's 9:02pm.

I also have the EXTREMELY unpopular opinion that Takane tends to sound bad in most of her m@ster versions of songs. She always sounds better in the game version or when Yumi Hara performs live.

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: May 13, 2017, 04:36:01 AM »
@Hime Idol

Herro! I'm here to make two requests ^^

I Want (St-08)
(COS-51 Hd-107 Bd-108)

L・O・B・M (St-11)
(CUT-41 Hd-071)

Auto cam, subtitles can be left on and no audience. Thank you in advance!

@Kawaii Lumi!El0GUQob!Du1toPGsyQAOEvQfQAyVb4Hr69XK77RL7fxNrnSAkiA!5oUFlLSJ!p8zDA0AGZGcTsj_qztbX3Qz0J-p2QMkixX3T5wjrFm4

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: May 12, 2017, 07:08:53 AM »
@Hime Idol

Amami Haruka, Kisaragi Chihaya, and Shijou Takane
Audience: 80%
No Subtitles

I Want (St-01)
(Haruka Chihaya Takane)
(COO-44 Ar-089 Lg-090)

Futari no Kioku (St-01)
(Haruka Chihaya Takane)
(COS-51 Hd-071 Bd-072 Ar-073 Lg-074)
@Hime Idol

The Live Kakumei de SHOW! (St-02)
(Ritsuko Haruka Yukiho Iori Chihaya)
(COO-12 Hd-010 Bd-064)

Vault That Borderline! (St-11)
(Haruka Ritsuko Chihaya)



For some reason the unit name PERSEPHONE was setting off the filter and it was considering it a curse word. Very odd.!Z8UhTYLa!GEbbZzXo3u7JH3Ig4S8-BX-t-4qE0A4aROGdGtaL-6w!w1kWkTqD!j-J7HEtpV5tnfdLHN9gh1wqlMBGPF3Rt2WNBGoDmfFQ


Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: May 12, 2017, 07:05:45 AM »
GO MY WAY!! (St-11)
(CUT-41 Hd-051)

Visionary (St-06)
(Azusa Takane Yukiho)
(COS-51 Hd-071 Bd-052)
no subtitles, audience and auto camera

Keep up the good work! Thank you for taking in all these request
@Hime Idol

I am back for more!

Unit: thanatos
Audience: 80%

Kyun! Vampire Girl (St-12)
(Chihaya Azusa Takane)
(COO-71 Hd-051 Bd-124 Ar-145 Lg-134)

Audience: 90%

Honey Heartbeat (St-02)
(Makoto Mami Hibiki Miki Chihaya)
(CLE-30 Hd-008 Bd-136 Ar-030 Lg-040)



Characters / Re: Favorite Idols
« on: May 11, 2017, 02:32:58 AM »





Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: May 09, 2017, 05:32:10 PM »
Please !
1. Little Match Girl (St-05)
(COS-50 Hd-006)
2. Honey Heartbeat (St-11)
(Makoto Chihaya Azusa Yayoi Mami)
(COS-39 Hd-127 Lg-130)
Hello, I am back to make new request. Can I please request:

Happy (St-10)
(Azusa Ritsuko Takane)

(Takane Azusa Ritsuko)

Audience off, subtitles off. Thank you in advance.
@Hime Idol

Hi, I have two Platinum Stars Requests if thats ok, it would be much appreciated :)

GO MY WAY!! (St-10)
(Haruka Yayoi Iori)

Meisou Mind (St-07)
(Takane Makoto)

Also I would like for the audience to be off if thats ok :)




Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: May 08, 2017, 04:29:22 PM »
Just a friendly reminder
You are too early to request again

No he isn't. His request date is 5/8 as per what I told him the last time he requested. Please, leave enforcing the rules to me. I really don't need or want people micro-managing the board. It will cause nothing but confusion and errors to occur if the wrong thing is stated.

Technically his request date would have been 5/9 (SERVER TIME) but because he made his previous request two days before I decided to take the in between date of the two requests. Though Siku should note that was a one-time deal and that the full 7-day rule applies from here on out.

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: May 08, 2017, 06:35:02 AM »
@Hime Idol


Visionary (St-01)
(Ami Yukiho Miki)
(COS-54 Hd-079 Lg-054)

The Live Kakumei de SHOW! (St-03)
(Ami Yukiho Miki)
(CUT-41 Ar-033 Lg-074)

70% audience, no subtitles for both please. Thank you!

Sorry about that, guess I overlooked something in the rules after all
Requesting only one song

Amaterasu (St-09)
(Haruka Azusa Takane)
(CLE-67 Hd-119 Lg-126)

Unit name: CHAM!
Audience: 30%
Camera: Auto



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