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Author Topic: An Interview with Myself  (Read 55 times)


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An Interview with Myself
« on: May 04, 2017, 04:19:05 PM »
So, basically, these are random, as in completely random questions, that I think when I'm bored. Also, this is a way to get to know me more as a person, and as a Producer. Damn, I wanna do this for a long time!

1. How does it feel when you first listened to Ankira?

Answer: I laughed. They're too cute to even handle and Kirari has just a soft spot because of her awesomely cute voice. Hate me all you want, but Kirari is my CG waifu! (She's just third on my main waifus, though. Chihaya is purely awesome, but not as perfect and exquisite as Takane.)

2. Why do you like 60 Minutes?

Answer: It was Lesley Stahl's interview with Steven Spielberg back in 2012 that really stuck on me. It was just a short glimpse, but it was Steven Spielberg. Then 2015 came, and I started watching it. That was when I really became a fan of Anderson that I started watching it. I can't remember what I first watched, but what I first liked was Lumber Liquidators. Then it came that when he does hard reports, I am in love. (Case in point: Le Pen)

3. Why do you think you want to become a journalist?

Answer: I vividly remember the memory, but not the specific time or date. I believe it was two weeks after my appendix was removed (I almost died) and 10 days before that, I was out of the hospital and immediately went upstairs to sleep on my bed. My parents said "It's a miracle!" but I missed my bed! I missed it so damn much I really went upstairs and Mom was surprised! It was on my brothers' bedroom/family room and I was watching a local CNN station and they were airing a promo plug and that's when I saw Anderson and immediately cried. Ahhhh, tears of joy. Then, the rest was history.

I'll update this as soon as I get bored. I'm not finished with Chapter 2 of A New Future! 'cause I'm damn lazy, so lazy you could almost compare me to Anzu. ;D

I love anime, food, news and Anderson Cooper. ❤