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Author Topic: Favorite Idols  (Read 16550 times)


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Re: Favorite Idols
« Reply #135 on: May 17, 2017, 01:44:43 PM »
1. Takane - Beautiful character, beautiful voice, beautiful looks. I feel like her personality has incredible depth, so that I always know there is something I haven't yet learned about her and she often has a unique and interesting way of seeing things.  I wanna keep it short here, maybe I'll put a longer explanation in another thread.

2. Chihaya - I like serious, more quiet and dark characters, so Chihaya fits that very well. However I don't feel the same kind of depth from her that I feel in Takane and sometimes find her drama a bit unrelatable. Her voice is great for the right kind of songs, which also happen to be songs I like.
3. Yukiho - I like her soft and kind character and I also like how she tries to overcome her weakness. However sometimes her anxiety and low self esteem go a bit too far and she can become a bit annoying. Her voice is very pleasant in songs like "Ano hi no namida" but can be a bit squeaky at times.
4. Azusa - She is very kind, positive and calm. She also had the best episode in the anime and her airheadedness often leads to fun situations. However due to her thoughtlessness she also feels a bit lacking in depth and her visuals don't appeal to me very much. Her singing voice is great.
5. Hibiki - She is very cute and energetic, a fun character, but as mentioned earlier I normally prefer more serious characters. As much as I hate to admit it, her design is what puts her above Yayoi for me. Her singing is fun but I don't really find it something special.
6. Yayoi - Very similar to Hibiki for me, but I particularily like how she's always cheerful even though she comes from a poor family. For both her and Hibiki I find interacting with them in the games very fun.
7. Haruka - She is cute and a very good friend, which means a lot to me. However besides that she's kinda bland and I think I would maybe like her more if she wasn't constantly pushed into the mc/leader kind of role and getting extra exposure even though she doesn't really have any particular appeal.

8. Makoto - The thing about her wanting to be more girly is kinda cute and relatable, but I don't really like tomboys and she is too impulsive for my liking (though that could be said about some idols I have higher aswell). Also while her voice is definitely unique it is not really one I like.
9. Ritsuko - I can never really come to quite like her. I find her role as "producer-idol" interesting, aswell as her being kind of a smart, older (compared to most other idols) girl, but even though she is older she is still extremely impulsive and I don't like her voice at all, especially when singing.
10. Mami - I just don't really like these childish, mischievous and immature characters and I also don't like the designs of the twins very much either. I like Mamis more than Amis though which is why I have her ahead.
11. Ami - see above

12. Miki
13. Iori
I'm not gonna say anything about these 2, since while I dislike them they still have their fans and producers and I don't want to be a meany!


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Re: Favorite Idols
« Reply #136 on: May 21, 2017, 09:29:48 PM »
Favorite Idol
Ami (She's the one that sold me on the series, and I just adore her, too bad she doesn't get a lot of attention)



Indifferent/Don't care