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Author Topic: Favorite iM@S songs  (Read 6061 times)


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Re: Favorite iM@S songs
« Reply #15 on: November 03, 2014, 01:14:41 AM »
This is small for now since I still feel I'm not acquainted enough with all the girls singing different songs to anywhere near complete the list; I'll probably update this eventually. I just went with what songs I liked them singing the most so I didn't pick from image songs or anything like that.

Makoto: Taiyou no Jealousy
Chihaya: Aoi Tori
Miki: Fate of The World
Takane: Kyun Vampire Girl
Hibiki: Overmaster
Favorite Cinderella Girls solo: Hanakanzashi
Top 5 Original 765PRO Girls=Makoto, Azusa, Takane, Iori, Hibiki
Top 5 Cinderella Girls=Takumi, Rina, Natsuki, Tomoe, Akane
Top 5 Million Live Girls=Matsuri, Noriko, Roco, Julia, Chizuru
Top 5 SideM Guys=Suzaku, Michiru, Kyoji, Ryu, Michio


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Re: Favorite iM@S songs
« Reply #16 on: February 03, 2015, 08:34:03 PM »
Favorite Haruka song: I want,Suteki Hapiness
Favorite Chihaya song: Saihyo, arcadia, yakusoku
Favorite Yukiho song: Komos,Cosmos
Favorite Yayoi song: Pla-Sonic Love, Kiramekirari
Favorite Makoto song: Meisou Mind , Jitensha
Favorite Azusa song: Lo-Ve-Ly, Tonari ni..., 9:02pm
Favorite Ritsuko song: Ippai Ippai, Mahou wo Kakete
Favorite Iori song: Futari no Kioku
Favorite Futami song: Start Star, Hokagou Jump
Favorite Miki song: Relations, Marionette no Kokoro
Favorite Hibiki song: Overmaster, Pon the Beach, Next Life
Favorite Takane song: Futatsu no Tsuki, Kazahana
Favorite Kotori song: Sora
Favorite 765 Song: Machiuke Prince
Favorite 876 song: Hello, Alive
Favorite 961 song: acceleration, Ultimate Eyes
Favorite Jupiter song: Alice or Guilty
Favorite Cinderella Girls group song: Onegai! Cinderella, Nation Blue
Favorite Cinderella Girls solo: Never say Never, You're stars shine on me, TOKIMEKI Escalation, Hana Tsubomi Yume miru Rhapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~, Venus Syndrome
Favorite Million Live group song: Thank you!!
Favorite Million Live solo: Precious Grain, Rebellion, Snow White
Favorite anime song: CHANGE!!
Favorite ballad: Aoi Tori
Favorite rem@ster: Relations -Rem@ster B
Favorite Movie song: Fate of the World
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Re: Favorite iM@S songs
« Reply #17 on: October 03, 2015, 05:30:16 AM »
Bump!!  Let's do this.

In order from Fav, next fav, and so on.  The idols with only 1 or 2 songs, I still haven't listened to most of their songs yet.(I'm getting there! XD)

Favorite Haruka song: Suteki Happiness, START!!, GO MY WAY, Otome yo Taishi o Idake!!, Kamisama no Birthday
Favorite Chihaya song: Yakusoku, Saihyou, Nemurihime, Me ga Au Toki, Arcadia, Positive! ;D
Favorite Yukiho song: ALRIGHT, My Best Friend(Yurina)
Favorite Yayoi song: Kiramekirari, Pla-sonic Love!
Favorite Makoto song: Jitensha, tear
Favorite Azusa song: Hare Iro, Tonari ni..., Kiss Me Goodbye
Favorite Ritsuko song: Ippai Ippai
Favorite Iori song: Ah Yokatta, My Song, DIAMOND, Zenryoku Idol
Favorite Futami song: uh, um, UM... hold on, lemme check the wiki real quick! I'll just put Ah Yokatta also for now
Favorite Miki song: relations, Eden, Squall, Marionette no Kokoro, Fate of the World, Vault the Borderline, Furufuru Future☆
Favorite Hibiki song: Shiny Smile, Nada Sousou, PON DE BEACH, Little Match Girl(especially acapella!), DREAM, Rebellion, Brand New Day, TRIAL DANCE
Favorite Takane song: Kyun! Vampire Girl(cuz um, yeah... you know XD), Flower Girl
Favorite Kotori song: Sora(one of my fav solo songs overall)
Favorite 765 song: i, MUSIC♪, Nijiiro Miracle, ONLY MY NOTE, Destiny, M@STERPIECE, Colorful Days
Favorite 876 song: HELLO!!, Mahou wo Kakete(Eri ver.), Dazzling World
Favorite 961/Jupiter song: Overmaster, Acceleration
Favorite Cinderella Girls group song: Onegai! Cinderella(I'd seriously put this on same tier as READY), Trancing Pulse(though full ver. not out yet XD), Dekitate Evo! Revo! Generation!, Atashi Ponkotsu Android
Favorite Cinderella Girls solo: S(mile)ING!(both ver.), Never Say Never, Koi Kaze, Hakka -Hakka-, (all so beautiful T.T for different reasons too)
Favorite Million Live group song: Thank You!!, Blue Symphony, Sentimental Venus, PRETTY DREAMER
Favorite Million Live solo: Happy Darling, Precious Grain, Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte, Happy☆Lucky☆Jet Machine
Favorite anime song: READY!!, CHANGE!!, Jibun Rest@rt, Watashi-tachi wa Zutto... Deshou?
Favorite "cute" song: Visionary(that Shiny Festa MV gets me everytime, so HNNNGGG XD)
Favorite ballad: uharhmmamuhmmm too many...
Favorite rem@ster: Do-Dai(Hibiki and Chihaya duet)
Favorite overall song: How to give an im@s fan a mental breakdown(M@STER ver.)


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Re: Favorite iM@S songs
« Reply #18 on: December 06, 2015, 09:14:15 AM »
Now that MA3's been out long enough, the CG anime's past, I bothered listening to more ML and time's passed in general, figured I'd give it an update. It'll only show what has changed.

If it hasn't been removed, but is blank, then it's probably because I'm not sure or can't properly judge at this time.
-Image songs-
Favorite Chihaya song: Nemurihime; Saihyou got demoted post-M@STER
Favorite Azusa song: Nageki no Fraction, why have I never heard you before?!
Favorite Ritsuko song: Watashi Datte Onnanoko just beat the other two out. Barely.
Least Favorite Iori song: complainedenoughaboutZenryokuIdol
Favorite Futami song: YOUou MYshin is a surprisingly energizing song for commuting, and I've grown to like it by association. Hokuago was so close too, but see Saihyou |:
Favorite Miki song: Nostalgia
Favorite Takane song: Futatsu no Tsuki.

-Cover songs-
Favorite Yukiho song: Agape
Favorite Futami song: White Breath (is it sad I prefer most Futami cover work over iM@S originals?)

Favorite Cinderella Girls group song: Trancing Pulse like probably most people who've seen CG S2
Favorite Cinderella Girls solo: Probably Venus Syndrome/in fact/most of Ranko's work in general
Favorite Million Live solo: Probably Nageki no Fraction or addicted atm, this one isn't really set and will probably never be
Favorite "cute" song: Heart Voice/Orange Sapphire, depends if you're REALLY getting picky here. Flower Girl is probably my favorite "cute" 765 though, after more thought.

Favorite rem@ster: First Stage both A and B, if the stuff from CG counts then Minami's Mitsuboshi/Ranko's Venus Syndrome covers
Favorite overall song: It's between inferno/Fate of the World/edeN at this point. The former comes closest, but all three are high enough to count.


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Re: Favorite iM@S songs
« Reply #19 on: December 07, 2015, 08:33:03 PM »
I haven't done this so I thought I'd give it a shot

Favorite Haruka song: Suteki Happiness
Favorite Chihaya song: Yakusoku
Favorite Yukiho song: Pu-Ru-Ru
Favorite Yayoi song: Strawberry Cupid
Favorite Makoto song: Cheering Letter
Favorite Azusa song: Nageki no FRACTION
Favorite Ritsuko song: Liar’s good bye
Favorite Iori song: Futari no Kioku
Favorite Ami song: Hohoenda Kara, Kidzuitanda.
Favorite Mami song: DETECTIVE HIGH! ~Koi Tantei Monogatari~
Favorite Miki song: Marionette no Kokoro
Favorite Hibiki song: Pon De Beach
Favorite Takane song: addicted

Favorite 876 song: Happeace
Favorite SideM song: Study Equal Magic!
Favorite Cinderella Girls group song: Orange Sapphire
Favorite Cinderella Girls solo: Romantic Now
Favorite Million Live group song: Fu-Wa-Du-Wa
Favorite Million Live solo: Praline
Favorite anime song: Watashi-tachi wa Zutto... Deshou?
Favorite "cute" song: Ashita ga Arusa (Georgia de Ikimashouhen)
Favorite ballad: YELL ~yell~
Favorite rem@ster: Mitsuboshi☆☆★ ~For Minami rearrange MIX~
Favorite overall song: shiny smile


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Re: Favorite iM@S songs
« Reply #20 on: July 22, 2016, 02:11:43 PM »
Well, this thread is dead isn't it? It's Teddie's time to reborn this thread with this new post!

Favorite Haruka song: I Want, START!!, Taiyou wo Jealousy,
Favorite Chihaya song: Aoi Tori, Yakusoku, Saihou, arcadia, choco fondue
Favorite Yukiho song: First Stage,  Kosmos, Cosmos, ALRIGHT*
Favorite Yayoi song: Ohayou!! Asagohan, Pla-sonic Love!
Favorite Makoto song: Agent Yoru wo Yuku, tear, Zekken, Arui wa Nigerarenu Koi, Meisou Mind
Favorite Azusa song: LO♥VE♥LY♥, Tonari ni..., 9:02pm, Mythmaker, Koi Kokoro
Favorite Ritsuko song: Ippai Ippai, Mahou wo Kakete!, Watashi dakke Onnanoko
Favorite Iori song: Futari no Kioku, Here we go!!, DIAMOND, Zenryoku Idol
Favorite Futami song: Positive!, Start→ Star→, Remei Starline, Houkago Jump, YOUou MYshin!, Triple Angel
Favorite Miki song: Tsuioku no Sand Glass, Marionette no Kokoro, Nostalgia, Furufuru Future☆, relations
Favorite Hibiki song: Pon de Beach, TRIAL DANCE, Next Life,  Brand New Day!
Favorite Takane song: Futatsu no Tsuki, Hazakana, Flower Girl
Favorite Kotori song: Sora
Favorite 876 song: Dazzling World, Percog, HELLO!!
Favorite 961/Jupiter song: Overmaster, KiSS, I don't listen to Jupiter
Favorite Cinderella Girls group song: Saite Jewel, Nation Blue, Zekkai Tokken Shuchou Shimasuu!, Onegai! Cinderella, Absolute NIne...
Favorite Cinderella Girls solo: Onedari, Shall we?, Himitsu no Toilette, Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~, -Engel- Adanasu Tsurugi Hikari no Shirabe
Favorite Million Live group song: Thank you!, Marionette wa Nemuranai
Favorite Million Live solo: Tsuioku no Sand Glass, Suteki na Kiseki
Favorite anime song: Marionette No Kokoro, Yakusoku
Favorite "cute" song: Ohayou!! Asagohan, LO♥VE♥LY♥, Koi Kokoro, Suteki na Kiseki
Favorite ballad: Matane, Omoide wo Arigatou
Favorite rem@ster: THE iDOLM@STER 2nd mix
Favorite overall song: I Want, Saite Jewel, Matane... ect

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Re: Favorite iM@S songs
« Reply #21 on: November 16, 2016, 10:56:12 AM »
I have too many to list for 765Pro idols!  I'll just choose one for each idol.  I haven't listened to CG yet tho.

Favorite Haruka song: START!!
Favorite Chihaya song: Nemuri Hime
Favorite Yukiho song: Kosmos, Cosmos
Favorite Yayoi song: Smile Taisou
Favorite Makoto song: Tear
Favorite Azusa song: Lovely
Favorite Ritsuko song: Sorairo Days
Favorite Iori song: Diamond
Favorite Ami song: Suki
Favorite Mami song: Jemii
Favorite Miki song: Marionette no Kokoro
Favorite Hibiki song: Trial Dance
Favorite Takane song: Kazabana
Favorite anime song: Yakusoku
Favorite "cute" song: Shiny Smile
Favorite overall song: Tip Taps Tip

Particular songs that I love from idols: Tear, Diamond, Trial Dance, and Kazabana (I love Yumi Hara's voice!)
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Re: Favorite iM@S songs
« Reply #22 on: March 17, 2017, 03:05:21 PM »
Favorite Haruka song: Otome yo Taishi wo Idake!, START!!. Waratte!, Sayonara o Arigatou
Favorite Chihaya song: Yakusoku, Me ga Au Toki, Aoi Tori (TV ARRANGE), Ohayou! Asagohan (yes, that Mecha Chihaya one), Snow White, Saihyou
Favorite Yukiho song: ALRIGHT*, Kosmos, Cosmos (Azumin's version), anything Azumin sings become heaven. (That includes First Step)
Favorite Yayoi song: Ohayou! Asagohan, Kiramekirari
Favorite Makoto song: Jitensha, Meisou Mind, Agent Yoru wo Yuku
Favorite Azusa song: Tonari ni..., 9:02pm, LOVELY
Favorite Ritsuko song: Mahou wo Kakete!
Favorite Iori song: Futari no Kioku, my song, Matane
Favorite Futami song: Start Star, Positive!
Favorite Miki song: Marionette no Kokoro, the 2013 live medley that includes arcadia, relations, anything that Akky sings on her real voice, not like that of Furufuru Future
Favorite Hibiki song: Overmaster, Brand New Day! (this can be her personal song), Next Life
Favorite Takane song: Kimi wa Melody, Overmaster, Mitsumete, Matane...everything! (I mean, she's my waifu, after all.)
Favorite Kotori song: Sora, Kimi ga Erabu Michi, Hana, Hikari
Favorite 876 song: I guess I would have to go with HELLO!, since it was the only 876 song I heard along with their versions of relations and shiny smile.
Favorite 961/Jupiter song: Overmaster, Koi wo Hajimeyou
Favorite Cinderella Girls group song: Trancing Pulse, Memories
Favorite Cinderella Girls solo: S(mile)ING! (Like this was the best song that CG ever gave)
Favorite Million Live group song: Blue Symphony
Favorite Million Live solo: (same as above)
Favorite anime song: M@STERPIECE, Yakusoku, Nijiiro Miracle, Jibun REST@RT, MOONY, Watashi wa Idol, Happy Christmas, and Mitsumete a lot. Love Takane's vocals on Mitsumete!
Favorite "cute" song: Furufuru Future, Start Star (especially that of Miki and Chihaya), Flower Girl
Favorite ballad: Mitsumete, Matane, Kimi ga Erabu Michi, Yakusoku, Aoi Tori, Massugu, my song, Waratte, Sayonara o Arigatou, Saihyou
Favorite rem@ster: Omoide wo Arigatou, 9:02pm, Do-Dai (REM@STER-B versions), shiny smile (REM@STER-A)
Favorite overall song: Matane, Mitsumete, Aoi Tori, Overmaster, my song, Massugu, anything that Takane sings will be my favorite!
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