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Other iM@S games / Re: The iDOLM@STER: SideM (mobage)
« on: March 26, 2017, 11:49:49 AM »
Every Anim@s by a1 will be better than what Xenoglossia was....
I am actually excited for a1 pictures, they did well with the otehr two animes
the only thing I am concerned about it that there will be a lot of drama as seen in anim@s und dereani... I can't see the male Idols crying or quitting or anything like that...

I really hope ryo will be seen often xD

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:33:56 PM »
@Hime Idol

Another week another set of request~
as always thank you for your hard work Hime!

Unit: thanatos
Audience: 80%

Kamisama no Birthday (St-12)
(Chihaya Azusa Takane)
(CUT-66 Hd-143 Bd-052 Ar-117 Lg-118)

Unit: x Note (pronounced Cross Note)
Audience: 80%

Boku-tachi no Resistance (St-05)
(Haruka Makoto Miki)
(COO-58 Bd-128 Ar-089 Lg-090)


Pretty much knew it, since Risa Taneda is on hiatus. I think they wanted all the voice actresses present for all the recordings.

You could say that but htere are hits that she is back from hiatus or slowly starting to come back.
But most likely it is because side M has to stand up against other male idol games that dominate the market at the moment like Idolish7, marginal#4, tsukiuta and many more which got anime adaptations last/this year. It is more likely that the anime coming so soon is a marketing strategy to stay relevant inside this huge pool of male idols which have a pretty big fanbase.

Other iM@S discussion / Re: Self-named Units
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:44:05 AM »
As you could guess from  the request, my main Unit ist always thanatos xD but here are my few selfnamed units

thanatos - Chihaya, Takane, Azusa

Majestic Snow - Iori, Yukiho

x Note (Cross Note) - Haruka, Makoto, Miki

Project 0 (Project Zero) - Hibiki, Mami, Ritsuko

Datenshi - Chihaya, Azusa, Takane, Hibiki, Mami

Happy!Lucky!- Yayoi, Ami

69 Power (Pronounced Rock Power)- Hibiki, Makoto

Other iM@S games / Re: The iDOLM@STER: SideM (mobage)
« on: March 13, 2017, 08:53:38 PM »
So tomorrow is 315 day. Place your bets on your predictions!

I hope we will see a PV for tha anime and some screeshots or videos from the mobile games since we have no official footage from that yet

and maybe they announce when preregistrations for live on stage start

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: March 13, 2017, 11:39:37 AM »
@Hime Idol

Starting Today I will put two of my units in the requests~ thank you for your hard work Hime!

Unit Name: thanatos
Audience: 80%

Miracle Night (St-12)
(Chihaya Azusa Takane)
(COS-70 Hd-051 Bd-022 Ar-035 Lg-046)

Unit Name: Majestic Snow

Amaterasu (St-01)
(Iori Yukiho)
(CLE-56 Hd-139 Bd-060 Ar-105 Lg-106)

Other iM@S games / Million Live - Theater Days
« on: March 12, 2017, 02:26:14 PM »
Sooo for all of those wondering why side M get's a mobile game before Million Live, It doesn't
they both get a game this year

here is the trailer for the Million Live App Rhythm Game

Probably won't get it because Imas Games take up so much space and I only have space for either side M or million live and since I like Side M More than ML I will get the Side M one.

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: March 05, 2017, 11:28:48 AM »
@Hime Idol

sooo seven days have passed and I am back with 2 new request

as usual unit name for both ist : thanatos

Nanairo Button (St-01)
(Chihaya Azusa Takane)
(CUT-63 Hd-012 Bd-092 Ar-061 Lg-106)

Ippai Ippai (St-09)
(Chihaya Azusa Takane)
(COS-40 Hd-071 Bd-020 Lg-074)

Community works / Kimikos Idols (OCs)
« on: February 26, 2017, 12:47:22 AM »
So, Hime inspired me to also post my Idol OC Bios here. As some of you know, I had started programming a game based on my two main idols, Fate and Destiny, some time ago but the game died with my old laptop, since it was so sudden, that I didn't have a backup and getting all that data and do all that programming again, I just don't want to. so here are the 2 Idols of my Agency and their rivals. Sadly their Bios are not as good written as Himes, eventhough I had a whole game about them planned out back then. Maybe I will write some one-shots like Hime does with my ocs, but I will see, if I have some time. So here they are. (also sorry for grammatical errors, english is not my native language)

Name: Kimiko Akashiya
Birthdate: September, 23rd
Age: 18 years
Hair: short white hair
Eye Color: iceblue
Height: 170 cm
Weight:50 kg
Three Sizes: 83-60-86
Agency: Ryuusei Productions
Nicknames: Kimi, Kim, Fate
Unit: Fate x Destiny (pronounces simply FateDestiny)
CV: Ringo Aoba
Voice Sample: パンドラの楽園
Character traits: If you don't know her and only judge her on her looks, you will think that she is a calm and shy girl, but she has a really outgoing personality. She also likes to tease her producer a lot.
She always loved music, but never thought about becoming an idol, only after her friend Papina ask her to make an Idol Group with her, she takes a liking to the idea. The two of them started out as only playing streets gigs, since they had no production backing them up back then. At one of the gigs a man approached them and asked them, if they wanted to try out being real idols, so they joined Ryuusei Pro. When the director and producer wanted her to sing a cute girly song for her debut, she denied. She wanted her debut song to be something powerful, she wanted to make music in a similar style to her Idol Syoko Hoshi, so she wrote a metal song together with papina, who is really skilled with a lot of instrumens. after beeing an solo act for a few month, Papina and her wanted to be a group again, finally and officially forming the unit Fate x Destiny.

Name: Papina Sakakura
Birthdate: July, 4th
Age: 17 years
Hair: long wavy brown hair
Eye Color: brown
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Three Sizes: 75-58-78
Agency: Ryuusei Productions
Nicknames: Papi, Papillon (French pronounciation), Destiny
Unit: Fate x Destiny
CV: Eri Kitamura
Voice Sample: Beautiful Wish
Character traits: She is calm and collected, She thinks twice before doing things and likes to help people.
Papina was the one who asked Kimiko to make some music with her, resulting in the street gigs where their producer found them. She writes most of her songs herself, but also the songs for the group or kimikos solos. She plays a lot of instruments. She comes from a family of classical musicians, which are not to happy about her being an Idol, but she lives her dream together with Kimiko

(Rival Bios in the next post~)

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: February 25, 2017, 09:35:39 AM »
Another Week Another Set of Request
Thanks for always donig them Hime!

As usual:
Unit: thanatos
Audience: 70%

99 Nights (St-12)
(Chihaya Azusa Takane)
(COO-42 Hd-051 Bd-124 Ar-053 Lg-110)

Here we go!! (St-11)
(Chihaya Azusa Takane)
(COO-43 Hd-139 Bd-060 Ar-145 Lg-126)

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: February 17, 2017, 07:29:26 PM »
another week has passed (finally) and here I am with the third batch of my unit reqeust!

Unit: thanatos
audience: 70%

Boku-tachi no Resistance (St-02)
(Chihaya Takane Azusa)
(COO-44 Hd-055 Ar-057 Lg-090)

Overmaster (St-02)
(Chihaya Takane Azusa)
(COO-58 Hd-071 Bd-056 Ar-030 Lg-138)

Is that confirmed and is there a source for that?

Gami- P said  that he was glad that he found a studio that wanted to handle a side M anime. So I would say it is safe to assume that A1 will not be doing it. Of course there is no official source but I'm pretty sure it will be confirmed sooner than later

Apparently GamiP found a producer and staff willing to make a SideM anime a reality.

At first, I was aggressively against the idea of SideM getting an anime before Million Live. In fact, the mere idea made me furious.

However, over time, I came to accept the fact and realized that all it would do was delay a Million Live anime rather than outright cancel it.

Plus, this gives me a better opportunity to get introduced to SideM alongside the new Live on St@ge game.

So bring on the era of male idols, I say!

It does not necessary mean that Million Live anime get's delayed, since Side M anime will not be produced by a1 pictures

Other iM@S games / Re: The iDOLM@STER: SideM (mobage)
« on: February 12, 2017, 06:30:03 PM »
Sorry for double posting, but, there will be the SideM anime!

seeing my baby saki come to life Q_Q I can't wait!

first marginal#4 got theri anime, then idolish7 annouced the anime for this year and now this!

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